Dome MMA 4: Beatdown – Review

Faulkner Group Pic Dome MMA 4
Dome MMA 4: Beatdown took place in Liverpool this past Saturday and it was an event to remember. With three title fights on the card and lots of promising fighters it was a huge success. With only one fight going to decision every fighter put it all on the line and put on a great night of fights for everyone in attendance. Here is Split Decision’s review of the event.
James Prior vs Rob Zabitis
The fight started fast from both fighters. Zabitis completed the first meaningful point of the round as he went for and completed a slam takedown! It was powerful. From there he took top position and moved into side control. From the bottom Prior showed a great defence and looked for a guillotine choke which Zabitis got out of. Zabitis then looked to advance his position and found himself in side control and worked hard for a side choke but Prior got up and out. Back on the feet Prior got his own takedown but ended up on the bottom. Again Zabitis was in side control and he moved around trying to find a good position but couldn’t do much else as the round ended.
The second started with a nice kick from Prior and they both traded some nice punches. Prior looked aggressive but found himself taken down again by Zabitis via another powerful slam. He found himself in side position but Prior made a good transition and turned his opponent over from the bottom and looked to go for a guillotine. He started to work in some ground and pound, but Zabitis was no slouch on the ground and threw up a triangle choke. He got it in, started to squeeze,  it looked tight and Prior was forced to tap out.
Rob Zabitis got the win via triangle choke.
P1020008   P1020009
Sam Cairns vs Paul Welsh
The first round opened with some nice kicks and Welsh found himself throwing one and spinning around  on his feet. He managed to hold on to his opponent and complete a solid takedown against the cage. From there he got into top position, but Cairns had got his arm around for a guillotine choke. Using this, Cairns,  spun Welsh over and got into top position. There he started to land some nice body shots but  Welsh was working from the bottom and found his way back to top position. The fight moved up against the cage and Welsh got the back of his opponent but his head was caught in a choke like position. Welsh worked his way out and in an instant had grabbed hold of his opponent’s back. From there he got his hooks in and had the rear naked choke tight. Cairns could do nothing but tap  at 2:34 of the first round.
Alan Hunt vs Carl Green
The round began and Hunt shot forward and looked for a takedown, but  Green just pushed him away and the fight found it’s way to the ground with Green on top. On the ground Green started to rain down vicious body shots to his opponent and saw an opportunity for a guillotine choke. He fell back and looked to finish the fight. Hunt managed to survive and the fight went back to the feet. Next it was Green’s turn to rush in for the takedown, but he couldn’t complete and found himself on the bottom. Hunt moved into full mount, they scrambled a little, and Green got back into top position. Hunt looked for an armbar but couldn’t find it and after not much action the referee stood them up. Hunt rushed back in and this time completed a comfortable takedown.  He used the position to his advantage and worked into side control, landing good shots to his opponent, and locked on a submission.
Green tapped out at 2:20 of the round, giving Alan Hunt the submission victory via armbar.


