FirstFighting Championship: Resurgance – Review

10610586_737975562940928_6210280621898975352_nOn a beautiful evening in Hamilton, Scotland, First Fighting Championship presented their fifth installment live from the Hamilton Town house with a night full of exciting amateur and professional mixed martial arts action.

The headline fight of the night featured a professional light heavyweight contest betwwen ‘Bear Jew’ Paul Craig and Ludus Magnus competitor Dan Konecke.

Scottish MMA fans packed out the town house, raising the roof throughout and making sure it was a night to remember.

BAMMA 16 was taking place in Manchester, Cage Warriors was live in Wales and the MMA expo on in London, but SD MMA UK’s Simon Cafferty  knew that FFC was the show to be at and headed up to Scotland to see the action unfold and here is what happened on a thrilling night.

Amateur MMA 

Jordan Mairs vs. Piers Gray


Round One

The first fight gets going with both to the centre, with Gray snapping in a right kick to the legs and then works to the outside.  Mairs has a head kick blocked and Gray goes in with a left, doesn’t connect and Mairs opens up with some leg kicks, including a nice one to the body, pushes in with a nice flurry of punches, gets Gray to the cage and takes him down. However Gray is back up but again Mairs picks him up and gets him down. On the ground, Gray tries to sit against the fence, but Mairs goes to the side, lands a few shots and works his way into half guard. There he is working in a few lefts, and gets his left knee on the arm and lands some more shots, but Gray gets his guard back and closes it. Gray starts to get up and Mairs is stood over with the shots and pulls back for a guillotine, ends on top with it, but they transition and he gets back into the guard of Gray. Gray tries to sit against the cage, but from half guard Mairs postures up and lands some shots. Just as Gray does get up against the cage, the end of the round comes.

Round Two

We begin in the second with both in the centre and a leg kick from Gray landing and snapping in one up high to the arm of Mairs. He opens up with a combo and goes to the outside. Mairs seems relaxed and both throw and land at the same time with a punch. Kicks are exchanged to the legs and Gray, still on the outside lands, a punch but Mairs comes in with flurry, lifts up Gray and slams him down. He is quickly into half guard but Gray is tying him up well. He nearly gets through to mount, but lands in a good shot and is back in the butterfly guard of Gray. He breaks it, postures up and rains down some good ground and pound, but again Gray ties him up and closes his guard. Mairs now sits up and back and takes a shot or two from Gray on his back, but goes in with a few of his own and finds himself tied up again. Gray is working to nearly get the back of Mairs, but Mairs keeps his position, and then tries for the back of Gray, but as he does it allows Gray to get top position for the first time. He stands up and over and goes in with a beautiful right and looks to work. Mairs doesn’t find himself in any danger and the round draws to a close.

Round Three

The final begins with a touch of gloves and both kicking and connecting to the legs at the same time. It’s Gray stalking in the middle and misses with a left hook. Again leg kicks are exchanged and Mairs is in the middle, but Gray pushes forward with a head kick and some good punches, which push his opponent back. Mairs works his way back into the centre, but Gray clinches up with him and lands a good knee. They break and get through with punches, before Gray lands two unanswered leg kicks. Again Mairs uses his punches to close the distance, scoop up his opponent and get it down. Gray works to close his guard but Mairs works over into half guard. Gray tries to sit up but Mairs keeps him down and Gray lands some heels to the back, but Mairs throws down some rights. Gray is going for the arm from his back, and is using it to stand, but Mairs jumps round and gets on the rear naked choke, sitting against the cage, going to his back, and it looks tight. However Gray survives and gets into the guard of Mairs with ten seconds to go. Mairs does a good job of tying his opponent up, who gets in a few shots and the end of the fight is sounded.

The judges come into action early and they render the unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, and 29-28) to your winner Jordan Mairs.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Jordan)

Chi Chi Ngosa vs. Andrew Wilkie


Round One

I missed the start of the round but picked up the fight with Ngosa having Wilkie on the cage and landing three, maybe more, devastating knees which are landing crisp. Wilkie drops down for the single leg but Ngosa stuffs it well. Wilkie keeps on the leg, so Ngosa rains down the punches and ends up turning Wilkie over, getting straight into side control and working the ground and pound some more. Wilkie tries to turn over and use the cage but Ngosa keeps him down, gets into full mount and Wilkie turns over, so he goes for the back, as the last ten is sounded and looks for the choke. However Wilkie survives, so Ngosa flattens him out and he goes to work with the punches, which are coming down strong and he keeps them up until the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

The second begins with Ngosa in the centre and Wilkie opening up with his punches but missing with a couple and only the odd one landing. He goes in for the takedown, but again Ngosa stops it and pushes him to the cage and he goes in with the deadly knees again which connect. Wilkie goes for another takedown, which Ngosa stuffs and gets it down himself, getting straight into mount, but is led on his opponent. WIlkie turns over flat on his stomach, so Ngosa throws in some good shots, locks on the rear naked choke and the tap comes.

