ICE FC 2 – Review


Live from the Irlam and Cadishead leisure centre, ICE FC presented their second instalment and first since merging with Manchester Fighting Championship. The night featured pro and amateur battles headlined by pro’s Jack McGann and Billy Glossop. We also saw the first ICE Amateur Champion crowned and were treated to many exciting tussles all keeping the lively crowd cheering throughout.

SD MMA UK were cage side, to catch the action, and backstage to bring you all the post-fight reaction.

So kick back and catch up on what happened when winter came to Irlam.

Amateur C Class

Catchweight – 64kg Lars Atkins vs Jack Torrence

Round One

Torrence makes his promotional debut in this one against the 2-0 Atkins. We got going with both engaging in close and two kicks from Atkins. Again both connect on the feet and in close before it goes to the ground with Atkins in the full guard of his opponent. Torrence is working well from his back and looks for an armbar before, being lifted up by Atkins and back to the ground it goes. Adkins is in the guard, but Torrence kicks out and to the feet. Torrence gets in a good front kick, before Atkins lands a stinging one of his own. Torrence uses his punches to the chest well, before Atkins pulls guard and looks for the submission. It seems as if he is going for the arm but Torrance is out and stands up. He doesn’t let Atkins up and he is stood over kicking to the body and landing punches to the chest. Back on the feet, both land punches to the body and again Atkins pulls guard. Torrence goes down to his knees and is in the full guard of Atkins, who is showing confidence from his back, but Torrence is showing a cracking defence and lands some hard shots to the body, on his knees, to see out the round.

Round Two

We start the second with Atkins straight out and both connecting with kicks, but Torrence lands a few extra. Both punch to the body and then swap kicks. Another few punches land before Atkins jumps in with the knee and gets the clinch. A strong front kick from Torrance pushes Atkins, to the floor, but he is straight up and they trade shots. Again Atkins pulls guard but Torrence gets into the guard, sat on his knees. Atkins is looking for a sub, but Torrence is up and lands a kick, Atkins gets up and they both go back to trading punches and kicks. Atkins gets the clinch again and both get them in, before Atkins pulls guard again. He looks to have nothing at the minute and Torrence again shows his solid defence. He settles in the guard and starts to stand up and is connecting a few to the body. Atkins is really working from his back for the submission, and he goes for the arm and gets it on and it looks tight. Torrence stands up and Atkins keeps hold and Torrence goes back down and is out of the submission. Excellent work from both there. The last ten seconds is sounded and the round draws to a close with Torrence on top and Atkins looking for the submission.

Round Three

A great first bout deserves a third round and it begins with both meeting and striking in the centre with shots and Atkins executes a beautiful trip takedown and lands in the guard. Torrence  is working from his back and sweeps over his opponent and gets into full mount near his corner. He has quite a high mount and Torrence turns over for the arm, extends it and rocks back. This one looks tight but Atkins survives and gets into top position. The crowd clap for that one, it was very good jiu-jitsu from both. From the side Atkins starts to throw in some knees to the body and then lets Torrence up and swarms him. Against the cage it goes, and they jossle before it goes to the ground with Torrence on top and working but Atkins also working from the bottom. They work on the ground, then the fight is stopped and Torrence loses a point continually landing shots to the face. They restart on the feet and both connect with punches to the body and kicks, before the fight draws to a close.

The judges are called into action and the first judges see it as 28-28, but the other two give it 29-28 to the winner: Lars Atkins.

Unified Amateur Rules

Featherweight: James Reece vs Phil Evans

Round One


We kick off in this one with a touch of gloves and Reece in the centre and a leg kick landing for Evans, and then he gets in the superman punch, before Reece pushes in and gets Evans to the cage. Evans transition and lands some body shots, before Reece transitions him and takes the dominant position. They both trade shots before Reece sneaks in a knee. Evans this time transitions and drops for the takedown, which is stuffed and Reece pulls guard with the guillotine. Evans is straight out and settles into guard. From his back Reece looks for the arm, gets it on and the tap comes.

James Reece gets the submission (Armbar) victory at 1:28.

Wayne Hughes vs Usama Kapilla

Unfortunatley I didn’t get chance to see this bout due to a post-fight interview, but Wayne Hughes came out the victor in no time at all, getting the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 22 seconds of the first round.

Chris Wright vs Gaz Sykes

This one see’s Chris Wright make his MMA debut against the fan favourite Gaz Sykes, who has a lot of support and are making themselves known.