Micky Oliver vs Gary Owens
A nice leg kick from Owens connected early in the first and Oliver fell forward and Owens grabbed on a guillotine choke. He then worked to top position, then mount,  and looked to work. He landed some great ground and pound shots as Oliver tried to get up. He sat up against the cage but found himself eating lots more vicious shots. Owens was raining them down. Owens then pulled his opponent away from the cage, while keeping mount. He kept looking for control  but Oliver was defending well. Oliver then tried to get up and he gave his back and Owens seized the chance to get a choke in. Oliver looked to stand but was pulled back down, the choke put on tighter, and tapped out.
Gary Owens won via Rear Naked Choke at 1:52.
P1020041P1020043 cropped
Danny Barker vs Igor Puskarkis
This fight was a title elimination fight and right from the off you could tell how much each of these guys wanted the win. It was Puskarkis who went straight in, pushed his opponent to the cage and completed a slam takedown.P1020054 cropped From the bottom Barker looked for a  guillotine but Puskarkis shook it off and got into side control. He worked  his way to top position and looked to posture up into a better position. All this time Barker was still looking for the guillotine choke but couldn’t seem to get it locked in. Puskaris found himself  in side control and landed some tough body shots. He followed this up by working his way back into top position, only to find the defence of Barker’s solid guard again while working hard for a submission.  Barker looked for the arm but couldn’t get it. Puskarkis looked to transition more but couldn’t get into a better position and they were stood up. On the feet Puskarkis shot in and landed a great right punch. Barker looked for a takedown of his and was stuffed. The round ended with them both on the ground, jostling for position.
Both fighters started more tentative in the second and a big right attempt from Puskarkis hit the back of Barker. He followed the punch and  pushed in, getting Barker to the cage. They jostled for position and Puskarkis got it down but fell into a guillotine from Barker. It looked tight but Puskarkis survived and worked his way out.P1020064 He ended up in side control and then moved into the guard of his opponent. Barker was always active off his back and looking for a submission. He then looked to get up against the cage but was pulled back down by his Puskarkis. Barker tried to get up again but exposed his back. Puskarkis pounced on the chance and grabbed the back. He rolled to his back and slapped on the rear naked choke. For a moment it looked like really tight but Barker survived. They transitioned on the floor and Puskarkis got on top of the back of Barker and started to land the odd punch from on top of his back. He then transitioned and got the choke in again. Barker kept on fighting off  the attempts, escaped, and as he turned to crouch Puskarkis was still tight next to him and the round ended. Was a great show of skill from both fighters in the round.
A great fight entered its final chapter with a nice left from Barker which stunned his opponent momentarily and they started to move around each other, looking to work the other out. Barker looked to push in but was turned into the cage by Puskarkis who was looking strong. They broke and Puskarkis looked for a big right as Barker went for a right kick.P1020074 They both missed but the intent was there from both of them. Puskarkis then steamed in and took the fight back to the floor and found himself in top position. Barker was again looking for the guillotine but Puskarkis  controlled from the top. He started to land some good body shots and you could hear his corner calling for posture. He continued with the body punches and Barker kept trying to get up but Puskarkis kept it down. Not much happened and the ref had seen enough and stood them up. Puskarkis shot straight back in again and got it back to the floor. Barker looked to slow his opponent down with a few right heels to the back but Puskarkis was in control and dominating from the top. This is how the fight came to a close.
It was up to the judges who decided that the winner was Igor Puskarkis by unanimous decision: 30-27, on all the judges scorecards.
*Since the review was first posted it was announced via Dome MMA that this contest is now being changed to a NO-CONTEST. Igor Puskarkis was greased up and both parties have agreed to it being ruled a no contest.
Joel Tinsley vs Stephen Duke
It was a quick start to this one as they tied up and Tinsley ended up on top on the ground. Duke went straight into defence mode and showed how good it was as he stopped his opponent from working.P1020100 Tinsley looked  for a better position and Duke used this to work to the back and then land in full mount. He turned to his corner and stuck his thumb up as if to say “This is great for me!” He then started to rain down vicious punches from the top and Tinsley was doing his best to cover up but the shots were hard. Tinsley was turning over and defending well but the punches were so fast and hitting home. Duke then stepped off his opponent and got into position for an arm choke. He slapped it on tight and Tinsley tapped out.
Stephen Duke got the win by arm choke  at 2:35 of the round.
Jack Flynn vs Liam Shaw 
A fight between two great, upcoming fighters, went down next and it didn’t disappoint. Shaw pushed in right away for the takedown but struggled to get Flynn down. Flynn looked for a standing guillotine and pulled guard. He had the choke in hard, but Shaw survived and stood up. Back on the feet a nice right kick, Flynn landed a nice right leg kick, to which Shaw responded by coming in for the takedown and pushing his opponent to the cage. Flynn had great defence though and was not being taken down easily. He then reversed it and completed a trip takedown on Shaw. On the ground they jostled on the floor and Flynn switched to the back quickly and got the rear naked choke in. He locked it on tight and all Shaw could do was tap! A cracking finish.
Jack Flynn got the victory at 2:02.
Vacant: 66kg title fight
Billy Hatton vs Danny Randolph 
The first of three title fights saw a great contest go down at the Dome. A High kick from Hatton missed early in the round but then he clipped his opponent with a right, who responded with a nice right body kick.P1020138 cropped Hatton then rushed in with a kick  but found himself being taken to the ground by Randolph. However Hatton was switched on and got on a guillotine choke. It looked tight but Randolph worked his way out and in the process landed some good body shots to get out. From the top he looked to work but Hatton was showing a great guard. Randolph started to get some good ground shots in, especially a nice right, and then stood up! Hatton was on his back with Randolph landing standing kicks and jumped back  to the ground with a big punch and ended up in side control. He tried to go to work but the round ended.
Round two started a little more tentatively. Both were throwing jabs and trying to close the distance. Randolph looked quicker on the feet and out of nowhere Hatton went for a jumping knee, which was caught and Randolph slammed him to the ground. He ended in top position but Hatton put on a guillotine. Randolph sensing a little danger listened to his corner and threw some big knees to the body. They looked painful and the fight was stopped by the ref.  A little confusion ensued but the referee said it was over.
Daniel Randolph won the vacant belt, at 1:06, via verbal tap out due to strikes.
Billy Hatton looked in some pain and took some time in the cage but recovered and was able to walk out.
70Kg title fight
John Carney(Champion) vs Will Cairns
The second title fight on the evening saw John Carney put his belt on the line against Will Cairns in a highly anticipated rematch.
Round one began with Carney coming out and looking for the takedown. He had Cairns against the cage, who showed great defence and put on a guillotine choke. This didn’t stop the champion who scooped up his opponent and slammed him down hard to the mat.P1020166 cropped Cairns, however, still had the guillotine choke in and moved to stand by landing good body punches. It went back to the feet but Carney again took his opponent down in an impressive fashion. Again Cairns had a guillotine choke on but Carney got out and transitioned to full mount. They jostled for a short time but Carney kept that top position. He sat up and then starting throwing down lightning fast punches, which Cairns started to cover up from, and the ref jumped in to stop the fight.
John Carney retained his belt at 2:25 by TKO (Strikes).
P1020170 croppedP1020173 cropped
Terry Hayburn vs.  Micky Oliver
Due to a late pull out, Terry Hayburn had to face a replacement opponent. A man who had already fought once in the night: Micky Oliver. Much respect went to Oliver for stepping up and taking another fight.
This was a typical fight of blink and you would have missed it. The fight began with Hayburn running straight out and looking for a big punch. They both threw in close and Hayburn got it to the ground. From there he got into top position and rained down some furious elbows. The ref had no choice but to jump in and stop the fight.
Hayburn got the TKO (Elbow Strikes) victory at 14 seconds of the fight.
Not a bad way to make your professional debut.
P1020178 croppedP1020177 cropped
Main Event:  Clayton Vella vs Dave Faulkner
Vacant, Pro,  84kg Dome Championship
Former Ultimate Fighter Season 9 contestant Dave Faulkner made his return to the cage in a much anticipated fight against Clayton Vella. Vella was flown in on Friday to face Faulkner and was not to be taken lightly as he is a former boxer and heavy handed striker.
As the fight began you could tell Dave Faulkner was the main attraction. The support he had was loud and they wanted to see their man get a victory.Clayton Vella Before Fight At Dome MMA4

