The UK’s Ring Girl of the year: Jessica Hayes


 “I like to have my own style and be unique”, Jessica Hayes

Meet Jessica Hayes, a ring girl, model and promo girl who works full time alongside and has a bright future ahead of her. She is friendly,  outgoing, attractive and funny. She works very hard at everything she does and is dedicated to pushing herself up the ranks with everything she does. To get a better idea of her, I spoke to Jessica and I firstly asked her which five people she would invite to a dinner party and all of them include people from the different areas she is involved in but also the men who she likes. Her picks would be: Alan Carr, Pamela Anderson, Megan Fox, Channing Tatum and Michael Bisping.

“Alan Carr because he is hilarious and he would provide the banter, Pamela as she is a ledgend in the glamour industry, Megan Fox because she is beautiful, Channing Tatum because he is the most beautiful man in the world and Michael Bisping because he is in the MMA world and he is also very hot!”

In terms of MMA Jessica is slowly making a name for herself as a ring girl. She was recently at the UK MMA Expo in Manchester, a weekend of all things MMA. A big feature of the weekend was the Ring Girl of the year award. A chance for ring girls all around the UK to put themselves forward and see if they could take the crown. The girls firstly submitted a picture and whoever got the highest amount of votes were invited up to Manchester for the Expo weekend. Jessica found herself in the final and then before she could say MMA, was being announced as the winner. From orginally posting her picture online with no thoughts of what could happen, she was now more known in the MMA world.

1080293_10153073180255484_2116633203_n“I actually came across the competition online and thought I would submit a picture. People got voting and I got through to finals in manchester at the UK MMA Expo.

I saw the competition as a great oppurtunity whether I won or not.  There were three rounds and when they called my name as the winner I was not expecting it at all. I was so shocked I had won and I was buzzing. It was such an amazing oppourtunity and my first win of any kind in any competition . Now I definitely want to compete in more!”

Jessica rose like a phoenix to take the crown and it has been a fairytale story for her since first starting in the industry. It was March this year when she got involved but already she has been getting as much experience as she can by working at as many events as possible. In just four months to rise up is really special and Jessica knew as soon as she got introduced to the sport and stepped in the cage for the first time, it was something she really enjoyed. We all have those moments in life and they are the truly special ones.

“I have only been ring girling since march this year and I got introduced to the sport by a friend that was running an agency at the time.  I didnt know anything about MMA at the time but we did our first show TEAR UP, a cage fighting event, in Bristol. The moment I stepped out to ring girl I loved it and the atmosphere was amazing. I dont ring girl for any particular agency but I have worked at shows all across the country from Bristol right up to London. I have had alot of interest through myself which keeps my options open to ring girl for all kinds of events. I would love to work with BAMMA”,

An aim like working for BAMMA isn’t far away for Jessica as her work ethic is unquestionable. In just over four months she has worked at over 20 MMA shows from professional to amateur and it shows how she has caught the unmistakeable MMA bug. It would be hard to choose a favourite show but Jessica knows which she loves but is happy to be involved with them all.

“I would say I have worked at 20 plus events and they have ranged from amateur to pro shows . I dont really have a favourtie it would be hard to choose as I love every single show I do and they are all very different. I mean the pro events are great and definetly the best to watch. There is an event I am doing which is called ‘Zero to Hero’ whcih is based in Bristol and I really support. They train up two teams over a few months who have never done MMA in there life, just normal guys with familys and day jobs  and, they then go out to fight which I think is amazing, as it involves alot of hard work and dedication. There will be over two thousand people there and this will be shown on sky sports”.

1079304_10153073180250484_1123918194_nThe MMA community is on the rise but everyone involved at the minute is dedicated to helping the sport progress. There are people who have see the sport come through the dark days and others who are realising what an amazing sport it really is. For Jessica she gets to see the sport a little different to fans. She is around the fans, promoters and coaches on the night but also gets to perform herself. Stepping into the cage is daunting for anyone, but for a ring girl you have the attention of everyone watching. The night itself can be quite scary for her, but ever since day one it’s something she has really loved doing, including a few play fights in the ring. She might have one main worry, but would also like to learn more about the sport:

“It can be quite nerve racking and I always get scared that i’m going to fall over!  Thats my main worry, (laughs), but I get such a buzz. I see it as performing and you get to see all the fights which is great. The crowds are always buzzing and its a great feeling to be involved in the sport. Not just that the after partys are always great and you get to meet the fighters and people involved.

