Reece Vickerage: “There is no feeling in the world like when you’re in that cage”


Credit: Ludus Magnus


FightStar Championship return to host their fourth show, and second in Halifax, on Saturday 6th September and competing on the night is Ludus Magnus’s Reece Vickerage. 

Reece made his debut at EIKO 6, in Newcastle, and even though the result didn’t go the way he wanted it taught him a lot and he feels even more prepared for his next opponent. 

That opponent comes in the form of debutant Nick Probert and I caught up with Reece to look back on his origins in the sport, his time on EIKO and his next opponent. 

Thanks for your time Reece. I wanted to start by asking about your MMA development so far. What is it that first attracted you to the sport and made you want to begin training?

“No problem always happy to talk. I’ve always been interested from a young age but they was never a gym close too, but as soon as I found a gym and started I just got addicted and it grew from there really”.

After beginning training, what is it that really kept you wanting to learn more?

“MMA is a sport that you are constantly learning new things! They’s People in my gym who’ve been training 10 years plus and still learning new things! I like how there is all different styles and so much to learn”.

Your training comes at Ludus magnus, who are a fantastic gym. Who have been some of the bigger influences on your development there?

“Ludus is a awesome gym full of talent and they’s big things to come over the next few years for us and I’m blessed to be in such a good team! Obviously Scott going to the ufc has a big impact on the gym, proving that with hard work it can be done! Everybody brings there own thing but we all push each other to out best potential”.

I read that your debut came at EIKO 6, when you lost to Jed Ramshaw in the third round. Looking back on that fight, what did you make to your performance and what did you take from the match up?

“Jed was a good opponent, he came of a loss like me and trained for it. I think for a lad that’s 6ft 5 and be a welterweight I didn’t feel comfy that’s why I’ve stepped up to middleweight. But it was nice to feel what it’s like to be in there and I can’t wait to get back in!”

How did you also find the experience of making your debut and did it live up to your exceptions?

“There is no feeling in the world like when you’re in that cage and the door shuts it’s hard to explain but every fighter knows what it’s like, all you see is you and your opponent nothing else around and all you hear is your corner! The feeling is addictive!”

What is it like to compete under the EIKO and what makes them stand out as a good promotion?

“Eiko was a awesome shoe to debut on they look after fighters and good promoting us as fighters I would definitely fight on there show again and eye one of them belts!”.

You were scheduled to fight Blake Anderson at EIKO 6, but are now fighting on the FightStar show, what didn’t fit about the Blake fight?

“The fight was at 77kg and I wasn’t ready to go back to that weight although I thought that was a interesting fight to take if it was heavier with him on a loss and from viper mma. The match up was awesome shame about the weight!”

Now you are drawn against Nick Probert, how much do you know about him?

“I’ve not really seen the guy I’m fighting on fight star, I took the fight on two weeks notice so I haven’t had much chance to check it out but I’m really looking forward to it and I hope it’s a fight!”

And finally, is there anyone you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Thanks to you for taking time for this interview and to all my team at Ludus Magnus for the hard work they put into me. Also Daniel Luke who’s helped me getting weight down healthy and brilliant nutrition everybody should check him out knows his stuff!”




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