Chi Chi Ngosa gets the Submission (Rear naked choke) at 1:06 of round two.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Chi Chi)

 Kev Lobban vs. Ryan Thomas

Round One

Off we go in this one with a touch of gloves and a kick landing to the legs first from Thomas. Both miss with kicks and then Thomas looks to work his jab and a right connects. He is working from the outside and both use stomp kicks to score to the thighs. In goes Lobban with a kick and Thomas lands through with a combo. As Lobban kicks, Thomas seems to stop it jump on the back and drag it down. However Lobban is switched on gets to the cage and stands, but Thomas jumps right on the back and Lobban walks across the cage with his opponents on him. Thomas has his leg hooks in and goes to work with the left punches and is working to get the arm underneath but just can’t get it. So he hammers in some right hands and then gets the choke on and falls to his back. I think he lets go for a moment, works well and gets it on even tighter and lies back. It seems as if Lobban may tap but he is tough and works to get free. Again Thomas gets it on before Lobban is out and Thomas gets his arm under again but is sat up more as Lobban breaks the grip and Thomas lies back and lands some punches to see out the round.

Round Two

We start the second with an inside leg kick from Thomas and Loban snapping in to the body. He then pushes in with the punches but Thomas looks to get it down and puts Lobban against the cage. Lobban lands some knees to the body and they break. In the centre both open up with the shots and a couple get through. After leg kicks are exchanged, Loban lands a snapping body kick and pushes in with his punches. A few get through and he gets it down. Thomas is crouched up, so Lobban gets on the back, rolls to his back and is straight over into full mount. There he looks to work but Thomas defends well and he ends up back in half guard and then the guard of his opponent. There Lobban lands to the head first, then gets in some tough shots to the body, breaks the guard and looks to move but Thomas throws up for an armbar. Lobban stands and throws Thomas down. He lets him up and we start with Thomas landing to the body, then up stairs, walking away and right side kicking, before it going to the ground and after some jostling, with both looking for position, Lobban works to half guard, gets in a punch, then mount and starts to get off his ground and pound, with two shots scoring, but the round drawing to a close.

Round Three

This has been a cracking fight so far and we deserve to see this final round, which begins with a leg kick scoring for Lobban first and him dodging the punches and jab of Thomas. Both exchange kicks, before two go unanswered for Thomas. They clinch up and Thomas goes for the knees, and some might have scored, but Lobban scores a fantastic takedown. From the top he is in the closed guard of his opponent and is being tied up but is getting in some little shots to the body and head. He breaks the guard, postures up and rains in some shots. Thomas is working to sit against the cage, but Lobban keeps him on his back. The guard closes again but loobban postures up to land a shot, before being tied up again. He is getting the rights in nicely but Thomas is really halting himself taking too much damage and the ref stands them up. Thomas goes low with a kick, back on the feet, then Lobban throws up high and both start to open up with their punches, in particular Lobban who works to the body. Thomas pushes in with a combo but a nice throw from Lonnan gets it down but Thomas gets right on the back of the crouched up Lobban and looks to sink in the choke. It’s difficult to see how tight it is, but Lobban defends well and sees out the fight.

We go to the judges who render the unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28 and 29-28) to the winner:  Kev Lobban.

Mick Kerr vs. James Collins


Round One

We get going with Collins right in with a good shot, and looking for the takedown and getting Kerr to the cage, but Kerr pushes out and lands a solid left and follows it up with another combo which lands. Collins is in with some kicks but Kerr swarms him again with the punches, lands, and ducks down and gets it down. There he gets to mount, postures up and fires in the shots. Then he turns over and gets on the guillotine choke from his back and the tap comes.

Mick Kerr gets the Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 1:30

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Mick)

Adam Watt vs. Tommy Martin

Unfortunately due to interviews I missed the start of the first round but picked it up towards the end.