Round One


Wright comes out looking to touch gloves but Sykes isn’t bothered and is in the zone. The first shot in this one with two kicks from Wright, to the body, but Sykes pushes forward and landing some strong shots, one which wobbles Wright a bit, who pushes for the takedown and gets it to the cage but eats some hard knees. They split and Sykes unleashes on his opponent with lefts and rights and Wright drops to the floor and Sykes killer instinct kicks in and he powers in to finish the fight.

Gaz Sykes gets the TKO victory at 35 seconds.

Ross Robinson vs Jordan Thompson

Round One


Robinson has the support behind him in this one and the volume is upped as he is introduced. We begin with a big shot from Thompson but Robinson runs through it and gets hold of his opponent and puts him against the cage. He is looking for the takedown and working hard to get it, but Thomson is remaining strong. This is a good defence from Thompson and the ref warns Robinson for holding the shorts. Robinson lifts Thompson up but can’t get it down. Thomson lands some body shots, before Robinson finally picks him up and gets it down. However Thompson looks to get straight up and is sat against the cage. He is working hard to get up and eventually he does. Robinson again has him against the cage and the ref breaks it up. On the feet Thomson unloads and is putting venom behind his shots, before Robinson again gets it to the cage.  There he lands some knees to the body and the ten second warning goes and Robinson looks for the takedown but can’t get it and the round draws to a close.

Round Two

Off we go and both trade in the middle and Robinson goes for the takedown but its stuffed and Thompson ends up on top and starts to land the ground and pound with quick shots. The ref stops the fight and Thompson is deducted a point for an illegal elbow. We restart and a kick lands for Robinson. Thompson swings big and connects and he has Robinson against the cage and throwing shot after shot, but not many of them are landing as Robinson is defending them well and not many are connecting flush. Robinson then pushes forward and gets it to the ground, near the cage, and gets into side control. Thompson is sat against the cage, but turns over and Robinson moves over into back mount. There he starts to land the lefts, which are unanswered and hitting home. The shots keep coming, but Thompson fights back a little and holding on, so Robinson switches to the submission and gets on the rear naked choke, which seems tight, and the tap comes, which sees the crowd go wild!

A fantastic victory for Ross Robinson but also a very entertaining fight.

Ross Robinson gets the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) victory at 2:20 of round two.

Mick Holgate vs Az Sykes

Holgate comes out to a warm applause and a fantastic song in ACDC’s back in black. A top song, if I do say so myself, and the crowd cheers as he enters the cage. It is his promotional debut and is quite the atmosphere to make it in.

Next to the cage is, as described by the ginger in the red jacket, ‘Warrington’s best gardener’ Az Sykes who has fans of his own.

The volume has turned up for this one and it’s set to be a cracking bout.

Round One


This one starts with Holgate rushing out and eating a big left from Sykes. He continues through and pushes for the takedown, is Holgate, but Sykes is defending well and lands a nice knee. Holgate gets it to the cage and after some work, to the ground. Holgate is in the guard of Sykes but Sykes looks for the guillotine and has his arm over and landing some big shots to the body. Holgate gets out from the choke and gets in some shots to the body himself. Both are getting in the shots, but not doing too much damage. Holgate is keeping low and occasionally pushing up slightly and landing the punches. Holgate goes briefly into half guard but then is back into the top position. He gets in some more shots, but Sykes is giving them back from his back. Holgate continues to cover up well and then throw in some shots. The ref asks for them to work, and Holgate gets up and as Sykes gets up Holgate gets the back and drags his opponent down and locks on the rear naked choke. This one looks tight but the bell for the end of the round is sounded and Sykes survives.

Round Two


The second gets going with Holgate to the centre but a massive right landing for Sykes. Holgate then ducks under and goes for the takedown, but Sykes defends it against the cage. From there Holgate is working on the leg for the single, but Sykes is landing some nice uppercuts which look like they are stinging. He gets in a little knee, and Holgate looks to get it down with the other leg. He again switches legs, moves out and bit and lands a nice uppercut. Sykes pushes out and they jostle in the centre, before Holgate gets it to the cage again. Sykes lands in a solid knee to the body and Holgate again goes for the takedown, with a few body shots. The ref splits them up and restarts in the centre and a left jab and shot lands well for Sykes, before Holgate responds a little, but Sykes looks really strong. He looks for the takedown, but its switched round and Holgate this time gets it down and goes into the guard again. He keeps low again and lands a few shots before moving into half guard. From there he lands a little shot and the ten second warning is sounded and he sees out the round in the position.

