Emma Leigh: BCMMA’s new ring girl on the block


“I am 21 years old and have lived a life so far that you couldn’t imagine!! The places I have been flown to and the people I have met are phenomenal”.

Introducing the one and only Miss Emma Leigh, who hails from Leigh-on-Sea, and at only 21 is making a name for herself in a multitude of different areas. It’s easy to see from her pictures that Emma is a beautiful lady and after doing an interview with her you can tell how passionate she is about everything she does from being a ring girl to a model. So sit back and relax, possibly get a brew, as we look into the hectic life of Miss Leigh. 


In terms of MMA, Emma is a ring girl and has slowly found herself become more and more interested in the sport. MMA is a sport that many people write off to begin with, but once they sit down and watch it a few times they become hooked. For Emma she got into the sport through the ring girl work and it slowly began to interest her more and more. As they say with pringles: “Once you pop, you just can’t stop”. 

“Well as there is a couple of cage fighting events regularly down my way, (Southend on sea , Essex), I got interested first of all from them. I then joined a group of ring girls called Mean Girls, Mean Machine, with a lady called Wendy who introduced me to everything and the way it all worked! I did quite a few boxing and cage events with her. From then on I had a keen interest in the sport, especially watching UFC on the TV and I do plan to actually go to an event when I can! I then got in contact with other event organizers and got a few coming up this month, including Fusion Fighting and BCMMA!”

Next up for Emma is of course BCMMA, (British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts), who are a MMA promotion based in East Anglia and have already gained a great reputation in the MMA circuit. They put on great fights and everyone involved knows it is going places. So the opportunity for Emma is an awesome one as she will get herself out there more, but also see some top quality fights. She is excited at the prospect of working on such and show and even though she doesn’t know too much about them, come 22nd September, she will. 

“To be honest with you I don’t really know much about BCMMA but the bloke who runs it seems lovely and the lady I have been in contact with regarding the night and manages the girls seems like an absolute diamond! Very exciting stuff!”

Being involved as a ring girl is a lot different to it as we as fans see. Obviously we all get to watch great fights but for a ring girl they have work to do on the night and sometimes it can go by in a haze but it is also something Emma loves to do, from arriving at the venue to the lights dropping for the first fight, it’s a buzz. 

Ring Girling

“What I love is the buzz, the walk out music and the general atmosphere! I love the adrenaline rush I get when walking the fighters out and even just holding the round cards and cheering the crowd and getting them going!

A typical night is arriving at venue and saying hello to event organizers. Then I have a look at the fight card whilst sorting out my hair and make up and then putting my outfit on. I love it, it’s so exciting! I can’t imagine the excitement and adrenaline the fighters have before because I am always proper excited/little bit nervous for it!”

A lot of people involved in MMA have dabbled in the sport themselves and like to train to keep fit, but Emma is someone who prefers to watch the sport, instead of training in it, but she could possibly one day do it to keep in shape. She doesn’t agree with woman fighting, but she can respect and admire what they do. So with not watching the women fight, she prefers to see some local fighters from Essex be successful and just like the women, respects what they do. 

“No offense to the ladies that fight but I don’t really agree with women fighting at all, even professionally, but I do admire their courage, training ethics and determination. I would do it for fitness reasons though!

I always stick with local fighters and my favorites have to be the blokes that I know personally and who train / live my way in Essex! These include Stav Economou, Valentino Petrescu, Walter Gahadza, Sahin Omer and Darren Towler. They are top geezers and all brilliant fighters in their own unique ways! They do themselves, their trainers, their families and gyms proud every single time whether its a win or not!”

Away from MMA, Emma is a model and a very popular one at that. She has worked for many top magazines and is really making a name for herself, including being nominated for a big award. It’s easy to see why she is making a name for herself in the modelling industry, with her natural good looks and such a hard work rate. You may have seen her in some magazines and not even noticed. 

“Oh gosh, I have done loads! Magazines including: loaded, nuts and zoo. Newspapers include: the sun and daily sport and top shelf magazines including mayfair, escort and razzle! I am good friends with the owner of Paul Raymond magazines and I am currently nominated for cover girl of the year for Paul Raymond, so that’s exciting! The awards are in November so please vote for me !! (E-mail: ”EMMA LEIGH for cover girl of the year ” to awards@paulraymond.com) (laughs). I have also done a bit of Babestation but I didn’t enjoy it very much so embarrassingly enough quit after my second night there. Sorry guys, but they are lovely people and the girls are top notch – as we all know 😉 (Laughs)”. 