I have had a few play fights in the ring (laughs) but no, I dont train at the minute. I would love too if anyone wants to give me a training session, as I would love to understand what is involved in the training as well as keeping fit”.

Away from MMA Jessica is a model and is another area which she has only recently got into, but is loving every minute. Since beginning in the area she has modelled for an array of different companies and is proud of everything she has accomplished so far. Not just that, she wants to hopefully make this a full time career and if her MMA achievements and work rate are anything to go by, she will be known in the modelling world in no time at all.

“It’s the kind of thing you look at and think wow I would love to be a model but you dont expect it, you see it as a dream. The oppurtunity to model only came about this year, so about six months i’ve been doing it. I’m proud of how far ive come in such a short space of time and will continue to work hard to get there.

I have modeled for clothes designers , hair salons , competitions , Lingerie and Glamour. It’s all very versatile and I am putting alot of hard work in at the moment to pursue my career as a model which is definetly what I want to do as a full time career and I have met alot of talented and amazing people along the way”.

1082693_10153073171890484_1086920053_nTo go from dreaming of doing something to actually doing it,  shows everyone you can do whatever you put your mind to. Life is one big opportunity and you have to be ready to go out there, work hard, and fight for your dreams. If anybody had told any sportsman, model or filmstar, when they were younger, that they would be making millions doing what they loved, they would have laughed or depending on the age said “Can I have some sweets”. It’s all about your own mentality and people around you who push you and motivate you to be the best you can be. Jessica meets lots of people on a daily basis and takes advice by them and see’s people who have done or are doing what she is.

“Im influenced by the girls I meet on a daily basis. They work hard and are dedicated as its not always an easy ride. I dont want to follow anyone in particular in thehe industry, I like to have my own style and be unique”.

Adding up her experience so far and the people she has met, puts Jessica in a good position for the future, but it also means she is someone who can help others who want to get into the MMA or modelling world. She will have had many up’s and a few downs but they make you stronger. So if you want to get into the fast paced modelling world or even fancy becoming a ring girl, follow Jessica’s example and follow your dreams.

1079174_10153073180235484_143810187_n“Do what you love and what makes you happy. If its something you want to do then go for it dont hold back. If you never try, you will never know and theres nothing worse than looking back and thinking why didnt I do that. Be confident because I always think if you try hard enough there is nothing you cant do”.

To add to her already busy lifestyle, Jessica also does promotional work for different clubs and brands, alongside working full time. She enjoys the promo work and says that you have to be very outgoing as you are talking to people all the time. Her full time work is in something totally different to her other passions and means that she has to switch off from ring girl and model Jessica. Hearing what she does, it shows you the range of skills the lady possess.

“I work in the banking industry which is very different and it gets hard to switch off sometimes. So I do have a brain (laughs). People seem to be shocked when I tell them this! i cant think why (laughs)”.

With a very busy professional life whether in the cage or out of it, it seems like Jessica will get no time to relax, but she does. Modelling and ring girling are very enjoyable to her but she also likes to get away from it all. Stepping away from our passions is good from time to time and allows us to reflect on what we have done but also treat ourselves for the hard work we have done and Jessica knows just how to do that.

“I spend time with family and friends, training in the gym and holidays abroad. I also shop and pamper myself, just what every girl loves to do”.

The future is definitely bright for this young lady and she isn’t stopping were she is now. She wants to take that next step up the ladder in both the ring girl and modelling worlds. She has her sights set high and I doubt anybody would think she couldn’t do it.

“I want to keep on ring girling for bigger and better events and travel! Vegas would be amazing. I want to be sucessfull, a full time model, influence people and be a role model to others”.

If anyone can push themselves up to the next level and break through in anything they want to do, it’s Miss Jessica Hayes. From where she has come from in such a short space of time to were she is heading, it shows someone who will keep pushing for their goals. Hearing from Jessica you can tell her passion, her drive, her motivation and just know everything she does will be done with 110 percent.  We all start off somewhere in life and it’s up to us to keep working hard to go as far as we want. Look at every successful person. They will have had that moment where they thought they couldn’t do it or thought it was pointless. However they carried on and all will have worked hard. Jessica is one of these people, because as she said: “If you try hard enough there is nothing you cant do” And for her inparticular, it’s not just the world that’s the limit, it’s the sky as a star shining bright.

1068854_10153073180690484_327692910_nIf you want to keep up to date with Jessica you can by going to:


Twitter: @Jessikalauramae

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Jessica Hayes,
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I would also like to say a final well done to Jessica for winning the ring girl of the year and for taking the time out to answer my questions and allowing me to write this feature.

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