Lockdown MMA 4: Photos

Here are Split Decision MMA UK’s photos from last night’s Lockdown MMA 4 show at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester.  They were taken for use on our full review of the show which will be online later today, as we had too many pictures to use in the review itself we thought we’d share them on here.

These are NOT the events official photographs, some aren’t bad but some are a little out of focus from the fast paced action in the cage !!

Click here to read our Lockdown MMA 4 review of the FULL CARD.



P1020554 P1020555 P1020557 P1020558 P1020559 P1020560 P1020561 P1020563 P1020564 P1020565 P1020567 P1020568 P1020570 P1020573 P1020575 P1020576 P1020578 P1020579 P1020580 P1020581 P1020582 P1020583 P1020587 P1020588 P1020589 P1020590 P1020591 P1020592 P1020593 P1020597 P1020598 P1020600 P1020601 P1020603 P1020604 P1020605 P1020606 P1020607 P1020608 P1020610 P1020611 P1020612 P1020613 P1020614 P1020615 P1020616 P1020617 P1020618 P1020619 P1020620 P1020621 P1020622 P1020623 P1020629 P1020630 P1020631 P1020633 P1020635 P1020637 P1020640 P1020641 P1020642 P1020646 P1020649 P1020651 P1020656 P1020657 P1020659 P1020661 P1020662 P1020663 P1020664 P1020665 P1020666 P1020667 P1020668 P1020676 P1020682 P1020684 P1020685 P1020686 P1020688 P1020689 P1020690 P1020692 P1020694 P1020695 P1020698 P1020705 P1020706 P1020707 P1020708 P1020709 P1020711 P1020712 P1020715 P1020717 P1020720 P1020723 P1020724 P1020727 P1020728 P1020729 P1020730 P1020734 P1020735 P1020737 P1020738 P1020741 P1020742 P1020743 P1020745 P1020746 P1020748 P1020749 P1020752 P1020753 P1020755 P1020757 P1020758 P1020760