Lockdown MMA 4: Review


Hidden away in Trafford, Manchester, is the Bowlers Exhibition Centre. A cracking venue which played host to MMA action last night as Lockdown MMA hosted it’s fourth installment. With 18 bouts on the card, ranging from Amateur C to Amateur A, the fans were treated to a whole host of exciting fights and how they enjoyed it, with the atmosphere electric from start to finish. The night started with five Amateur C fights and here is Split Decision MMA UK’s review of what went down.

Amateur C

Dan Riley  vs Rick Stack

The night officially kick started when Dan Riley’s walkout song dropped and he walked out to Linkin Park ‘Points of Authority’. Cracking song. 


Round One

Both fighters come out looking tentative and it’s Stack who throws the first shots as he lands some nice body punches on his opponent. He pushes in and ties up his opponent before throwing him to the ground and landing in top position. Riley is showing a good defence by tying up his opponent but is eating shots to the body. Stack bides his time and passes to the back of Riley and works to get his hooks in. Once in, he slaps on the choke but Riley is holding on and defending well. However Stack is in control and puts it on tighter. As Riley’s legs start to shake the referee stops the fight.

Rick Stack takes the win, via rear naked choke at 1:50.

Thomas Garratt (Yellow) vs Matthew Hampson

Round One


Hampson has the support as the fight gets going. Both exchange kicks early on and its Garratt who works hard for a takedown and gets it to the floor. In top position he throws some heavy body shots and is working at a fast pace. From the bottom Hampson looks to get out, finds an opening, and does. Garratt looks for another takedown but can’t complete it.  He has him held from behind and finally picks him up and gets it back to the floor. He takes the back right away and applies the choke. Hampson survives but Garratt resumes his body shots. He is in a crouched position and turns in to his opponent, does Hampson, and lands some body shots but is taken back down. Garratt is in top position and looking to transition but Hampson has his leg trapped well. He flattens him out and continues with the body shots. As Hampson goes to stand he gets put in a guillotine but Garratt gives it up and looks for a kimura.  Hampson stands but is dragged back to the ground. Hampson transitions and Garatt grabs a leg and he lands some ground shots but the round ends. 

Round Two 


Garratt throws two right leg kicks early and it’s Hampson who gets the takedown against the cage. Garatt looks for a guillotine choke from the bottom but Hampson gets out. Hampson starts with some body shots that are fierce but Garatt gets him in a triangle choke. It is sure on tight, but he survives only to fall into an armbar, which is just as tight. Hampson survives and gets back to his feet. He is tough and hard to put away. Garatt doesn’t stop and continues his high pace and takes it down and gets into top position. He is landing the odd body shot but the referee says he wants to see more. Hampson goes for a triangle of his own, but Garatt survives and goes into side control. He then looks for a knee bar but Hampson survives, stands and follows to the floor. However it’s Garatt who gets in side control and then north south position. As the round comes to a close Garatt is in top position and has full mount on the back of his opponent. He lands some fierce body shots and looks for a rear naked choke but the end of the round is called. 

Round Three


A great fight deserves a third round and both these fighters have given there all in a back and forth battle. Garaatt opens with a right leg kick early on and goes for a spinning kick but it’s caught by Hampson who scoops him up and slams him to the ground. He looks for a submission but Garatt gets out and gets in to side control. Hampson is trying to find his way to his feet but garatt takes the back and goes for another rear naked choke. His hooks aren’t in but the choke looks tight. His corner urges him to squeeze and he does but Hampson survives. Garatt gets into full mount and is raining tough shots to the shoulders of his opponent. He goes for an armbar and gets it on but Hampson again shows a great defence and survives. Garatt goes back to full mount and rains the ground and pound again. Hampson pushes up and as the stand he pushes to get Garatt to the floor and ends in top position himself. Garatt is dangerous of his back and is again looking for a triangle choke. With ten seconds to go he is keeping his opponent at bay from his back.

A cracking fight!

