The Vikings Are Entering The Battle Arena


Gunnar Nelson’s Mjölnir MMA Troops Will Fight In Battle Arena

In association with: Viking Warrior Nutrition & Intimidation FightWear

As 2014 continues to produce exciting developments, Battle Arena – one of the UK’s leading amateur mixed martial arts promotions, is proud to announce that Iceland’s Mjölnir MMA team, lead by UFC welterweight prodigy Gunnar Nelson and Coach Haraldur Dean Nelson , will be competing on a Battle Arena card this year. The visiting troops consist of eight amateur contenders competing on a diverse international card, also with a trio of fighters from Switzerland’s Team Dabigz set to make their amateur debuts. The Swiss are Matched up for Battle Arenas Oxford show 29th March and the Icelandic fighters could be set for as early as March also but more likely to be in matched May 24th at Battle Arenas Northampton show, dates and travel are currently being confirmed.

Battle Arena CEO James Price said: “It’s great to be able to invite teams from all over the world to compete on our shows. We are really looking forward to seeing our Swiss and Icelandic friends fighting in March/May. We’re also bringing teams over from France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Portugal and the USA throughout 2014, so lots of opportunities for UK amateur fighters to gain some valuable international experience.”

Fighters from Mjölnir MMA include:


Bjarni Kristjánsson

Diego Björn Valencia

Egill Øydvin Hjördísarson

Damian Zorczykowski.

Magnús Ingi Ingvarsson

Bjarki Ómarsson.

Brynjólfur Ingvarsson


Sunna Rannveig Davíðsdóttir

Fighters from Team Dabigz include:

Markus Lanz

Daniel Studer

Cristoph Utz

More information soon to be announced

Follow Mjölnir MMA on Twitter @Mjolnir_MMA

Follow Team Dabigz on Twitter @DabigzTeam

Battle Arena’s next event hits Club Republic in Leicester on February 22nd, 2014. For tickets and more information please contact or on 07932 633 366. Visit for more news, follow us on Twitter @BattleArena1 and on Facebook at

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