Coner Hignett is prepared and ready to defend his ACB Flyweight belt

Coner Hignett is the ACB Flyweight Champion and defends his belt at ACB 6 against Aaron Robinson. Coner trains out of one of the top gyms in North West, possibly England, at HAMMA. At just 17 he has already had a lot of experience and is prepared where ever his fights will go. Coner took some time out to speak to Split Decision about his upcoming fight and MMA journey to date.
Hi Coner, can you tell Split Decision a little about yourself?
“My name is Coner Hignett, I am 17 years old and i’m from Huyton, Liverpool”.
What is your current MMA record?
“My MMA record is now 9-2”.
How did you first get into Mixed Martial Arts?
“I first got involved in martial arts by my Dad, he took me to a karate class that he trained at when I was five. I didn’t like it and then a few years later we tried another martial art called ‘kool sool wan’ which I started training at. I then left that club and went into my current karate club ‘Shinsei’ where I still train now. I then got involved in MMA a few years later and stuck with the two ever since”.
Who was your last fight against and how did you do?
“My last fight was against a guy called Danny Greenslade who gave me one hell of a fight. He was a good boxer and had me shook a couple of times but eventually fitness and fatigue kicked in and I ended up taking the fight by decision”.
How much time do you spend training for a fight and how much weight do you cut before it?
“I spend 5 to 6 days a week training karate and MMA. As for my weight cut its only a small amount, usually walk around at 60kgs and cut to 56.7 so not much”.
I hope i’m right in saying this, but I see you fight at HAMMA, who are one of the top teams in the North West. How does it feel training there with some other top amateur fighters?
“And fantastic right now. I don’t think i’m out of place saying this but I think we’re are one of the best gyms in England for our amateur fighters. 17 amateur belts I think we have now and more to come ! All the guys in the gym are tough lads too and great to train with. Band of brothers basically”.
How do you feel on the day of your fight and that moment when you step into the cage?
“On the day of my fight I don’t feel nervous or anything like that, I feel normal and relaxed, but when I step in the cage I switch on. Not nerves though, just alert”.
What do you find as the most challenging aspect of MMA and What is your favourite martial art to train?
“The most challenging aspect of MMA is the technicality of the sport. People think its just two guys punching each other or lying on each other which is far from the truth. In MMA every little thing matters and I don’t really have a favourite to train. I enjoy each aspect of MMA and also my karate”.
Who has been your toughest opponent so far, and which fight have you enjoyed the most?
“My toughest opponent is the guy that beat me: Scott Gregory. He is a very very good MMA  fighter and gave me my hardest fight to date so it can only be him. And my favourite fight is either my last one against Danny Greenslade simply because it was a war or Chris Mcmullen because of how it ended and how we fought”.
Your next fight is for the ACB Flyweight title. How much do you know about your opponent?
“Yes my next fight is to defend my ACB title and I am always ecstatic to be fighting for it. It’s a great honour! I know a lot, he is a very good all round mixed martial artist and I’ve revised his fights carefully”.
Which international MMA fighters do you enjoy watching fight in your spare time and what do you like about them?
“And my favourite fighters to watch are basically all the champions: GSP because of his wrestling, Jon Jones because of his ability to do pretty much anything and Anderson Silva because he is one of the best strikers in the world”. 
Thanks again for taking the time to speak to Split Decision MMA UK. Is there anybody you’d like to give a shout out to?

“My pleasure and yes i’d like to give a big shout out to all the guys and gals at Hamma and everyone at Shinsei too! Also my Dad for getting me into martial arts in the first place and I wouldn’t be anything without any off these people”.

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