It goes to the judges who give the unanimous Decision to: Thomas Garatt

Nathan Hosie vs Jamie Cheetham


Round One

Hosie lands a kick to the knee of his opponent who responds with some good body shots. Cheetham follows in with a flurry of body shots and Hosie throws some more kicks. The fight goes to the floor with Cheetham seeming to drag his opponent down.  From top position Hosie can’t execute much and they are back to their feet. Hosie is the first to strike with a kick but it is responded by a body punch and kick from Cheetham, who then moves in to lands  nice body, kick, combo and pushes out. He then lands a good kick and both exchange body punches in close. Hosie pushes Cheetham to the cage and lands some powerful body shots and locks on a standing guillotine choke. Cheetham tries to get out but it is on tight and he taps out.

Nathan Hosie takes home the victory, via standing guillotine choke, at 1:50.

Ibrar Hussain vs Greg Whiston

Round One


Whiston lands a kick straight off but slips. As he stands up Hussain pushes in but Whiston is switched on and he pulls guard and gets in a guillotine choke. Hussain gets his arm in and survives the choke leading his fans to roar in approval. From top position he throws some body shots and Whiston throws up a submission. It doesn’t trouble Hussain who gets into side control. He transitions to north south position but Whiston gets up and out. However Hussain is relentless and pushes him to the cage, scoops up Whiston and slams him to the ground. Hussain lands in a good position and transitions to full mount. From the bottom Whiston looks to sweep his opponent and fails, but doesn’t give up and completes it and gets into top position to see out the round.

Round Two


A kick from Whiston starts the round but Hussain pushes in and looks from the takedown. Whiston stuffs the takedown and they jostle. On the feet Hussain gets the single leg takedown but Whiston works straight away back to his feet. Hussain again gets it to the floor and is in side control. Whiston is looking for another guillotine choke but Hussain is calm and frees his head. He is in top position but Whiston is stopping him from transitioning and getting into a dominant position for a submission. Whiston again sweeps and gets in top position. He is maintaining the position well and looks for an arm triangle but Hussain survives and looks for an armbar. Whiston is surviving well and Hussain can’t extend it and the round comes to a close. 

Round Three


A kick from Whiston opens the round but Hussain responds. As Hussain pushes in he eats a front kick to the body but he pushes Whiston to the cage, where he scoops up (what seems really high) and slams him to the mat. In top position Hussain postures up and gets into side control. Whiston works hard and gets on top of his opponent, trapping his head between his legs. Hussain is crouched on his knees and flattens himself out. It’s a battle for dominant position in this one. Hussain just can’t seem to get his head out and Whiston rolls over but it goes back on itself. They settle into a north south position with Hussains head still trapped. Whiston starts by landing some body punches which seem painful but Hussain sticks his thumb to his corner to say he is okay. The ten second horn goes and they end the round with Whiston throwing some body shots.

The judges gave their decision and it went in favour of Blackburn Predators, Ibrar Hussain.

Ant Roszkowski vs Tim Firth

Round One


A leg kick is thrown from Roszkowski but Firth responds with some body punches and the last Amateur C fight is underway. A fast exchange inside is followed by Roszkwski looking for the guillotine then going to the floor, looking for the rear naked choke and then getting into full mount. He is putting out a fast pace to start this fight. Firth eats a body shot, seems to spin out but his opponent is back into full mount. There he again throws some more shots and Firth defends well and it’s back to the feet. Roszkowski is pushing the pace but Firth pushes in and lands a kick and body punch combo. They meet in the centre and Roszkowski pushes Firth towards the cage and they exchange knees. Unfortunately Firth’s knee connects in the groin of his opponent. After a fast start it provides a brief rest bite for both fighters. On the restart it is a quick pace again with both meeting and exchanging body shots and leg kicks. They grapple in the centre and Firth lands some tough body shots. Both exchange body shots to see out the first round. 

Round Two


They both start the round trading blows with neither backing down. They grapple in close and then split. Again they grapple with Roszkowski looking to push Firth who just pushes him away. After exchanging shots again it’s Roszkowski who pushes in but Firth just holds him off and completes a great sweep. O the floor he is in top position but is swept beautifully by his opponent. Roszkowski is in full mount but Firth isn’t letting him get shots in easy and tries to get him off. He can’t get out but it forces Roszkowski to go into top position and look for a submission. Firth seizes his chance and sweeps with a great transition of his own and gets into top position. He unleashes some body shots but it goes back to the feet. They exchange kicks before Roszkowski throws one extra and the round ends.

