The Boom Is Back In Town – Photos

Here are Split Decision MMA UK’s photos from The Boom Is Back In Town MMA event at the Copley Recreation Centre, in Stalybridge on 11th August 2013.  They were taken to be used on our full review of the show, but as we had too many pictures to use in the review itself we thought we’d share them on here.

To read our FULL CARD review of the show breaking down every match, click here.

In case you missed our preview to the show earlier this week, click here.

To see any of the photos in larger full screen resolution just click them on this page.

Photo Credit:  David Gillibrand

P1030103 P1030104 P1030105 P1030106 P1030107 P1030108 P1030109 P1030110 P1030111 P1030112 P1030113 P1030114 P1030115 P1030116 P1030117 P1030118 P1030120 P1030121 P1030122 P1030123 P1030124 P1030125 P1030127 P1030128 P1030129 P1030130 P1030131 P1030132 P1030134 P1030135 P1030136 P1030138 P1030139 P1030143 P1030145 P1030146 P1030148 P1030149 P1030151 P1030153 P1030154 P1030156 P1030157 P1030158 P1030159 P1030161 P1030162 P1030163 P1030164 P1030165 P1030166 P1030167 P1030169 P1030170 P1030171 P1030172 P1030174 P1030175 P1030176 P1030177 P1030178 P1030181 P1030182 P1030183 P1030185 P1030186 P1030188 P1030189 P1030191 P1030192 P1030193 P1030194 P1030197 P1030198 P1030199 P1030201 P1030203 P1030204 P1030205 P1030206 P1030207 P1030210 P1030212


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