FightStar Championship 4 – Fight Card


FightStar Championship returns on Saturday 6th September 2014 as they present their fourth installment with a night of martial arts action, featuring 14 MMA bouts and a solitary K1 match.

FightStar’s third show saw MMA take place in Halifax for the first time, live from the Halifax Arena, and what a night of action it was from start to finish. The main draw of the night was a professional fight which saw Ant Davies and Joshua Collins slug it out for three rounds and everybody in the arena finish on their feet.

The show returns to the Halifax Arena next weekend and again it is another fine looking fight card, which will showcase some of the finest rising amateur mixed martial artists and be rounded off with a professional middleweight championship.

In the main event are Danny Tombs (4-1 MMA) and Avi Jack (6-3 MMA), both whom have experience of taking on some of the countries toughest middleweight competitors and coming out on top. Expect fireworks in this one.

Fans can expect high paced, back and forth, match up’s right from the beginning and even more special is that a lot of the competitors on the night are making their debuts, so it is a chance to see some future stars begin their journeys.

Here is the full fight card ahead of the event, which as always is subject to change:

AM-B 64kg: John Hickinbotham 0-0-0 (Bad Company MMA) vs. Freddie Quirk-Richardson 0-0-0 (Team Fulinkazan)

UAR FW 65.8kg: Daniels Spogis 0-1-0 (Dark Circle Martial Arts) vs. TJ Gibson 0-0-0 (Leeds Cage)

UAR LW 70.3kg: Lars Atkins 0-0-0 (HAMMA) vs. Nathan Thompson 0-0-0 (Fight Ministry)

UAR BW 61.2kg: Danny Stirk 2-0-0 (Team Fulinkazan) vs. Callam Charlesworth 3-1-0 (Leeds Cage)

UAR MW 83.9kg: Bobby Mason 0-0-0 (Martial Art Concept) vs. Sebastien Sowala 0-0-0 (S18 Gym)

UAR 57kg: Becky Martin (Blackledge MMA) 1-0-0 vs. Chrissy Audin 1-0-0 (B-Tough MMA)

K1 72kg: Adin Teehan 0-0-0 (HAMMA) vs. Chris Marsden 0-1-0 (Leeds Cage)

UAR FW 65.8kg: Tom Hudson 2-0-0 (S18 Gym) vs. Sam Simper 1-1-0 (Team Fulinkazan)

UAR 83.9kg: Nick Probert 0-0-0 (Martial Art Concept) vs. Reece Vickerage 0-0-0 (Ludus Magnus)

UAR FW 65.8kg: Josh Keys 0-0-0 (Dark Arts Gym) vs. Jonny Saville 0-2-0 (AVT)

UAR MW 83.9kg: Lee Standen 0-0-0 (Blackledge MMA) vs. Kody Steel 1-0-0 (Dark Circle Martial Arts)

UAR FLW 56.7kg: Derek Greenham 0-0-0 (Bad Company MMA) vs. Kiru Singh 3-0-0 (Lions MMA & AVT)

UAR MW 83.9kg: Liam Hirst 0-1-0 (Chang Hun TKD) vs. Craig Humphreys 2-0-0 (S18 Gym)

UAR LW 70.3kg: Callum Gaghan 11-4-0 (HAMMA) vs. Tony Williams 1-1-0 (Team Fulinkazan)

PRO MW TITLE 83.9kg: Avi Jack 6-3-0 (Manchester Predators) vs. Danny Tombs 4-1-0 (S18 Gym & Ludus Magnus)

For more information on FightStar Championship, or for tickets, head over to:

SD MMA UK’s Simon Cafferty will be down in Halifax on the night to bring you all the reaction, but until then check out SD MMA UK this week for interviews with some of the competitors, to get their thoughts ahead of the evening and to help us learn a little more about them. 

To look back on FightStar’s third event and watch post fight interviews with the majority of the winners, click HERE


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