Round Three


Going into the third it’s anybody’s fight as both fighters have shown great cardio, ground games and not afraid to strike on the feet. The round starts with Firth walking in and landing a body punch, leg kick combo. Roszkowski lands a kick of his own but Firth pushes in and bull rushes his opponent into the cage. Roszkowski pulls guard with a guillotine but can’t complete it and Firth transitions from side to top position. There he starts to throw some more body shots and as his opponent starts to move, to get out, he keeps him down. Both fighters are giving everything. Firth stands and lets Roszkowski up. They exchange more shots in close again and both are defending well. Firth pushes in for a takedown but it is defended by Roszkowski who gets him in a standing guillotine and it looks very tight. He pulls guard and gets the choke on from the top position but Firth survives. So he sees out the fight in top position.

It was a fantastic fight and fought at a high pace throughout. The decision was hard one for the judges and most certainly could have gone either way.

The judges call was  Split Decision to:  Ant Roszkowski

Amateur B

Will Cairns vs Ed Bartley


Bartley throws a good combo but Cairns responds with a great over hand right which has to string. He goes for a kick but eats a shot inside. Cairns tries to throw his opponent to the ground but Bartley has a good defence and turns him into the cage. He is trying to get Cairns down but finding it difficult. Cairns throws some great knees in close but Bartley finally gets the opportunity and scoops up Cairns and throws him to the ground. He lands in side control and a guillotine choke attempt. Cairns uses this to turn him over and get in top position himself. From the bottom Bartley is looking for a submission of his own but Cairns survives it well. However Bartley spins it over and gets into full mount and looks for the arm of his opponent. Cairns holds on tight and is not letting his arm get extended. However Bartley manages to wrench it out and get the tap.

Ed Bartley gets the armbar victory at 2:41.

Jordan Harris vs Matt Williams

Round One


Harris pushes forward and they both eat big shots in close. They jostle and Harris throws Williams to the floor. He is in top position and throws a stunning body shot and an accidental elbow to the face. The ref stops the fight, explains it to him and they continue in the same position. Williams pushes towards the cage and tries to get up but eats some hard body shots. Williams does get the fight turned over and lands a painful right knee to the body of Harris. He gets into full mount but is turned over. From top position Harris lifts up Williams and slams him powerfully to the floor. You could hear the slam echo around and had a Rampage edge to it. Harris does it again but it’s not as powerful and Williams does take the full impact this time. They jostle on the floor and Williams gets the back of his opponent. He gets his hooks and rolls over with the choke. Harris survives and they stand up. Williams lands strong on the feet but Harris is swinging wildly and the round comes to a close. 

Round Two


Harris goes for a front kick and slips. He gets up and pushes in quick on his opponent. He jumps up and has a guillotine choke on and pulls back in mid-air. However Williams is out and in top position on the floor. Not much is happening and then Harris tries to turn over and eats a big knee to the body from Williams. They scramble and Williams is back in full mount. Harris is showing a good defence in holding Williams down who is trying to posture up. Harris tries to turn over but he can’t and Williams is on top again. He looks for a triangle choke and rolls to his back and has it on tight. Harris is holding on and working excellently but the pressure is too much and he taps out.

Williams gets the win, via triangle choke,  at 2:28.

Nathan Edwards vs Antonio Sheldon

Round One


A strong kick from Edwards finds its home early and both try shots in close but are defended well. Sheldon throws and lands two right kicks of his own, Edwards responds, but Sheldon lands another kick. As Edwards goes for a kick it’s caught by Sheldon who takes it down. He has his knee on Edwards stomach and lands some strong body shots. Edwards is showing a great defence and not letting him transition to full mount. Sheldon spins fully round him and gets in side control on the other side and looks to work the arm of his opponent but can’t get it on. He postures up, rests his knee on his opponent stomach and lands a ground shot again. As Edwards tries to get up he throws on a guillotine choke and Edwards goes to his back, survives and the round ends with Sheldon in top position.