The fight began with two leg kicks from Faulkner. Vella looked to respond by running in with a heavy front kick, which missed, and he was slammed to the ground impressively by Faulkner. He was in his territory and got into full mount easy. At first he couldn’t posture up as Vella showed great defence, but it was only a matter of time before Faulkner postured up, grabbed hold of the arm and locked on the armbar. It was tight right away and all Vella could do was tap, to save his arm being snapped.

Dave Faulkner became the new pro, 84kg, Dome Champion, via armar at 47 seconds.

Dave Faulkner Wins At Dome MMA4

Split Decision Picks
Here at Split Decision we can’t offer the fighters thousands of pounds for their impressive performances but we can give our opinion on who we thought was the fight of the night, KO of the night and Sub of the night. Tonight there was so many great submissions and fights that it was tough to pick. After some deliberation here are the winners:
Submission of the night: Dave Faulkner and Paul Welsh
KO of the night: Terry Hayburn
Fight of the night: James Prior vs Rob Zabitic
I would also like to thank Lee Monaghan for allowing Split Decision to cover the show. It was a fantastic night of fights which showcased some great talent to watch out for in the future. The UK MMA scene is always fast rising and Dome MMA knew how to pick great fights. In the North West we have some great fighters coming through and they will hopefully keep getting stronger. Lets hope Dome MMA comes again soon. 
Photo Credits:  Dave Gillibrand of Split Decision MMA UK – Thanks for stepping in at the last second to take some pictures !!

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