Round Three

A very good fight from both Sykes and Holgate enters its third and final round with the crowd raising the noise again.

The round begins in the cage with Holgate straight out and Sykes just missing with a jab and a big right. A nice left lands for Holgate and he goes for the takedown, which is stuffed, but he ends up on the ground, in top position, but Sykes is switched on and gets on the guillotine, cranks it, and Holgate taps.

A great finish to a fantastic bout.

Az Sykes gets the Submission (Guillotine Choke) victory at 29 seconds of the third round.

Paul Jackson vs *Unknown*

Unfortunately due to interviews I was unable to see this fight and hear who Paul Jackson’s opponent was, but he got a very quick victory did Paul, via TKO, at just 21 seconds of round one.

Matty Holmes vs Robbie Nicholson

Both have a lot of support in this one and they make themselves known as both come to the cage. 

Round One


This one has fight of the night written all of over it and we start with Nicholson taking the centre and landing a leg kick but Holmes catching it and the fight going to the ground. He settles into the guard of Nicholson and looks to work. Holmes gets through with a good shot, but Nicholson is showing defence from his back landing a couple of his own. Holmes sits up and lands some good strikes on his opponent, and Nicholson seems to be going for a sub, but Holmes again sits up and lands more shots. He goes back down and lands another nice left. He is working well and showing good ground and pound. Nicholson however isn’t giving up and is defending well they both transition a little and Nicholson ends on his side and Holmes in a half guard position on his knees and throwing in the shots. He tries to get himself out of half guard, but starts throwing in some vicious shots on the ground. You could hear the thud and as the ten second warning goes, Nicholson turns back onto his back, Holmes throws in a couple more shots and the round draws to a close.

Round Two


Holmes’s fans are making themselves known before the round gets going.

The round starts with Nicholson kicking to the body and Holmes getting hold of an arm triangle on the feet and dragging his opponent down. There he looks to tighten from the side and is really squeezing. Nicholson survives and Holmes steps over into full mount, but Nicholson is working well to keep him down, so Holmes throws some shots to the body. Holmes postures up and goes for a few shots and Nicholson turns him over and Holmes gets the back and rolls over and looks to tighten it, Holmes lets it go and is in mount and lands a few shots, before Nicholson turns to his back and Holmes gets into side control. There he starts to unleash some big rights down on his opponent, before transitioning back to the guard. There Nicholson is working to tie him up but Holmes gets in a few short shots. Again Nicholson gets hold of the hands of Holmes and stops him from working and the ten second warning is sounded. Nicholson turns over and Holmes gets the mount from the side and the end of the round comes.

Round Three


Off we go in the final round with Holmes getting the fight down to the ground. There he gets straight into full mount, it seems from my position, and gets in the shots. He then transitions to the side, then back to mount and starts to rain down the ground and pound. These looks heavy, but the ever tough Nicholson isn’t going anywhere. Holmes is tied up a little, but still landing the shots. He postures up and lands more. He starts to open up, as Nicholson turns out the way of some, before Holmes goes back down. Nicholson tries to turn over, but can’t get away and Holmes maintains the mount and lands more shots. He then looks for the arm triangle and steps over, but gives it up and is back into mount, where postures up and unloads again. These ones are tough as well, but again Nicholson ties him up. The final ten seconds comes and Holmes sees it out in top position.

A very dominant performance from Matty Holmes, which sees him take the unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27 and 30-26).

Aaron Johnson vs Alan Hunt

Round One


We begin with Johnson straight into the centre, landing a big right and getting it down. He is round the back and goes for some shots but Hunt is straight up, however he gets it back down, lands a shot and then stands over his opponent, going in with some shots. He lets him up and Hunt gets in a knee but Johnson lands himself. Johnson then pushes in with a shot and gets it down again, this time raining down more ground and pound as his opponent is on his front. He turns over does Hunt and is looking for the leg, I think, before going to his back and Johnson looking strong and going into side control. He stands up and over Hunt, who throws an up kick and then stands up. Both kick and Johnson lands a few on the feet and Hunt goes down so Johnson pushes in and is landing shots, these are strong and Hunt goes for the leg. He is over his opponent and lands a big punch, does Johnson, and Hunt gets up but it is straight back down. Johnson is stood up and over his opponent and is unleashing the ground and pound. These are some fast and powerful shows and Hunt covers up and the referee jumps into stop the fight.

