Martin Chester: “I’m just going out there to bring my 3rd Title back to Reps”

Martin Chester is a talented and upcoming fighter. He is the current REPS Retribution and Full Contact Contender Lightweight champion. With many submission victories to his name and a great team behind him, Martin is somebody to watch in the world of MMA. At ACB 6 he takes on Callum Gaghan for the vacant ACB Lightweight title. It is going to be one of the fights of the night. Here Martin talks about his upcoming fight, being champion and his MMA journey so far. 

Hi Martin, thanks for taking the time to do this. Can you tell people a little about yourself?
“My names Martin Chester, I’m 22 and i’m from REPS MMA . I’m the reps retribution and full contact contender lightweight champion”.
What is your current MMA record?
“My MMA Record it 8-2-0”.
In your last fight at REPS you defeated Wayne Tierney with a great submission! One of the finishes of the night. How much did you enjoy the finish and how did you rate your performance?
“It was great to finish Wayne as it is to finish fights instead of a decision victory. I was expecting a long five round fight but came away with a 1st round submission”.
Your next fight is for another belt at ACB 6. You take on fast rising Callum Gaghan.  How much do you know about Callum and what kind of fight can we expect?
“To be fair I don’t really know much about Callum apart from him bring from Hamma and calls hims self the Jitzanater with a record of 5-2-0. Should be a good fight because I’ve finished most of my fights by submission”.
How much do you know about ACB and the shows they put on?
“ACB is an up and coming promotion. It’s a good show for younger up and coming fighters. My little brother Jordan is fighting on the day time show along with Roman Price and Connor Hitchens, the young talent at REPS MMA”.
You will be going for the title, instead of going out there as champion. With Callum also being from Liverpool, do you think there will be more pressure on him?
“I don’t really know. I don’t feel pressurised in front of the crowd, different people handle pressure differently. I’m just going out there to bring my 3rd Title back to Reps MMA before Defending my FCC title in June”.
How has training been going for this fight? Anything new you’ve improved on?
“Training’s gone great. I don’t change things up for a set person. I train my hardest in everything I do so i’ll be ready for anything come fight day”.
How was it to see your coach Ste Nightingale win at FCC the other month? How is it training under someone who has so much experience?
“I was cornering Ste when he won at FCC. It was great to see him finish a top fighter in Declan Williams, in a brutal first round submission, after being out of the cage for over a year. Shows hard work pays off. Ste’s a great coach and training partner. You will struggle to find somebody that will push you as hard as he does and will do anything to get the best out of this fighters”.
How does it feel to be the REPS champion and how long have you held the belt for?
“It feels great to be the champion and it shows hard training pays off. I won the title in September 2012 against a very tough Dave Toole”.
I will never experience getting into the cage and fighting. And for that I have so much respect for everyone who does it. What’s the feeling like when the cage door is shut and it’s just you and your opponent?
“You can’t describe the feeling as you will only ever know if you do it yourself. I asked the same question before my first fight and I got the same answer”.
What do you find as the most challenging aspect of MMA?
“The most challenging thing in MMA is the knocks and bangs you sustain while training. You are never 100% in this sport but I can’t see my self doing anything else”.
What is the best thing about fighting and what motivates you to?
“The best thing is winning! When I started I was an over weight teenager at 92kg. Ste Nightingale and Andy Whiteside got me fit and taught me the skills needed to compete in MMA. That’s what keeps me motivated to keep winning”.
What’s is the biggest piece of advice you have ever received?
“The best piece of advice would be fitness wins fight”.
Which MMA fighters do you like to watch in your spare time?
“I like to watch GSP some people say he’s boring but he will take what your best at and total shut there game down. He’s a very smart fighter. I loved the Joe Lauzon/Jim Miller fight! Them two are beasts”.
Is there anybody at REPS we should be on the look out for?

“You need to keep and eye on Ste Nightingale as he’s going to move up the Pro rankings. As well as keeping your eyes on the young guns at REPS MMA: Jordan Chester, Roman Price and Connor Hitchens. Lads of the future”.
Thanks again for taking the time. Anybody you’d like to thank?
“Thanks, I would to thank my coaches Ste Nightingale, Andy Whiteside and Daz McFarlane at Team Reps boxing. My training partners and my sponsors Longride Scaffolding! And, lastly, my fiancé for putting up with me while training all the time and dieting(laughs)”. 
Martin Chester’s opponent at ACB 6 is Callum Gahgan, click here to see his thoughts on this title fight.
Also fighting on the same card at ACB 6 is Liam Dooley, click here to read about how he claimed the fastest KO in British amateur MMA.
ACB 6 – All or Nothing, May 25th, The Beacon Centre, St Helens, WA10 1TF – Entry £25.
Tickets available through fighters on the card or on Tel: 0793 846 8277

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