Alongside the modelling work she is making her name on the world stage in the adult industry, working for some top companies and is something she enjoys to do. Her journey into the world began when she was 18 and after a while decided to take a break, going into normal work. However she got back into the industry and since then she has continued to rise and achieved many things to be proud of. 

“I got into the industry when I was 18 years old, firstly working with Killergram under a different name to Emma Leigh that I use now. I then took a break from the industry and focused on glamour work (This Is Glamour) and even tried to get a normal job but to be honest with you , the adult industry is a lifestyle that no other work can compare to (money wise and in general). I got dismissed from my “normal” job for causing a nuisance and distraction to the building! They even held a risk assessment on me, which I thought was a little unfair ha! I then returned to the adult industry in 2012 solely performing making films for Bluebird media, where I then also shot for Twistys. Since then I have worked for Playboy, returned to Killergram, Harmony, Elite and of course Brazzers. Which of course is my biggest achievement yet and very popular on their site! So that’s my adult industry life story and here I am today!”

Being in the public eye, especially the adult industry, you can get some quite weird requests from fans and people who have seen your work. We can try to imagine the type of requests but I bet we couldn’t even guess, but for Emma she gets a lot of them but knows how to deal with them. Even though the requests come in, her fans are great to her and she is happy she has quite the following. 

“Oh gosh I get weird requests daily, if not hourly! I am not even going to share stories on this subject (laughs). This industry is a crazy one but my fans are great, they genuinely love me and are very very loyal. The money is great and if people don’t like it, that is their problem . I don’t moan about or judge anybody else for what they do for a living and otherwise. It’s absolutely none of my business, plus I really don’t care!”

Emma works really, really, hard in her career and constantly tries to better herself professionally but when it comes to relaxing she likes to do many of the things we all love to, even if it does involve some questionable TV. Alongside that she is aiming for a bright future and is switched on to know what to do with it and being on her own is the best way forward as well. 


“I am pretty boring to be honest with you, a bit of Eastenders and I’m sorted! Many people wouldn’t believe it but I just love to chill and stay in. I’m not a big drinker or a party girl I like a cuddle with my little puggle (pug x beagle) and a takeaway when I can’t be bothered to cook! I do despise cooking for one (laughs)! Maybe one day if I meet someone they can join me, (laughs), but for now I am quite content on my own. 

Being totally honest, I aim for buying property and retiring at a young age . The money I have coming in ATM is brilliant and whilst its coming in, I will put it towards a future for myself”.

She is certainly switched on and aiming for a good future and with all that she has done so far, she is in the best position to offer advice to others who may want to get into modelling, adult work or becoming a ring girl. All three require dedication and hard work, but with that comes the chance to do something you enjoy. We all have dreams we’d love to achieve, so if you fancy aiming for the top of any, Emma tells it how it is. 

“Modeling is hard work as it is hard to get into and earn a living from. The adult industry is a whole other level and even harder work as you can imagine (laughs) – there’s a lot of s*** that comes with it! Ring girling is just all about looking good, being confident, interested in the sport and loving the atmosphere!”

Through the life Emma leads she meets a whole host of people and sometimes it can be a harsh world, but she has been lucky to have a supportive network of friends and family around her. Her choices have been made solely by her, for the good of herself, and in the end she has found out who really matters to her. It’s great to have that support around you and can only take you to the next level. So does Emma want to thank anyone?

“Not really (laughs), apart from the small circle of friends and family around me who have stuck by me. Maybe my choices haven’t always been good ones but I am 21 years old and have lived a life so far that you couldn’t imagine!! The places I have been flown to, the people I have met are phenomenal and I wouldn’t be half as independent and strong without knowing they have backed me (most) of the way ! (laughs). xxxx Love you xxxx”.

There is no doubt that Emma has led quite the life so far and at still only 21 she has a bright future in front of her. She backs herself no matter what and whether it’s modelling, working on film, being a ring girl, or pushing herself to the next level Emma does it her way and I can’t see her success stopping right now. She may be the new girl on the block with BCMMA and to some in the MMA world, but with her natural talent you will be seeing her for a while to come. 


If you want to keep up to date with Emma, you can do on twitter: @EMMA_LEIGH_XXX

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Emma for taking the time out to answer my questions and giving me the opportunity to write this article. 

Photo Credit: Twisty’s, Brazzers and Emma Leigh

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