Round One

Martin gets the fight to the ground and from the top is looking for the guillotine and is in half guard and Watt tries to sit up, but Martin keeps him down, then firstly lets go of the neck, but grabs it again before Watt tries to reverse it, cant, and Martin lets go off the neck and is led on his opponent from half guard. There he hooks round the neck with his right arm, and starts to land some shots but the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

Watt takes the centre but Martin is right in with the shots, and throws up a front kick to the body. Watt looks for a kick and lands a jab, before both tee off and land some shots. It settles and Martin scores with a left jab, and snapping right kick to the thigh, then left, before eating a kick and springing in to take the fight down. There he gets to side control and nearly works round to north south. Watt is turned on his side and then goes to his back and gets his guard. He is keeping Martin flat, but Martin breaks free a little and a couple of shots break through. Watt looks to throw up a submission, but Martin isn’t fazed and nothing comes from it. Martin works to the body with some lefts, steps into half guard and is side on, so punches in to the body three times. Watt goes to his side again and is looking to get up, but ends up getting his guard back and closing it. The last ten is sounded and Martin gets punches to the body and a few to the head, Watt throws some from the bottom and the round draws to a close.

Round Three

The final round begins with Watt landing a left jab and inside left kick twice. Both kick out at the same time and Watt scores with a left head kick. The crowd likes that and he goes in with the combo, which Martin ducks under and takes it down beautifully. There he is in side control, on his knees, and starts to rain down the lefts on Watt. Watt is on his side and Martin is throwing them in solidly, but Watt manages to work to sit up more against the cage and is trying to stand but Martin is controlling him well and remains in side control on his knees. Watt goes to his knees, turtled up and Martin gets on the back. He has his hooks in, and rolls to his back and locks up the rear naked choke, after an adjustment, tightens it up and the tap comes.

Tommy Martin gets the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in round three.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Tommy)

 Kieron Conlin vs. Conor Magowan

Round One


Magowan wants to touch gloves but Conlin doesn’t and the fight begins. Conlin scores with a front kick first, but in comes Magowan with a few kicks, before Conlin takes the centre and throws a kick in of his own. Again Magowan comes forward to kick but in Conlin goes to scoop him up and take him down. (Lovely work from Conlin). On the ground he ends in the guard of Magowan, but stands up and over and lands, before standing. Magowan does as well, but trips and ends on his back. There he goes for the leg of Conlin, who shakes it off from top and goes in to land a nice shot, then transitions to side control. He is on his knees and then steps into mount. Magowan offers his back but as Conlin nearly get it, he stands and pushes Conlin on the cage. It goes back to the mat but Conlin is again on top and in half guard. Magowan ties him up but Conlin gets through to side control but just as quick is back in the closed guard. He breaks it, lands a right, punches from his knees, stands and goes back in with ten seconds to go. He goes back to work with his shots and is scoring fluently as the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

The second begins with Magowan out to the centre, but Conlin working to get it himself and scoring first with two right kicks to the thigh, moving out of Magowans range and snapping in two more. He is quicker on his feet is Conlin and comes in with the shots, ties up Magowan and gets him on the cage. There he gets in a knee to the leg, before Magowan pushes out but Conlin gets him back. Again they break and it goes to the mat with Magowan on his knees first, then on his back and Conlin getting in some nice punches. Magowan again looks for the leg, can’t get it and Conlin gets into mount. He gets in some fierce shots, so Magowan turns to his front, crouches up, but gets flattened out on his stomach and Conlin throws down the rights. Magowan is blocking sum but Conlin is controlling and scoring. He gets to his knees does Magowan but Conlin continues firing. He goes to his back finally does Magowan but Conlin is back in mount and is raining down the shots. He is picking the rights perfectly, mixing in the hammer fists, and all Magowan can do is cover up, but these shots are getting through, and the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Magowan takes a while to get up, and when he finally does he seems fine, obviously gutted, but Conlin holds Magowan’s arms aloft in a great show of sports man ship.

Kieran Conlin gets the TKO finish in round two.

(Click here for the post fight interview with Kieran)

Nathan Jessimar vs. Jack Demarco

Round One

Due to interviews I missed the first round of the fight.