Johnson runs and jumps on the cage to celebrate with his fans.

Aaron Johnson gets the TKO victory at 2:31.


Tom Tynan vs David Johnson

After a three year hiatus, SBG Mainline’s David Johnson returns to the cage to take on Tom Tynan.

Round One


The first professional bout of the evening gets going with a touch of gloves and Johnson pushing in and unleashing on his opponent. He misses with a high kick and Tynan slips to the ground, so Johnson pushes in and opens up with the ground and pound and the fight gets stopped.

David Johnson gets the TKO victory at 20 seconds.

Unified Amateur Rules

Back to the UAR bouts and it sees FCPC’s Adil Hussain take on HFFS Deeside’s Chris Pieroni. There is a lot of support for Hussain as he walks out to the cage and the same for Perioni when he walks out. You can feel the anticipation in the air ahead of this one.

Both fighters are undefeated so far in their amateur careers and neither will want to let it go that easily.

Chris Pieroni vs Adil Hussain

Round One


We begin with an exchange of kicks and then Pieroni opend up with his hands. He gets Hussain to the cage and they jostle, but Pieroni remains in the front position and gets in some knees, before Hussain turns him round and gets off some knees of his own. With his back to the cage Pieroni answers with knees of his own both land. Back in the centre they trade and Hussain lands some great shots. Pieroni gets back with a high kick which connects and he gets Hussain to the cage and goes for a few shots. Hussain pushes out and gets Pieroni to the cage and lands shots. Pieroni is in a downed position and Hussain throws in a knee to the face to his downed opponent, so the ref stops it and deducts points from Hussain. On the restart both come out swinging with kicks and punches. Neither is backing down and Pieroni goes for the Thai clinch, gets it, but Hussain gets him to the cage. There he looks for control, but Pieroni gets in a knee, pushes out, and opens ups with great punches and a knee scores. Hussain is tough though and walks through it and gets Pieroni back to the cage. He gets in a knee to Pieroni’s body and is turned as the ten second warning goes and both fire in close to see out the round.

A great first round in this one. Neither was backing down and both got through with some good shots.

Round Two


The second starts with a kick to the legs from Hussain and Pieroni landing some punches and a leg kick of his own. Hussain hits a kick, and then some shots connect for Pieroni. Hussain looks at him with his arms wide as if to say “is that all you’ve got?” So Pieroni lands more and the fight goes to the ground with Pieroni in the guard of Hussain. From there he lands a few shots to the body and Hussain is working for the submission, but can’t get anything yet, and ties up his opponent. Pieroni gets in a few more body shots but nothing massive is landing. Hussain continues to defend well, before Pieroni stands up and over, before going down with a shot and getting to the side, with his knee on the stomach. Hussain turns over and Pieroni rains down the shots. These are tough, but Hussain gets out and turns to his knees, before Pieroni transition to half guard and Hussain is turned onto his back. From the bottom Hussain looks for the guillotine, and the ten second warning sounds and from his knees in half guard Perioni lands some ground and pound and the round draws to a close.

Round Three


The noise rises as both come forward for the third and final round and it gets going with a touch of gloves and Pieroni taking the centre. A leg kick connects for Hussain and as Pieroni pushes in Hussain goes for the takedown, which is stuffed and Pieroni gets straight into full mount and looks for the submission, he can’t get it and is turned over, but locks on a triangle choke and the tap comes.

Chris Pieroni gets the Submission (Triangle Choke) at 38 seconds of the third round.

Leon Clarke vs. Dean Gaskell

Both fighters have support in this one as the volume is cranked up again. Gaskell’s fans keep up the chant of “Deano, Deano” as he enters the cage.

Round One


This one gets going with Gaskell out to the centre and opening up on the feet and landing some good shots, one seems to drop Clarke but he is straight back up and Gaskell again keeps the shots going and as Clarke falls back Gaskell follows in with shots. Back on the feet they continue to trade and it goes to the fence and as they break both land some big shots. Clarke gets it to the cage, but Gaskell turns it round and gets the good position. He is working for the takedown but it doesn’t come right away and Clarke is showing a good defence after a tough start. Both exchange before they push off the cage and Gaskell pushes him across the cage to the other side. There he accidentally takes a blow downstairs and the fight is stopped to give him chance to recover. During the break you can see the marks on Clarke’s face from Gaskell’s shots. We restart with Gaskell in the centre and he lands a leg kick and Clarke goes for the takedown but Gaskell remains strong and turns it round on the cage. A big knee lands for Clarke and they break. Two left jabs land in the centre for Clarke and he pushes in with two kicks and it goes to the cage with Clarke landing a knee and is all over Gaskell and landing more knees and punches, Gaskell is crouched next to the cage and Clarke continues with the shots, he breaks and the ten second warning goes and Clarke lands again and for a moment looks as if Gaskell is done and the fight might be stopped but it keeps going and both throw as the round comes to a close.