Round Two


Sheldon lands a right front kick early and pushes in and gets the fight to the floor. He is in top position, straightens his opponent out and as Edwards stands he lands a great knee. As Edwards get sout the way, Sheldon pushes in for a takedown which is stuffed by Edwards. Back on the feet both fighters try to get the jab working and a big left from Edwards and right from Sheldon, just miss the target. After a kick, Sheldon pushes in and gets the fight to the floor and as they stand again he lands another knee. A nice body kick from Edwards finds a home but he is taken right back down again. The fight stays on the ground with Sheldon in side control. He transitions to full mount and goes for an arm bar, he goes one way but the arm doesn’t follow, so he gets back to full mount and he is looking to get hold of any limb. He sees out the round in top position.

Round Three


It’s a tentative start to the third and then Sheldon pushes in and lands some nice shots to his opponent against the cage. They break and Sheldon lands a front kick. Two right leg kicks from him go un checked and Edwards pushes in but can’t seem to connect. Sheldon’s movement is good but he does eat a right leg kick. A powerful right kick from Sheldon, followed by another, land hard on his opponent who is moved a little. After brief exchange, of both looking to land, a right kick again is landed by Sheldon, who pushes in and gets it to the floor. Again in side control, he looks to throw more body shots. He rests his knee on his opponent’s stomach and goes to work with more body punches. He is controlling well. Edwards tries to stand but is kept down by Sheldon who has an air of GSP about him. Edwards tries to push him up but he gets back to the floor and lands some really heavy body shots and the fight comes to a close.

The judges gave the unanimous Decision to: Antonio Sheldon

Amateur A

Mark Carter vs James Cox


Round One

A kick from Cox lands and after a brief exchange Cox is in and gets it to the floor. He lands in side control and then transitions to full mount. Carter looks for a choke but can’t get it and Cox goes to work with the ground and pound. They grapple for a while which see’s Carter on top but Cox gets back on top himself. He is in full mount and rains down the ground and pound, which is fast. Carter manages to turn out the way but gives his back to Cox, who gets the rear naked choke on but Carter survives. He turns back over and Cox is in full mount just raining down strikes over and over. They are finding their mark as well. Carter is fighting well to try and get out of it. Cox isolates an arm and looks for a sub but gives it up and goes back to the dominating ground and pound. The ref is looking at it as the 10 second warning goes and Cox rocks back for an armbar, gets it in, but the end of the round is signalled. Carter looks a little dazed as he stands up but he showed great heart to stick in the round.


Round Two

They both throw early but it’s Cox who is straight in and gets the fight to the floor. He gets into full mount but has his progress halted by Carter who has his neck. Cox gets out and starts to rain down the strikes again. His ground and pound is  the double D – Deadly and Dangerous. He is not relenting for anything and looks as if he is going for the arm again but focuses on a kimura. He gives that up and starts the ground and pound again. Carter can only survive for so long and the referee steps in to end the fight.

The crowd went crazy as Cox got the TKO win at 1:51.

Ryan Goddard vs Tarro Grogan

Round One


Goddard has quite the support cheering him on as he walks to the cage but that is matched by the introduction of Tarro Grogan. The noise is deafening and the crowd pumped up for this one.

Grogan has the height advantage and it’s a feeling out process to begin. Goddard looks to grapple and both fighters are trapped in the centre. Grogan looks for a throw of his own but it stays standing. They go to the cage and Goddard looks to get it down but is turned by Grogan who lands some great shots in close. They move to the centre and both are swinging but not finding a home. Goddard pushes in and gets Grogan to the floor off the cage. He gets into full mount and Grogan turns over and Goddard goes for his back. He throws some shots to try and soften his opponent up and has his hooks in. He can’t seem to lock the choke on though as Grogan is defending well. They are hard body shots from Goddard to soften up his opponent who still won’t relent. The round closes with Goddard landing shots from the body lock.

