Full Contact Contender 7 Official Results


Loughnane Earns Homecoming Victory

Minogue and Mousah Win Comeback Fights

Jarvis Retains Amateur Title

Bolton, Greater Manchester – England – September 9th, 2013 – The North West’s hottest amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event, Full Contact Contender (FCC), is proud to confirm the official results for FCC 7, which took place in the Premier Suite at Bolton’s Reebok Stadium on September 7th, 2013.

In the evening’s main event, UFC veteran Brendan Loughnane earned a unanimous decision win over the very game Tim ‘The Whirlwind’ Close. Loughnane made his intentions clear from the bell, securing an early takedown after a feeling out period. The local fighter punished Close with ground an pound, occasionally stepping off and coming over the top with powerful arcing shots. Close fought him every step of the way, but was forced to defend a rear naked choke as the first round ended.

The second saw Close threaten with a number of submissions, attempting a kimuara and a guillotine, as well as reversing position on Loughnane at various points in the round. The Manchester Predator’s fighter stayed strong though, repeatedly gaining top position and hammering away with punches and elbows. Close stayed active as ever in the third, opening up on the feet and escaping a tight rear naked choke on the mat. It was Loughnane’s relentless takedowns and ground ‘n’ pound that scored the points though, and as the final bell sounded the outcome was never in doubt. Loughnane took all three rounds on all three cards, while Close proved that he was no pushover.

In the evening’s co-main event saw Alex Minogue return to the cage to face a very game Dez Parker. The pair traded shots and positions in the first, with Parker locking up an inverted triangle and doing work from within the clinch. Minogue had his share of success in close too, blasting his opponent with knees and securing a takedown to control the bout. Minogue’s experience took over in the second, calmly defending Parker’s opening salvo before securing a takedown and pounding out a TKO victory.

Kane Mousah knocked the charging Danny Joel out of the air to start their professional bout, and didn’t let up the pressure for a second while following him to the mat. A torrent of punches and elbows followed, and Mousah was declaired the victor after just a minute and nineteen seconds.

In the evening’s only amateur title fight, Josh Jarvis returned to the FCC cage to go five hard rounds with Wayne Tierney. The pair traded strikes, takedowns and submission for five arduous rounds, but it was the superior control and grappling prowess of Jarvis that edged the fight. Despite some flashy strikes late on by Tierney, the Blackburn Predator’s man was shut down by his SBG counterpart’s close-quarters attack, and it was Jarvis that remained the FCC amateur featherweight champion.

Full Results:

Professional Bouts:

FCC Pro Lightweight Title: Brendan Loughnane def Tim Close – Unanimous decision
Alex Minogue def Dez Parker – TKO, Strikes – 1:44, rnd 2
Kane Mousah def Danny Joel – TKO, Strikes – 1:19, rnd 1
Amateur Bouts:

Amateur Featherweight Title: Josh Jarvis def Wayne Tierney – Unanimous decision
Darryl Golding def Aaron McDonnell – Unanimous decision
Alex Bristow def AJ Akande – DQ (illegal knees) – 2:04, rnd 1
Javonne Morrison def Danny Randalph – Unanimous decision
Brent Tierney def Mikey Oliver – TKO, Strikes – 1:07, rnd 1
Tony Morgan def Tony Riordan – TKO, Strikes – 2:23, rnd 1
Tarro Grogan def Will Cairnes – TKO, Strikes – 1:40, rnd 1
Ashley Reece def Jonno Mears – KO, Punches – 1:32, rnd 2
Jay Robinson def Stephen Duke – TKO, Strikes – 0:42, rnd 2
Kristoff Pachuki def Omar Frederick – Submission (injury) – 2:21, rnd 1
Sam Sheridan def Louis O’Hara – TKO, Strikes – 2:21, rnd 1
Ryan Robinson def David Hodgkinson – Unanimous decision
Llyr Roberts def Keegan Jakovles – TKO, Strikes – 1:14, rnd 1
Carl Prince def Simon White – Submission (guillotine) – 0:58, rnd 1
Matthew Pickering def Ashley Wrath – TKO, Strikes – 1:56, rnd 1
Jordan Wilkinson def Jack Drapple – TKO, Strikes – 1:26, rnd 1
Emmanuel Akpan def Jacob Kinsella – TKO, Strikes – 0:42, rnd 3
Antonio Sheldon def Mikey Oliver – Submission (rear naked choke) – 1:46, rnd 1
David Whitehead def John Spencer – Unanimous decision       

To read more about the evening check out our full FCC 7 review

Photo Credit: David Gillibrand

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