Avi Jack: “The belt will be the icing on the cake”

Photo Credit: Dolly Clew (Cage Warriors)

Photo Credit: Dolly Clew (Cage Warriors)

FightStar Championship present their fourth installment in just a week’s time and the main event on the night features Avi Jack and Danny Tombs who battle it out for the professional middleweight championship. 

Avi Jack competes out of Manchester Predators and has gone 6-3 in his professional career so far, always impressing when he is in the cage. 

This fight will be his first since October 2013 and you know that he will be fired up to get back in there and show us all what we have been missing. 

In anticipation of his return to the cage, I caught up with Avi to get his thoughts. 

Thanks again for taking the time out to speak with me Avi. I wanted to start by going back to your last time inside the cage, which came at ECC BANNED 1, when you took on Andy De-Vent for a second time. Looking back on that night, what did you make to your performance and what did you take away from it to work on?

“My performance was obviously not the best, but I don’t like to make excuses, Andy beat me simple as. I learnt alot from that fight, and I’m looking forward to putting it all into practice on the 6th”.

Since that fight you haven’t competed, but how much do you feel you have developed in the gym?

“I feel that I have changed alot as a fighter and people will see that in my performance”.

Your next match up comes on the FightStar Championship 4 card, where you are in the main event and competing for the belt. How much would it mean to you to take home the belt?

“To be honest, any fight is a big one, I’m not putting any extra emphasis on this than any other fight, the belt will be the icing on the cake”.

Does being in the main event add any extra pressure on you to perform?

“Not at all, I know I’m going to perform on the night, it’s obviously an honour to be the main event though”.

Your opponent on the night is Danny Tombs. How much have you seen of Danny and what are you expecting from him on the night?

“I’ve seen his two pro MMA fights, and a couple of boxing matches. I’m expecting a tough fight, I’m not expecting it to be in any particular area though, I’m ready for anything”.

A strong point of your game are your submissions and Danny was submitted in his last fight. Do you see this as a key area for you in the fight?

“I feel strong on the ground and Danny is obviously well versed on the floor as well, so it will be interesting”.

Where else do you see yourself being stronger than Danny on the night?

“I see myself being stronger in all areas of the fight, obviously Danny’s well versed standing so I will have to be careful”.

What makes this a good match up for you and do you feel any extra nerves in the build up to this fight?

“I don’t feel any extra nerves for this fight, as I said every fight is important. I feel I have the experience advantage going into this fight”.

Looking back on your time in MMA so far, who have been some of the key figures in your development?

 The main figures in my development are Gav Boardman, Will Burke, Gaz Pilot and my brother Mike who’s always helped me train”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I want to thank Gav Boardman, Will Burke all my training partners at predators, my brother and my girlfriend Helen for putting up with me and obviously yourself for giving me this interview”.




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