Round Two


A slowish start to the round with neither landing any blows before Grogan throws a jab that misses and Goddard powers in throwing shots. Grogan responds with some of his own and tells his opponent to come on. The stand-up is hectic as both fighters looking to throw that one, fighting end, shot. Grogan eats a left near the cage and a left kick from Goddard hurts his opponent and he lands some great standing shots but Grogan isn’t stopping now and a left hits home. So Goddard drops down from a takedown against the cage but Grogan is showing some great defence. Goddard eats some body shots from Grogan but he still won’t budge from his takedown attempt. Grogan has his arms wrapped around the body and ends the round landing body shots.

Round Three


A brief exchange starts us off with nothing landing and Goddard lands a thunderous body kick. Grogan is pushing the pace and lands a couple of knees in the clinch and a nice left as they split. Grogan is really starting to open up on his opponent and is showing that he will leave everything in the cage. A left looks to hit from Grogan and then he stuffs his opponent’s takedown and gets on top himself, but Goddard is strong and he works his way to transition and gets into full mount. They transition with Grogan in a kind of top position, sideways on, trapping the head of his opponent, who has a body triangle, and raining down shots. He continues to throw shots down and see’s the round out in that position.

Another tough call for the judges and they give a Split Decision to: Ryan Goddard.

Ricky Clarke vs Jack Grabell

Round One


The crowd is on Clarke’s side for this one as the fight gets going.  He goes for and misses a kick and eats a shot from Grabell. A nice kick and jab combination from Clarke find there mark and Grabell rushes in and tries to strike. He is not afraid to strike in close. A big right from Grabell is hits Clarke on the shoulder and they both exchange again. It’s Clarke who is pushing forward but Grabell is pushing in and timing his shots. Two right leg kicks in a row from Clarke connect and sting his opponent. This prompts Grabell to duck down and look for a takedown. Clarke is switched on, stops it and slaps on a guillotine choke. He pulls guard, tightens it up and Grabell taps.

Ricky Clarke via guillotine choke at 2:21

A shout out to Jack Grabell who was a late replacement in this fight. 

Damien Macczac vs Aaron McDonnell


Round One

Macczac goes for a high kick first and misses. They strike in close with McDonnell landing some strong shots. He then pushes his opponent to the cage and completes a great suplex to get the fight to the ground. He gets into top position and looks to work. He is landing some body shots and working but Macczac is defending well and keeping him from posturing up. Macczac continues to keep his opponent at bay and McDonnell is getting little shots in and body shots when he can. He postures up and throws a few, wild, punches but he is then back in the guard.  They see the round out in this position.

Round Two


An inside leg kick from McDonnell starts the round and he misses with one up high. Macczac responds with a leg kick off his own and they are both waiting for the best moment to strike. McDonnell pushes in throwing wildly and eats a knee in the clinch and he gets Macczac against the cage and the fight down but Macczac works well to move the position but then is transitioned and Aaron is into full mount. That doesn’t last long but he is still in a great top position. Not much happens as Macczac again defends well and then McDonnell breaks free again and manages to land an odd shot before being tied up again. He starts to throw some body punches but the ref stands them up. On the feet McDonnell is trying to work his jab and Macczac has the centre. He misses with a kick and a spinning right kick from McDonnell hits the arms of his opponent. The round draws to a close with Macczac missing two kicks.

Round Three


Both fighters look fresh and show their cardio is good. McDonnell pushes in first throwing some wild, yet effective shots. They are blocked up high but a body shot lands. He rushes in for the takedown and has Macczac up against the cage. After some jostling they break. Both are waiting for the other to throw and another one-two from McDonnell finds a home. Macczac looks for a right high kick and clips his opponent, who pushes in again and gets Macczac against the cage but can’t take it down. Macczac has a standing guillotine in and is driving his opponent to the cage. He has him against the cage with the choke in. McDonnell looks calm though and gets out. He turns Macczac and gets him to the cage. Both try for knees in close and McDonnell lands a few to the thigh of his opponent. The fight closes out with both up against the cage.

