“You Wanna Be The Best You’ve Got To Beat The Best”, Callum Gahgan Aims To Add Another Belt To His Collection

HAMMA’s Callum Gahgan goes under Split Decision’s spotlight ahead of his Lightweight Title fight at Amateur-Cage Battles 6 on the 25th May in St Helens.  We get an insight into his MMA journey so far, and he explains just why he had unfinished business and a strong desire to reclaim the Featherweight Title back in March.

Hi Callum, can you tell Split Decision a little about yourself?

“Hi my names Callum Gahgan I’m 17 years old and train out of HAMMA MMA under Sean Martin”

How did you first get into Mixed Martial Arts?Callum Gahgan

“I first got into MMA about 2 and a half years ago me and a friend of mine was talking about it in school so we found a place to train and it started from there”

What is your current MMA record?

“My current mma record is 6-2”

What do you find as the most challenging aspect of MMA and what is your favourite martial art to train?

“Probably the most challenging aspect is the dieting, seeing people eating takeaways in front of you and you can’t have any is a horrible feeling. I love to train jui jitsu cause I like tieing people in knots haha but at HAMMA I love training all the different styles because all the coaches make it a tough session every time”

How much time do you spend training for a fight and how much weight do you cut?

“I train all the time wether it’s to prepare for a fight or just to get better that way if an opportunity comes knocking I’ll be ready and I use to cut 14kg to get to FW and will now only have cut 10kg to get to LW I normally start the cut about 5 weeks before”

How do you feel on the day of your fight and that moment when you step into the cage?

“On the day of the fight I feel normal cause I know I’ve prepared for the fight”

Last time you fought at Amateur-Cage Battles 5 you won via 2nd round submission against Scott Matthews.  Did anything from the fight surprise you looking back or did it go just how you prepared for it to?

“I wasn’t surprised by much from the fight cause I had previously fought Scott but it didnt go how I prepared because it went longer than I expected :P”

Which of your fights have you enjoyed the most?

“My last fight is probably the one I enjoyed the most because I had a lot to prove to myself and the spectators and I got my belt back I missed it haha”

Do you think somewhere down the line you’ll end up having a third match against Scott Matthews with you both having a win over each other?

“There’s a possibility that I’ll meet him again in the future but now I’m moving up to 70kg it’s a low possibility and to be honest I don’t class his win as a defeat cause I never tapped and wasn’t going to, still think the ref stopped it to soon and if you watch my last fight I get caught in the same armbar again and was in it for a lot longer than last time but wasn’t in danger and I got out”

At Amateur-Cage Battles 5 you claimed the ACB Featherweight belt, but your next fight is at Lightweight for that title, have you had to vacate the Featherweight belt and is Lightweight a better fit for you?

“I’ve had to vacate the FW title and make a move to LW, I would have made the move a long time ago but needed to get the FW belt back first haha”

Callum Gahgan SubYour next fight is against Martin Chester at Amateur-Cage Battles 6, he currently holds the LW belts for both REPS and FCC do you see Martin being a good challenge for you to overcome?

“Martin Chester is a great fighter and will be a good challenge but I love a challenge haha but if I wanna progress in the sport and try get to the top I’ll have to fight a lot of great fighters as they say “you wanna be the best you’ve got to beat the best””

Which international MMA fighters do you enjoy watching fight in your spare time and what do you like about them?

“I like to watch GSP, Cain Velasquez and Anderson Silva cause they’re the best of the best and you can get a lot of tips by watching them”

Thanks again for taking the time to speak to Split Decision MMA UK. Is there anybody you’d like to give a shout out to?

“I’d like to give a shout out to all my brothers at HAMMA you all know who you are, my coaches that make me what I am Sean Martin, Jay Gavin, Little Ste, Dave Faulkner and last my family, friends and girlfriend they put up with a lot of shit when I’m preparing for a fight but they know I don’t mean it haha My sponsors Peter Clarke from SP Security and Optimus Protein and also SplitDecision for the interview thanks again :)”

See Callum Gahgan and many more amazing fighters at “Amateur Cage Battles 6 – All Or Nothing” in The Beacon Centre, St Helens on the 25th May 2013. 

Tickets available through fighters on the card or on Tel: 0793 846 8277

Callum’s opponent at ACB 6 Martin Chester gave his thoughts on their title clash, click here to find out more. 

Fighting on the same card at ACB 6 is Liam Dooley, click here to read about how he claimed the fastest KO in British amateur MMA.

Jack Cartwright also returns to fight at ACB 6, click here to read his exclusive interview with SD MMA UK.

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