AMAZING first round is the best way to describe that and many are on their feet cheering.

Round Two


Both look fresh as the second starts and Gaskell comes to the centre but Clarke goes for the jab. Gaskell ducks under and goes to take it down but Clarke is strong and won’t go down easily. It goes to the cage and Gaskell gets in knees to his opponent who is against the cage. Both trade some shots and they break. A spinning back fist seems to hit for Clarke and he looks for more shots but Gaskell responds and he catches Clarke with some big shots, who rocks back, but stays on his feet and Gaskell pushes in and looks to finish it with some big punches. It goes to the ground with Gaskell gets on top and he rains down the massive shots and the finish comes.

The crowd goes wild…and what a fight it was. There were fireworks for sure and worth the entry fee alone. Both showed fantastic heart and didn’t back down for a second.

The medic’s go in to check out Leon Clarke and make sure he is okay. He is given some oxygen, and then helped back to his feet and everyone cheers for him and claps, which he deserves.

This was a fight which will be talked about for a while and both showed tremendous skill and heart.

Dean Gaskell gets the TKO victory at 1:26 of the second round.

Reece Ackers vs John Spencer

I didn’t get chance to see the fight but Reece Ackers got the TKO victory at 23 seconds of the first round.

Luke Taylor vs Danny Payne

Taylor is an imposing figure and would strike fear into many people.

Round One


We start this one with Taylor pushing in and taking it to the ground. There Payne turns over and Taylor unleashes the vicious ground and pound and the fight is stopped.

Taylor had two opponents do the medicals and prepare for the fight, but then they pulled out and an opponent turned up today, saw him, and then left. So much respect to Danny for taking the fight.

Luke Taylor gets the TKO victory at 12 seconds.

Vacant ICE FC 66kg Championship Fight

Geoff Ogendo vs Liam Davies

This one see’s Gym 21’s Geoff Ogendo take on Blackledge MMA’s Liam Davies, with both having so much support and they make themselves known.

This fight is the main event of the Amateur section and the excitement is in the air for the possible five – three minute rounds.

Round One


We begin with Davies in the centre and looking for the takedown, which Ogendo stuffs first and ends up sat against the cage. Davies works well and drags him off and settles into half guard. From the bottom he begins to work, just as the “Wigan, Wigan” chants start up. Davies looks as if he is going for the arm triangle, and working for the position but Ogendo is defending well and not letting him step over. Davies gives it up and gets shots into the body and is landing them well. Ogendo is trying to turn over and has the arm of Davies and is looking for a kimura, but Davies has a great defence. He is more to the side of Ogendo now but still in half guard. Ogendo keeps hold of the arm and sweeps his opponent, getting into half guard himself. He transitions into the full guard of Davies and lands a couple of big hammer punches. Davies looks like he might go for the sub, but the last ten seconds is sounded with Ogendo going for more hammer punches to see out the round.

Round Two

The second gets going with Ogendo going for the superman punch, Davies ducking under and taking him to the ground. A beautifully timed and fantastic takedown. On the floor he gets into Ogendo’s guard and it shuffles towards the cage. There he sits up and lands some big shots to his opponent, before Ogendo gets in some defence. Again Davies gets in some shots and is working well from the top. Ogendo looks like he is going for the guillotine, but Davies pops out and rains down more shots. He goes into half guard and is looking to step over into Mount and get the arm-triangle. He can’t get over right away and the noise goes up as everyone makes it known who they want to win. Both are well supported. Davies seems to transition round a little bit, but then ends back in half guard. From the position he starts to throw down more shots and is controlling his opponent well as the last ten seconds is sounded. He sees them out on top and getting in the shots.

Again the crowd start to chant “Liam, Liam, Liam” from one side and “Ogendo, Ogendo” from the other, which is making it a cracking atmosphere in here.