The judges render a unanimous Decision in favour of: Aaron McDonnell

James Hillman vs Jake Bond


Round One

A wild spinning left kick from Hillman right off the bat misses and Bond responds with some fierce and strong punches inside. They scramble on the feet and it goes to the ground with Bond gaining full mount and starting to rain down some dominant ground and pound. The punches are fast, fierce and nonstop. Hillman turns over and Bond jumps on his back and locks in the rear naked choke and Hillman is forced to tap out. The referee didn’t see the tap at first, but Bond felt it and he got right up and began to celebrate.

He is a fighter to look out in the future and got the rear naked choke win at 1:10.

Jason Murphy vs Tony Morgan

Round One


Murphy goes for a leg kick early and misses and Morgan responds with a jab. They both move around and Morgan lands a front kick. Murphy pushes in closes and throws some wild punches and Murphy responds with a hard body kick.  Murphy looks for the takedown but can’t get it and is turned against the cage by Morgan and eats some knees. Murphy turns it back and goes for the takedown but they break. Morgan’s kicks are stringing and he lands some strong punches in close which look powerful but Murphy comes powering back and pushes into his opponent and has his arms wrapped around him from behind. He steps in and throws a knee to the face and then body. He starts to throw some lefts to the face and turns in but is reversed on the cage and Morgan lands a good knee. A punch and another knee from Morgan connect. Murphy tries to push in but is lifted and slammed to the ground on his front. Morgan throws some ground shots and gets into top position and lands some ground and pound to end the round.

Round Two

A leg kick from Morgan takes Murphy off his feet and Morgan starts to open up with punches and knees on the feet and is lighting his opponent up, who won’t back down and as he drops down for a takedown, Morgan lands a knee and some more punches. Murphy rocks into the cage from the impact and the ref steps in to stop the fight.

Tony Morgan gets the TKO (strikes) at 33 seconds of the round.

Alex Walsh vs Tomasz Wojtyna


Round One

Walsh pushes out the stronger and comes forward and both are trading in close, but Wojtyna eats a deadly right punch but he pushes Walsh into the cage and throws some knees and punches in close. Walsh recovers well and is throwing in close and is the aggressor, but his shots are blocked by Wojtyna, who runs in with a jumping right kick and gets Walsh to the cage and lands some knees in close. They break but Wojtyna again gets him to the cage and is landing powerful knees to the face and deadly uppercuts which look strong. Walsh responds in close with some uppercuts and they break again. Both are looking strong in this one and Wojtyna gets Walsh to the cage and lands more great knees to the face. He mixes it up with uppercuts as well. Walsh isn’t backing down though and he throws a body punch or two of his own. Wojtyna kicks low and hits up high with punches and they break. Both are throwing down at each other and Wojtyna again has it against the cage, with the clinch and landing devastating knees. Walsh holds on to see out the first round.

Round Two


A flying knee and kick to the body from Wojtyna start the second round. Walsh responds with some good punches and Wojtyna throws another kick and they split. Walsh is moving in close well and both seem to be finding a home for their shots. Wojtyna goes for a spinning kick and misses. Walsh pushes in and lands a nice left, which Wojtyna responds with a punch and then a leg kick. Walsh is throwing more shots but his opponent blocks them up high. A Wojtyna jab is looking strong and he lands a good knee to the head. He follows up with a straight, which looks painful and he pushes in and drags Walsh to the ground. He lands in side control but Walsh is showing a good defence to stop Wojtyna from working. Wojtyna throws left knees to the body of his opponent and then steps into full mount. He is being kept low, so cant posture up and get deadly shots in, but shorter one are landing. He gets hold of an arm and is looking for a tough submission, then goes to an arm triangle choke which looks tight and just as the horn goes, Walsh is tapping and the ref waves the fight off.

Great battle from both fighters in this one.

Wojtyna gets the arm triangle victory at 2:59.

(Amateur B) Steven Hooper vs Ryan Kelly

Mixed in the middle of the Amateur A bouts was a great, Amateur B, match up as Steven Hooper went to battle with Ryan Kelly.


