Chelsea Bower and the success of the Destiny Ring girls: “It has been a complete whirlwind!”


In the world of MMA, ring girls are always in demand and one company is starting to be well-known for the individual style and unique approach. They are always professional, they are the Destiny Ring girls and meet their founder: Miss Chelsea Bower. Chelsea is 22, from Barnsley and founded the company in 2011. Since then the company has rocketed and most weekends you will find either Chelsea or her Destiny Ring girls at an event.

MMA is still growing but as it expands more and more shows are popping up on the map. It can be hard to set up your own business in today’s economic society but Chelsea has taken it by storm, by pushing the Destiny Ring girls to the forefront. Every good story needs a beginning, so how did the Destiny girls come to be formed?

“I came to start the company through a friend. It happened so strangely. My friend was promoting a show called Destiny and he asked me to be a ring girl. I’d never done it before and began helping him promote the show through facebook. We set up the Destiny ring girl facebook and promoted the show on there. I met another promoter at his show who asked me to work on his too and we became known as destiny girls. The show destiny then changed its name to cage fury but we continued to be destiny girls. The name just stuck and it worked. We continued to impress and people carried on using us as destiny girls, so i turned it into a company, hired some more girls, got some more shows and its basically just spiraled. Looking back, its amazing how well its worked out!”

The company has spiraled on towards bigger and better things. With the amount of events they have covered, i’m sure UK MMA fans would have seen or met the girls. Along with the fan support they have had the backing from many promoters in the sport, but just which shows have they worked on and how much of a whirlwind ride has it been?

1-4-2013 Chelsea Destiny

“Our first show was on the 9th October 2011 and was called Destiny. We have since worked on AFK (AFK Gym, Sheffield), Repeat or Revenge (Lincoln Fight factory, Lincoln), Steel City and GB Promotions (SDF powers material arts, Sheffield), Cage Fury (Barnsley), Fight Night at lockys (Fight Unit, Barnsley), Cage Confrontation (Master gym, York), Keep The Faith (Statori Gym, Lincoln), Fight Zone (Combat Academy Barnsley), Full Contact Kickboxing & MMA (Platinum Gym, Burntwood). Dome MMA Liverpool, Fight Night (Fight unit gym Barnsley) and A blast from the past Boxing Extravaganza (Paul Rushton, Barnsley). All fantastic promoters to work with and if it wasn’t for them then Destiny Ring Girls would not be where they are today. It has been a complete whirlwind! At times we have worked three shows in one weekend, six weekends on the trot and  two shows in one night!”

The girls most definitely work hard and it shows how hard work can pay off. For Chelsea her MMA journey started around the time she got involved as a ring girl. Since then she has made it her mission to know more about the sport and make it a real interest of hers.

“It only became my interest when i started to work on the shows. It was something id never seen before but I immediately became drawn into it, even more when I got to know the fighters and found out how much hard work and effort was put into their fights! I found myself reading up on the different type of rules, you tubing videos and attending shows I wasn’t working on. Three years ago my weekend consisted of going out shopping, now they consist of attending shows & training!”

Her knowledge is definitely growing and being part of the shows is starting to help. Especially as a ring girl were you will interact with so many people from fighters, to coaches and fans. So what is a typical ring girl night like? It’s not all about being ring side and watching fights for free.

“It is amazing, a lot of people think its walking round a ring with a card, but to me its so much more than that! We get to know so many fighters and coaches from different clubs, people become our friends, we see how hard they have worked and we get on so well with everyone. Were like a little family! When the show is on we are show girls and remain professional – its a great atmosphere to be part of and behind the scenes is just amazing too, even though everyone is nervous running round trying to get things sorted. Seeing the end result and putting on a fantastic show is well worth it!”


Everyone in MMA is like a family and the Destiny Ring girls are no different. On a personal level Chelsea is taking it show by show but how far would she love to go?

“Id love to go as far as possible, but there is some tough competition out there! It would be a dream to be on the UFC. If i keep working hard hopefully its something I could achieve!”

With hard work anything is possible and it can take you places you could never have imagined. Along with the UFC is there any other shows that Chelsea would like to be a part of or is she happy with working all the other shows she is involved with.

“BAMMA would be a dream! However I know that in this industry there is a lot of competition. If I stay at the level I am at now, I wouldn’t be disappointed.  I know i’ve worked on so many amazing amateur shows and seen some great up and coming talent, worked with some great promoters,  always had amazing crowds and also made life long friends. Id love to get bigger n better, however I appreciate every show that employs us now. They have made us!”