Round Three


We get back underway with Davies in for the takedown and Ogendo stuffing and pushing forward and getting it down himself. He lands in half guard and starts to work and lands some short right punches on the ground. Ogendo is controlling well and transitions into the guard of Davies, and rests his head on his chest. He starts to get in some devastating hammer fists and is working well. They are coming from the left and right. He is controlling and then popping up to land them. However the ref has seen enough and stands them up and they restart on the feet. Davies stuffs an Ogendo takedown and they grapple and it sees Davies get into half guard and led across his opponent. The volume rises again and the ref warns them he will stand it up if he sees no work. Davies is trying to get in the shots but Ogendo is defending well. Davies goes to the body as the last ten seconds is sounded and he sees out the round in the position.

Round Four

This one enters the championship rounds and begins with Davies taking the centre and getting in a good leg kick and having a takedown stuffed by Ogendo. They scramble on the floor and Davies gets it down finally and starts to work from top position against the cage. He starts to get in some shots and is in half guard but led across his opponent. He looks to trap Ogendo’s arm, but Ogendo pulls it out. He then tries to sit up as Davies looks for the neck, but he rolls his opponent down and again goes into half guard. Davies then gets over into a better top position and is looking to work, before the ref stands them up. Davies stuffs a takedown, goes for the back but ends up in half guard and is landing some short sharp shots and ends the round on top again.

Round Five


The final round starts with a big show of respect from each and we get going with Davies taking the centre and landing a good jab. He misses with a big right and Ogendo goes for the takedown, but Davies sprawls well. It goes to the ground and he gets into side control and looks to start with some ground work. Ogendo tries to reverse the position but Davies is strong and prevents it. He settles back into side control and steps over into half guard. He gets in some little shots, but Ogendo switches over and is on the back and lands some shots, before Davies goes to his back and Ogendo takes half guard. There he goes to work with his quick and vicious hammer fists. He switches between the head and body. This gets his fans going who chant his name. The last ten seconds come and Davies tries to turn it, but Ogendo keeps him down and ends the fight in top position.

We go to the judges’ scorecards, who score this one 49-46, 49-47, 49-48, for the winner and new ICE FC Featherweight Champion, Liam Davies.


Co-Main Event – Mike Berry vs Reece Street

Unfortunately I was unable to catch the professional debut of Mike Berry, but it didn’t take him long to record his first victory, via first round TKO, over Reece Street.

Main Event

Jack McGann vs Billy Glossop

Round One

I only briefly saw the first little part of the fight, with Glossop flying out and looking for the takedown but being unsuccessful.


I joined the fight properly with Glossop having McGann against the cage and McGann landing a knee in close. McGann is showing a good takedown defence and turns Glossop and goes for a knee. To the centre it goes go and McGann goes for the jabs and lands a kick. Both are throwing well and and McGann just misses with a combo, but lands with a jab. He lands to the body and misses up high. He gets in some good jabs and Glossop fires back. Both land punches again and McGann is taking the centre and lands to the body and gets Glossop against the cage. He gets another good shot in and Glossop goes for the takedown, which is stuffed and McGann lands on top and goes to work with a good few, big, elbows. He then opens up with even more ground and pound and his punches are raining down and he keeps the left one firing and the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Jack McGann gets the TKO victory at 3:00.

Split Decision MMA UK – Fight Bonuses

As always SD like to give their opinion on the fight night bonus picks and this event saw many top fights and finishes, with it hard to choose, but we have decided to go for:

TKO of the Night: Dean Gaskell and Jack McGann
Submission of the Night: Chris Peroni and Az Sykes
Fight of the Night: Dean Gaskell vs Leon Clarke

ICE FC 2 was a top, top, night of fights and I can’t wait for the videos to come out so I can get the chance to re watch some of the action, if not all of it, again. Winter came to Irlam tonight and a packed crowd where treated to a great night of action and it was a privilege for me to be there covering the show.

The pace was set at the start from Jack Torrence and Lars Adkins and this went all the way through to the last bout with Jack McGann and Billy Glossop.

ICE FC merging with MCR FC has brought Adam Teh, Tom Blackledge, Carl Prince and Aaron Wilkinson all together and tonight showed just how well they all work together in putting on a fantastic.

The general thing for ICE to do is melt, but for this block of ICE is only going to keep getting bigger and bigger. If the first show of the partnership is anything to go by, this year is going to be a great one for the promotion.

Congratulations to all the victors on the night but also to everyone who got in there and competed. They laid everything on the line and showed how the future is bright for a lot of them.

I’d like to thank everyone at ICE for allowing me to head down and cover the show and I can’t wait for the next one. 


Photo Credits: ICE FC and James Edwards


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