Round One

No touching of gloves in this one and Hooper lands with a jab first and a high kick clips up high. He then pushes in and gets Kelly to the fence. However Kelly lands some body shots and turns out. They break and Hooper goes for the kick up high again and lands a nice jab which is responded by Kelly. Hooper ducks down and gets it to the floor, where he lands in top position and looks to go to work. Kelly is showing a good defence and Hooper seizes an opportunity to go for a leg lock and is looking to extend. While having the lock in, Hooper throws some solid shots to the thigh of his opponent. Kelly looks to be defending okay and isn’t letting it get fully sunk in. Kelly gets out and turns to the back of his opponent. Hooper turns over and Kelly is in a good top position. He is landing some good body shots and ends the round in a good position.

Round Two


A high kick from Hooper goes up high and misses but then he connects with a powerful right which rocks his opponent and he follows him and lands a flush knee which knocks Kelly to the floor. He follows down and starts to look for a kimura. Kelly looks recovered and is switched on too defend well. He is throwing body punches from his back. Hooper is in side control and still looking for the kimura but decides to give it up after a little scramble and starts to look to pass. Kelly pushes out a little and is turtled up but is then flipped back onto his back and Hooper goes into the guard of Kelly. Kelly looks to throw up his legs, but Hooper is quick and keeps moving to look for a submission opportunity on the ground. He maintains his top position and see’s out the round in the dominant position.

Round Three


Hooper goes for a big right and Kelly lands some quick punches in close as the final round begins. Hooper goes for a kick and slips which leads Kelly to swarm but not commit to the ground. He then eats a massive up kick from Hooper and is rocked down to the floor. Hooper gets up and follows in but Kelly slaps on a guillotine choke and it looks tight. Hooper survives and after some work he finds himself in full mount.  He postures up and lands some punches to the shoulder/chest of his opponent. When on top Hooper is strong and doesn’t give Kelly a moment of rest. He continues the assault to the body of his opponent and is looking in total control. The shots look really tough on the chest of Kelly and Hooper screams out and see’s out the round in top position.

The judges gave the decision, unanimously, in favour of: Steven Hooper.

Paul Holden vs Josh Roberts


Round One

A kick and some fierce stand up from Roberts start the fight and suddenly it hits the ground with Roberts in full mount. He starts to unleash some strong body punches and face shots, mixed in with a hammer fist. Holden is trying to keep him down but he can’t and Roberts postures up and starts to land more shots to the face. They are relentless and the referee has no choice but to stop the fight.

Josh Roberts wins via TKO at 1:15

Radoslaw Tarnawa vs James Duckett

Round One


A tentative start to the round but a leg kick from each fighter gets us going and then Tarnawa pushes in for a takedown but can’t complete and they grapple against the cage. It’s Duckett who throws his opponent to the ground. They stand back up and Duckett lands a short knee in close and a short flurry before being taken to the ground himself. He starts to work on the ground and they scramble but Tarnawa gets in some strong shots and looks for the arm of his opponent and rolls onto his back looking for the submission. It is on strong and Duckett taps giving Tarnawa the win.

Tarnawa gets the armbar win at 2:03.

Lockdown’s Cash Bonuses

After all was send and done Lockdown announced it’s winners of the cash bonuses:

£200 Fight of the Night – Ryan Goddard v Tarro Grogan
£100 Fighter of the Night – Ibrar Hussain
£100 Stoppage of the Night – to be confirmed!
£100 Fastest Finish of the Night – Jake Bond

Split Decision MMA UK Bonuses

Here at Split Decision MMA UK we unfortunately don’t have cash, but we always share who we thought was the fight, submission, and KO of the night. 

Fight of the Night: Thomas Garratt vs Matthew Hampson
Submission of the Night: Nathan Hosie
TKO of the Night: Tony Morgan

To see more pictures by Split Decision MMA UK, then you can by clicking HERE

The night was a complete success and the show is definitely not to be missed out on in the future. The fights were all entertaining and everyone fought well from the first bell to the last. There were so many awesome fights and finishes. It showed the talent that is coming threw in the North West of England.

If you haven’t been to Lockdown, then make sure you note down 21st September 2013, when the fifth installment is back at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre. To keep up to date with all the Lockdown MMA show going’s on you can add them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lockdown.mmashow

We would also like to thank Will Burke for allowing us to cover the show. 

Photo Credit: David Gillibrand


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