Round Two

Off we go with Demarco taking the centre and having two body kicks blocked. He pushes in and gets Jessimar on the cage, gets it down, but can’t do much and Jessimer turns it round, gets on top and scores himself before it finally goes to the feet. On the feet Demarco pushes in on Jessimar, but doesn’t land too many, and Jessimar gets the clinch, lands a knee to the body, so Demarco ducks under gets it to the ground and works to full mount. He goes for the shots, but Jessimar turns to his back and Demarco jumps on it, but after some work Jessimar transitions and gets to the top himself and works to side control where he is on his knees and firing in the shots. Around five are unanswered and he gets into mount, but Demarco turns over and crouches up, so Jessimer fires in more shots and seems as if the ref is looking closely. He then transitions and gets on the armbar from the back, but Demarco survives, however he continues to work and finally does secure the arm, goes to his back, extends and the tap comes.

Nathan Jessimar gets the Submission (Armbar) at 2:35 in round two.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Nathan)

 Ryan Lafferty vs. Nathan Bowles


Round One

We begin with both striking and Lafferty ducking under Bowles shots and tying him up but eating some knees from his opponent. Laffterty gets it to the cage and down, but Bowles gets on the guillotine. It’s hard to tell how tight it is but Lafferty pops his head out. Bowles works to sit against the cage, but Lafferty drags him away and is straight into mount. He is being tied up but breaks out to posture and scores with a nice punch, before Bowles ties him up again, so Lafferty throws in another shot in close. Lafferty steps over with the arm in and locks on the arm triangle choke. He has this tight and the tap comes.

Ryan Lafferty gets the Submission (Arm Triangle) in round one

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Ryan)

Dan Morgan vs. Danny McDonagh


Round One

I join this one with McDonagh working from the top and getting his way to full mount and raining in the shots, these are coming down hard and Morgan turns to his back and is flattened out so McDonagh goes to work with even more shots and is firing them in so well, and the referee Dean Weir has a look at it and tells Morgan to defend himself, so Morgan takes his time, picks his shots more, the lefts and rights connect and the referee jumps in for a great stoppage and calls the fight off.

Danny McDonagh gets the TKO victory at 1:31

Charlotte Park vs. Sarah Louise Scott

Round One


This one gets going with an inside left kick scoring for Park first and a nice left as well. Both exchange kicks and Park unloads with her shots. They tie up, Scott looks for a knee, but Park pushes Scott to the cage. Scott throws in some short shots, but Park isn’t bothered and is working through and gets in some of her own lefts. Park slams in a knee in close and Scott looks to turn but cant and Park gets in another knee to the body. Park is controlling well, breaks and throws a left. In the centre Scott opens up with some fast shots, but Park fires one back, however Scott lands a kick to the body, opens up more and is landing some good punches. Park pushes in and drives Scott to the cage again and gets in a knee to the thigh. Scott stomps on the foot, so Park punches to the body and they break. Both land big shots in the centre and begin teeing off with the combos. It is punch for punch in this one, with both scoring. Scott pushes forward but Park is ferocious and comes back forward with more shots and both girls are not backing down, scoring, and the round draws to a close.

Round Two

The second begins with both eating kicks to the thigh and scoring with the combos. Park is working in the middle with combos up high and to the body, but Scott is kicking well and after Park lands a nice shot, she opens up with her combos and gets a few through, which seem to sting, so Park ducks under to take it down but pushes Scott to the cage. She keeps her there and is landing punches and throws in a knee as well. Her corner asks for the underhooks but she fires in a couple of lefts up high and right knees to the thigh and they break. Back to the centre and Scott scores two kicks but Park hits with punches. Scott goes up high with two head kicks and some more punches, and Park ducks under and goes for the takedown, but Scott remains strong and ends with her back against the cage. Scott looks for the neck and seems to have it tight but Park gets it out and they break. Both take the centre and Park scores with a right, but a nice kick lands for Scott, who opens up and pushes forward on her opponent raining the combos and getting through. Park lands a nice right, however Scott goes through it and continues with her combos, kicks up to the body, keeps up the lefts and right, which are landing, and the round draws to a close.

Round Three

This one has been a great stand up battle so far and deserves this third round, which begins with a little kick to the thigh from Scott and a nice left jab, and then both opening up. Scott kicks well twice to the legs, and both trade in close, before Park goes for the takedown, gets it to the cage and is working hard for it. She nearly completes the double leg, but Scott is defending well. Park is relentless here and gives up the double leg and goes to kneeing the thigh and keeping a bit of control. She throws some lefts in close and then ducks under again for the takedown. Scott fires back to the body and goes for the neck again and seems to have this on and is squeezing, lands a knee, but Park gets out and they break. Scott is right in with her combos and is scoring with them, so Park goes for the takedown and completes it. She gets Scott down near the cage, goes to her side and she gets in some fierce punches, then steps over into full mount. She postures up and goes to work with the punches. She socres well before Scott sits up a little, so she lays more on her and fires them in close. The last ten is sounded, so she postures up and fires in the lefts and right and sees out the fight in dominant position.