Working all around England she will get to see many great up and coming fighters, along with some established names. So who are the fighters that she likes to watch? 

“I tend to enjoy watching local amateurs and semi pro. It’s great to watch their journey!”

All MMA fans would agree with that. Seeing a local fighter going from strength to strength is always a pleasure. Just as it is seeing Chelsea take the Destiny Girls higher and higher. All of her knowledge of the sport and her appetite to challenge herself also saw her become involved as an events manager at a UK show. 

“I was the events manager at AFK in Sheffield in November 2012. My sister was also in labour at the time to, so it was an extremely pressurised night. It came about as AFK is the second show I ever worked on and one I work on regularly. I always help out behind the scenes and do as much as I can. The regular events manager was away for this event and I was asked if I could do it. I didn’t want to give up being the ring girl for the night so I thought ‘yeah ill take both on, it cant be that hard’. Well I cant say it was easy trying to organise everyone and everything, however I managed it excellently. People couldn’t believe I was in the ring doing the cards as well as managing the whole event. It was a massive success and got so much great feedback from all involved. It’s something I would do again at the drop of a hat! I like to be in control of situations!”

1-4-2013 Chelsea Kick

All of that has lead her to train in a martial art herself. That martial art being Kickboxing. A great sport for keeping fit but also a great component in MMA. Is it something Chelsea enjoys and would she consider ever taking a fight?

“I Love training in kickboxing, however i’m finding it extremely difficult to attend at the moment due to a massive work load in both my jobs. I’m no where near any standard to fight, but i’m hoping I can get back to some classes regularly. I just have a lot going on work wise and have to prioritise in life unfortunately!”

Along side the MMA work, Chelsea is also a model. A journey which began before she was involved in MMA and something she has done a lot with, but like with all people entering MMA, the ring girling tops the tree.

“I started modelling in 2010. A friend was telling me about it and I wanted to get involved. I’ve done many photo shoots and some published work but I like to stick to the ring girl work. I’ve done promo work for clubs and events and danced at events previously. I love the ring girl work though. Its my favourite out of the whole lot”.


If there is anyone which such great experience in the field of modelling and ring girling, it is Chelsea. With that amount of experience and more on the horizon she can definitely help anyone out. So if someone wanted to get involved in being a ring girl or a model, what advice would she give them?

“Go for it, get involved. Its amazing how much self confidence it gives you, the friends you make and the experiences you get! You can get involved in modelling through different agency’s and websites such as: purestorm and purpleport. However it takes work from yourself to make it happen. Don’t just sit back and wait for it to come to you, go get your dream!”

That last saying can be used for anyone in life and it shows how Chelsea is achieving all her dreams. She isn’t just using this in the ring girling and modelling side of her life, she also works full time as well. She is a support worker in mental health, has held management positions and gained two diplomas. So can we expect to see her on the apprentice one day and how is she finding her career away from the cage?

“If there is one thing I do,i t is put 110% into everything. I don’t like to be another number, I like to stand out. At 19 I was a team leader and at 20 I became part of a managing team. I love to learn and always trying to better myself. I have recently been asked to be the ambassador for the company I work for! Like i say, I put 110% into everything i do. It pays off!! I don’t expect to be on the apprentice anytime soon! but if i do.. i’ll let you know ;)”.

Congratulations is in order for Chelsea and her attitude is paying off in all areas. As a busy girl inside and outside of the cage, how does she like to relax when she isn’t working?


“Relax? that word doesn’t exist in my life! I am always on the go! Although I do have an adorable niece who I love spending time with. I pretty much – Work, Train, Work, Work, See family & friends, Work & more work! I do enjoy my holidays to hot country’s though and the occasional night out with friends!”

All the work she is doing will take her further and further. How high? We are yet to see, but how far does she want to go and what are her aims for the future? 

“I’m aiming high., but I am not revealing anything just yet ;)”

I’m sure everything will continue to go from strength to strength for Chelsea and her Destiny Ring girls. With a great working attitude and time on her side, i’m sure the name Chelsea Bower will be heard for  many years to come. 

If you would like to know more about Chelsea and the Destiny Ring girls then you can check them out on facebook and twitter:

Or head over to the website at:

A big thank you to Chelsea for taking the time to answer the questions.

Photo Credit’s: Chelsea Bower and CTS.Glamour
Photo Credit: David Gillibrand

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