Adam Watt: “Tommy has a lot of experience so it will be a good test for myself”


FirstFighting Championship host their next installment tomorrow night as they return to Hamilton town hall, for a night of amateur and professional mixed martial arts. 

Competing on the amateur section of the night is Adam Watts, who meets the experienced Tommy Martin. 

Adam hasn’t had to stop and start his training camps between fights due to him being in action just a month ago, so he will come into this one in prime shape and raring to put on a show for the fans. 

All the action will take place tomorrow evening but until then here are Adam’s thoughts ahead of his match up.

Thanks for your time Adam. I wanted to start by looking forward to your next match up, which comes on the FFC card. How much do you know about the show and the opportunities they are providing to Scottish MMA?

“I haven’t had the chance yet to fight on or see one of there shows but a few teams mates have fought on it before and say it is very well run and a good show to be a part of, so I am looking forward to fighting at FFC”.

You and a few of your team mates are competing on the night. Does that make preparation that bit easier as you will all be working at the same pace throughout your camp?

“Yeah it always helps us push each other that bit harder and to keep each other focused”.

On the night you take on Tommy Martin. Have you had much chance to see any footage of Tommy and the possible strengths he may have?

“I have seen a few videos on YouTube and looks like a well rounded fighter but too be honest I am only focusing on what I am going to on the night”.

Where do you feel you will be stronger in the fight and how well does this one match up for you?

“I believe I will be stronger everywhere in the fight. Tommy has a lot of experience so it will be a good test for myself”.

People approach fights in a totally different way. Do you head into your fights with a set game plan, or as its MMA and anything can happen, do you prefer to react on the night?

“I have ideas of where I would like the fight to go but obviously things can change quickly and I have to be ready to adapt my game if the time comes”.

Do you have a message for anyone coming out to support you on the night?

“Just a massive thanks for paying the money to come along and support me and hopefully they enjoy a great night of fights”.

Another part of the sport was can be overlooked is the mental aspect. How much do you feel the psychology of the sport is just as important as the training, dieting etc

“I think the mental aspect of sport is one of the most important, it can be very easy to beat yourself in your head before you even fight, so coming in with the right mentality allows you to remain relaxed and play your game”.

How long have you been in training for this match up and in that time just how much do you feel you have developed?

“I fought four weeks ago and came straight into this camp. I was still in great shape, so the last few weeks have been about keeping my sharpness and working on new moves for this fight”.

One thing which stands MMA out from other sports, is the dedication which is required. How do you keep your motivation up to train after a long day of working?

“Training is the best part of my day. It’s a time where I don’t have to worry about anything else going on in my life and can detach myself a bit. So I always enjoy getting to train with no worries of keeping myself motivated for it”.

Finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“All my team mates at the gym they are the ones that give up their time to help me get ready for the fight and develop my skills, without them I would not be anywhere near ready for this fight”.


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