Martin Sheridan: “I was gutted to have to pull out because it’s a big show”


Martin Sheridan has made a solid start to his professional MMA career. He likes to test himself against the best and is always looking to advance his skill set. He was set to fight at OMMAC 17 but due to an ongoing injury he has unfortunately had to pull out. Hopefully he will be back in action soon but, never fear, Martin took some time to discuss his career so far with us here at Split Decision MMA UK.

Hi Martin, can you tell Split Decision a little about yourself?

“My name is Martin ‘the silencer’ Sheridan, I’m 30 years old, pro MMA record of 5-2-0 and I was born in Dublin, Ireland. I fight out of Shudan MMA in Wellingborough and I have 2 daughters, 1 girlfriend, and a tortoise called Munchkin!!”

You have made a good start to your pro career. How do you it has gone so far?

“I think my pro career has had its ups and downs to be honest. I’ve fought nearly all my fights in the wrong weight class so I’ve done quite well considering that. I’ve also fought some real tough guys which is something I like to pride myself on”.

Who was your last fight against and how did you do?

“My last fight was against James Saville for the shock n awe bantamweight title. It was my worst performance in a fight in my opinion. I was very flat footed, didn’t use any footwork and my general stand up was poor. I escaped a few of his submission attempts and landed some decent GnP but ultimately lost via 2nd round triangle choke. I was so disappointed with this fight because I wanted to prove to myself that I could hang with the best in the UK (which James defiantly is). However it has given me more drive to come back stronger and I’m raring to fight again”.

How much time do you spend training for a fight, what is a training camp like and how much weight do you cut before it?

“I spend 8 weeks training for a fight, training 6 days a week, twice a day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Training camp is always hard, but it’s got to be in order for the fight to be easy. Dieting is a killer, I love food and it’s super hard to not eat what I want when I want. I’ve only just dropped down to bantamweight in my last fight and I cut just over 8kg, which wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined”.

I know you are currently injured. How long do you expect to be out for and how did you sustain the injury?

“It’s an on going injury that I’ve had since November that comes and goes. It’s a really bad trapped nerve in my neck and shoulder. It’s pretty bad for the first couple of weeks after it goes, then I can train lightly for another 2 or 3 weeks but nothing strenuous. This is why I pulled out of my fight at OMMAC on June 1st. I wouldn’t have had enough time to train hard. I was gutted to have to pull out because it’s a big show and I had a great prospect as an opponent”.

How do you feel on the day of your fight and that moment when you step into the cage?

“Come the day of a fight I’m normally really excited to fight. Its easily the best part of MMA, going out and putting all the hard work and time on the line against another person to see who’s the better fighter. The moment I step into the cage I’m just focused on winning and putting on a good fight”.

What do you find as the most challenging aspect of MMA and what is your favourite martial art to train?

“I think BJJ is probably the most challenging aspect for me. Up until five weeks ago I’d never put on a gi and it’s a lot tougher than no gi. As for my favourite martial art to train I think it changes depending on what I’m mainly focusing on. At the minute it’s wrestling”.

Who has been your toughest opponent so far, and which fight have you enjoyed the most?

“James Saville has been my toughest opponent so far. He really took me by surprise with how good his stand up was. He has very fast and strong punches. My most enjoyable fight was at fight UK against Dean Trueman. At the time my wrestling was non existent and his was pretty awesome and he basically threw me around the place for the first round and a half. He started to gas out and I took control with good clinch work and ended up finishing the fight in the 3rd round by rnc (rear-naked choke)”.

How hard was the decision to turn professional and how did you find the transition?

“It was an easy decision because of the circumstances. I was supposed to fight for an ISKA 65kg semi pro title, but the Monday before the fight I got a call saying my opponent will not make weight but they could set the fight at 70kg but only for the ISKA pro title. I agreed and weighed in at 67kg and won the fight by rnc in the first round”.

Are there any fighters you train with who we should be on the look out for?

“In terms of amateur / semi pro, Shudan MMA has some real good up and comers; Tom Kenny, Dan Beckett, Balal Miah, and Piotr Bitels have all got great potential. In the pro ranks I train with some great prospects at BST MMA; Tier Blundell, Josh Foster and Lucas Klinger are three guys who’ve had 2 or 3 pro fights and there going go be killers in their weight divisions. Mainly thanks to their coach Danny Batten who is the best teacher of MMA I’ve trained with”.

How did you first get into Mixed Martial Arts?

“I used to watch old UFC fights on the internet and then when it came onto bravo I was hooked. I thought to myself this is something I’d like to do, so I googled it and found Shudan kickboxing in Wellingborough and I’ve been training there ever since”


Which international MMA fighters do you enjoy watching fight in your spare time and what do you like about them?

“I like so many it’s hard to choose. I just really appreciate the guys who put so much into their training to be the best. I also appreciate certain things from certain fighters like GSP’s jab, Dan Henderson’s overhand right, Jon Jones elbows, Dan hardy ‘s left hook and Paul Sass’s triangle choke etc. Sounds like a bad ass fighter(laughs)”.

Thanks again for taking the time to speak to Split Decision MMA UK. Is there anybody you’d like to give a shout out to?

“Thank you guys. I’d like to thank my girls Rachael, Taeler, and Caera for following me on my journey. All my friends and family for their wicked support. All my coaches and training partners at Shudan MMA in Wellingborough, BST MMA in Northampton and Kettering shootfighters. And killerbee fightwear for their help with training gear. Check them out at . And of course Munchkin!!”
Photo Credit: Fight UK MMA

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