ACB 9 – Weigh In results & Photos


Amateur Cage Battles presents it’s ninth installment tomorrow night, (22nd February 2014), as they bring us ‘Brawl in the Hall’ which is set to be a top night of action from start to finish. Today saw the official weigh in’s take place at Parr Hall, Warrington, and SD MMA UK was on hand to bring you the results and pictures. 

Professional Bouts

57 kg: Scott Gregory (57.5) vs. John Spencer (Weighing in tomorrow)
77 kg: Scott Richardson (Weighing in tomorrow) vs. Ant Davies (Weighing in tomorrow)

Amateur Bouts

70 kg: Reece Parker (70.4) vs. Jason O’Conner (68.8)
61 kg:  Kyle Preston (61.0) vs. Jason McKnight (61.0)
77 kg: Carl Hodgeson (76.8) vs. Carl Green (76.6)
61 kg: Lars Atkins (61.7) vs. Matt Norton (60.9)
70 kg: Lewis Johnson (70.4) vs. Jack Roughley (70.8)
77 kg: Jay brown (76.8) vs. Marcin Bystron (76.4)
57 kg: Jordan Baxter (57.7) vs. Nick Fitzgerald (54.5)
61 kg: Conner Preston (Weighing in tomorrow) vs.  Jack Holt (Weighing in tomorrow)
61 kg: Luke Crossland (61.3) vs. Adam Bramhald (61.1)
70 kg: Callum Gahgan (70.4) vs. Ricardo Franco (70.0)
70 kg: Kyle Keene (70.5) vs. Scott Mellor (73.8 – missed weight)
77 kg: Oktawain Olejniczak  (76.8) vs. James Guise (77.2)
93 kg: Krisoffer Girffith (93.8) vs Ryan Hennessy (Weighing in tomorrow)
84 kg: James Rogers (Weighing in tomorrow) vs Jordan Hill (83.7)

P1060131 P1060132 P1060134 P1060135 P1060136P1060137P1060138P1060139P1060141P1060142P1060144P1060145P1060146P1060148P1060150P1060151P1060153P1060163P1060161P1060159P1060158P1060157P1060154


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