Amateur Cage Battles 8 – Photos


Amateur Cage Battles 8 took place at Parr Hall in Warrington and it was a fantastic event. SD MMA UK’s James Edwards was on hand to take some pictures of the night’s action and here are some of the better ones that came out. 

(If you want to read what happened on the night, click here for our full review of the night’s action).

Joe Champion vs Owen Martin

P1050121 P1050117 P1050126 P1050149 P1050148 P1050146 P1050138 P1050134 P1050154 P1050156 P1050160 P1050166 P1050170 P1050177 P1050178 P1050180 P1050181 P1050183

Josh Doyle vs Lars Atkins

P1050192 P1050196 P1050198 P1050199 P1050205 P1050206 P1050207 P1050212 P1050215 P1050216 P1050242 P1050244 P1050246 P1050247 P1050249 P1050250

George Chambers vs Jake Larrier

P1050259 P1050261 P1050262 P1050263 P1050264 P1050269 P1050274 P1050275 P1050283 P1050287 P1050305 P1050321 P1050326 P1050327 P1050333 P1050336 P1050337 P1050338 P1050339 P1050340 P1050342 P1050343 P1050351

Ollie Harris vs Connor Hitchens

P1050354 P1050356 P1050357 P1050361 P1050366 P1050370 P1050375 P1050379 P1050397 P1050399 P1050400 P1050401 P1050403 P1050404 P1050405 P1050406 P1050412

Kyle Preston vs Tom Murry

P1050422 P1050424 P1050426 P1050430 P1050431 P1050432 P1050435 P1050436

Aaron Johnson vs Will Cairns

P1050447 P1050450 P1050452 P1050453 P1050455 P1050457 P1050459 P1050460 P1050462 P1050463 P1050465 P1050466 P1050467 P1050468 P1050469 P1050470 P1050471 P1050481 P1050483

Joe Naraynsingh vs John Spencer

P1050486 P1050488 P1050489 P1050490 P1050496 P1050503 P1050505 P1050508

Terry Hayburn vs Louis Tynan

P1050519 P1050521 P1050524 P1050526 P1050527 P1050529 P1050536 P1050539

Scott McFarlane vs Lewis Johnson

P1050541 P1050545 P1050546 P1050547 P1050553 P1050555 P1050560 P1050563 P1050565 P1050567 P1050570 P1050573 P1050574 P1050575 P1050577 P1050578 P1050579

Mark Smith vs.Oliver Cowlishaw

P1050594 P1050596 P1050602 P1050605 P1050606 P1050607 P1050610 P1050611 P1050613 P1050614 P1050620 P1050621

Geoff Ogendo vs Reece Ackers

P1050623 P1050628 P1050630 P1050632 P1050637 P1050649 P1050653 P1050656 P1050657 P1050659 P1050660 P1050661 P1050663 P1050665

James Lewis vs. Reece Parker

P1050735 P1050734 P1050733 P1050731 P1050730 P1050710 P1050712 P1050720 P1050721 P1050729 P1050700 P1050699 P1050690 P1050688 P1050687 P1050686 P1050684 P1050683 P1050677 P1050678 P1050682

James Walker vs. Mitchell Richards

P1050746 P1050752 P1050756 P1050757 P1050763 P1050764 P1050773 P1050783 P1050784 P1050796 P1050797 P1050799 P1050801 P1050802 P1050804

Photo Credit: James Edwards

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