Rachelle Shaw: Amazon Girl’s assistant manager and model

Rachelle 1

Rachelle Shaw is new to the worlds of modelling and MMA but is slowly making a name for herself in both. Not just that she works full time as well. At just 23, she is involved with the Amazon Girls company, trains in MMA and also finds time to learn the guitar. Rachelle took some time out to answer some questions for Split Decision on all things modelling and MMA.

Hi Rachelle, thanks for taking the time to do this. You are the assistant manager of the Amazon Girls. Can you tell me more about them and how you came to be involved with the company?
“Amazon Girls are primarily a ring girl company but can also provide promotional models and really would like to expand into providing girls to other events than just MMA/Boxing shows. I became involved around November last year. I saw Lizzie’s post for ring girls on Star Now and messaged her on Facebook regarding it. Not for a second did I think she would let me work for her as normally modelling is for the tall but she gave me the chance. We quickly became good friends and then as I generally have a kind nature and like to help she offered me the role of Assistant Manager”.
How did you first come to know about Mixed Martial Arts and how did it capture you’re interest?
“I didn’t know anything about MMA until I started working with Lizzie! I then also started to train with her and the more I trained and learnt the more interested I became in it as i understood more about what was going on”.
Which promotions have you been a ring girl for and how did you first get involved with being a ring girl?
“I got involved with being a ring girl through Lizzie. My first show was AVMA and since then I have done shows all over the country. I must have done a good job on my first show because on my second show I was sent to Essex on my own with another newbie. I haven’t worked on any big shows but have worked on NewBloods show, Combat Contenders, Leeds Cage, Welsh BBU and various others”.
Rachelle 4
Is there any MMA shows that you would love to work for one day?
“I think as all ring girls would love to, I would love to work on the UFC but my overall aim is my personal modelling so i’m happy to help Lizzie get to that stage and be like a proud mum in the audience”.
What’s the feeling like being a ring girl and a typical night like? You will be involved with MMA in a totally different way to the fans who come to watch the show.
“I love being a ring girl! I know ring girls aren’t the main event but I love doing the best job I can and smiling and just having a good time! We get some of the best seats in the house and do what we do best! I suppose my first show I was nervous but now it is second nature to me”.
 As  you mentioned, you have started to train in MMA. How are you finding it?
“I love training in MMA! Me and Lizzie have been out of action for a little bit due to her having shoulder problems but I am really hoping we can start again soon. I am a bit girly and don’t particularly like getting punched but i’m one for getting in there and having a go!”
Rachelle 3
In terms of watching MMA as a fan are there any fighters you look up to or just generally love to watch?
“I wouldnt say there are any fighters that I watch out for but I certainly would love to see Lizzie have a fight one day. She is good at the sport and I generally get beaten up when we train. But its fun and a good all over workout”.
What types of other modelling/ promo work are you involved with and how did you first start modelling?
“I first started modelling in October last year. It all started out with an offer from Wowcher. Its was for a photoshoot for £14. Everyone loved the pictures so I decided just to Google modelling agencies and came across star now. This is where I saw Lizzie’s Ring Girl advert and got started. Since starting my modelling career I have been to the urban music awards and had an all expenses paid trip/photoshoot at the Daily Mail HQ! I have had an article in London’s Chelsea Monthly magazine and done various photoshoots. I have also been lucky enough to be an extra in a Canadian artist music video and played a main role in a students New Look commercial that was entered into a competition”.
Rachelle 2
That sounds like quite a start to your modelling career. How was it to work at the Urban music awards?
“The urban music award was amazing! There were loads of celebs there and it was a great atmosphere. I did find myself recognising people but couldn’t think of their names. I was fortunate enough to get a picture with Denise Welch and went on stage with Lemar and someone from made in Chelsea (not sure who she was as I don’t watch the show)”.
Outside of modelling, you work as a technical administrator. How do you find that?
“Being a technical administrator is interesting. I work in the food sector and you wouldn’t believe the amount of work that has to be done to put a product on the shelf. I enjoy being an important part of providing something to consumers”.
Rachelle 5
You seem to lead such a busy life! With working during the day and then training/ring girling at night and weekends! How do you like to relax? 
“I manage to balance things out just right now. I tend to do little bits of paperwork for amazon girls at lunchtime at work and then go to the gym every evening. On a weekend I make sure I make time for everyone. If I have a show on an evening I still make sure I have time to go out during the day with friends or family. Its all about the planning”.
What are your aims for the future? Any big dreams that you would like to achieve?
“I would love to grown within my main modelling career but I still have a good head on my shoulders and know that it isn’t just going to happen at the click of my fingers! So I know I need to focus on my full time job”.
Is there any advice you have to anyone who is looking to become a ring girl or get involved in the modelling world?
“Yes. If you want something TRY. You never know what will happen unless you try. If you just sit there and think: ‘I wish’, it will never happen. If life knocks you down get back up!”
Thanks again for taking the time to do this. Is their anybody you would like to thank?
“Yes I would like to thank Lizzie for introducing me to the world of mma and ring girling and Adam Findlay for making me follow my ambitions of modelling”.
If you want to know more about Rachelle you can follow her on twitter: @rachelleshaw9
Check out her at: http://www.minnaie-model.co.uk/
And the amazon girls: http://www.amazongirls.co.uk/
Rachelle 6
Photo Credit: Emma Stoszkowski

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