Nath Thompson: “I plan on dominating the fight standing and on the ground”

Photo Credit: Rik Swaine

Photo Credit: Rik Swaine

FightStar Championship returns with their fourth installment, live from the Halifax Arena, in ten days time and making his UAR debut on the night is Nath Thompson. 

Nath trains out of Fight Ministry, with some of the country’s best competitors, and with that sort of backing behind him, you can expect a very well rounded competitor on the night. 

On the night he meets HAMMA’s Lars Atkins and this has the makings of a classic and I caught up with Nath to get his thoughts. 

Thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions Nath. I wanted to start by asking about your MMA development so far. What was it that first attracted you to the sport?

“Alright mate, thanks for the opportunity! My game is improving all the time and my brother got me into the sport when I was around eight but I can’t really remember if I knew anything about it before I started or not”.

After beginning training, what was it that got you hooked on wanting to learn more?

“Back then I was a pussy ha ha I probably just wanted to learn stuff to defend myself at school”.

Was it always your intention to compete and have you competed at Amateur B or C class so far?

“I think after I went to a few events I wanted to compete but at first never even thought I would be good enough to fight and yes I had one amateur b or c class fight, I don’t really know the difference lol, but I won by unanimous decision”.

I see that you train out of Fight Ministry, who have some very talented competitors and high level coaches. Who have been some of your bigger influences there and what makes it stand out as a fantastic place to develop?

“My brother is my biggest influence but all the fighters have some sort of influence on me. Fight Ministry is so good because of our Coach Neal putting in many hours with each fighter”.

Next up for yourself is Fightstar Championship. How much do you know about the promotion and what makes it a good place to make your UAR debut?

“Fight Star seems to be a good show, I am looking forward to fighting for them and I thank them for the opportunity. I’m looking forward to making my debut on this show because I know it is well put together and hopefully I get some decent exposure”.

On the night you take on HAMMA’s Lars Atkins, who has competed regularly at amateur c and b class. What do you think will make this a good fight and do you see him causing you any problems?

“I know Lars will come forward throughout the fight so that should make it fun ha and erm if I go in there not respecting him I could be smashed so I expect some problems ha ha”.

Competing regularly at Amateur C, Lars is competent on the ground. Do you think the stand up could be the place for you to win this fight?

“I plan on dominating the fight standing and on the ground”.

Where do you see yourself being stronger in the fight?

“I expect Lars to be good everywhere but I don’t think he is better than me anywhere”.

Amateur MMA is all about development and testing yourself against tough opponents. Do you have any aims for your UAR career?

“Win a few belts, whoop ass, and look good”.

And finally, thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions. Is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“My brother, Neal, everybody that supports me and the lads that I have done many rounds with throughout training camp”.


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