While waiting for the decision, the fans are treated to some good dance moves from Paul McVeigh and Charlotte Park.

A Park vs. McVeigh dance off is rumoured for some time in 2014.

We go to the judges who render the unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28 and 29-28) to the winner, on debut, Charlotte Park.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Charlotte)

Euan Fraser vs. Macgregor Simpson

Round One

It’s the time of the heavyweight giants and this one begins with Fraser kicking hard to the legs and both firing in close and scoring. They really connect and a Simpson shot seems to stun Fraser, but they break and Fraser doesn’t seem too hurt and goes in landing flush with some shots and they tie up, so he throws his opponent down, judo style, and lands in half guard. There he postures up and fires in the rights. These are coming down thick and fast, and all Simpson can do is try to cover up until the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Euan Fraser gets the TKO victory in round one.

(Click here to watch post fight interview with Euan)

77 kg UAR FFC Championship Fight

Harry McDonald vs. Dillan Douglas

Round One


We begin with Douglas in the centre and landing a left punch, before a body kick lands for McDonald. Douglas ducks under and works to get the fight to the floor with a solid takedown. He lands in side control and is on his knees, lands two hammer fists, and it goes back to the feet, with Douglas nearly getting the back, and McDonald getting him to the cage and looking for the takedown. There he lands some knees in close, but Douglas turns it around putting McDonald on the cage and firing in some punches to the body and a nice knee to the thigh. McDonald turns it round and goes to fire in the knees, but one accidentally lands low and Douglas is given time to recover. The knee was so quick, I didn’t see it, but fantastic refereeing from Dean Weir to see that and give Douglas chance to recover.

He seemed in quite some discomfort, but which guy wouldn’t, and used up his time well to recover.

We restart with a touch of gloves and a body kick from McDonald, but Douglas jumping on the single leg. McDonald lands some punches but Douglas gets him to the cage and is working to get it down, but McDonald turns it round, lands a knee in low again and right away you see the pain on Douglas’s face, but as they are close in he manages to land another knee up high and a punch, before the ref can jump in to split it up. Douglas falls to the floor in agony and is given time to recover.

He does seem in some pain and the paramedic is called in to check on him and after some time Douglas is back to his feet and ready to go.

Just before they start McDonald has one point deducted by the referee.

We get going with McDonald looking for the combo and missing, but scoring a nice leg kick, before going for a big right, which Douglas ducks under and takes it down. He can’t do too much, as McDonald works to his feet against the cage. Douglas picks him up and goes to get it down but McDonald remains on his feet, sprawls and they work their way to the cage and up with McDonald having Douglas on the cage and not being able to get it down and the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

We begin the second with Douglas taking the centre and both missing with combos. In pushes McDonald and Douglas goes for a takedown, it’s stuffed, so he lands a knee to the body and goes for another. He drives McDonald to the cage, who gets his arm around his neck but Douglas gets it out and looks to control, but McDonald turns it round and has the dominant position. He can’t do too much as Douglas turns it round, then McDonald turns it round and seems to get some control  but Douglas nearly lifts up and gets McDonald down, but he stays on his feet, however Douglas is relentless and does get the takedown. From his back McDonald works for the kimura and uses it to turn over his opponent and lands in side control. Douglas turns to his knees and nearly exposes his back but goes back to his back and McDonald goes into half guard. Douglas ties up well and manages to get to his feet, and McDonald gets him to the cage. Douglas works hard though and turns it, before McDonald turns it back again. However they transition twice in the position and McDonald is in the dominant position and he goes in with the shots and Douglas ducks under, pushes out and gets it down, with McDonald sat on the cage. He looks to work but can’t do too much as the end of the round is sounded.

Round Three

They hug and show respect to start the third and McDonald pushes in with the shots which are blocked by Douglas, but he eats a kick from McDonald, before McDonald opens up and Douglas ducks and dives the shots and gets it down to the mat. There he works to side control, on his knees, goes to flatten himself but is kicked off and stands. McDonald gets up and takes the centre but Douglas goes for the spinning kick and eats a big left body kick, some punches from McDonald, and he drops down (don’t know what from) and McDonald goes in. As Douglas tries to get up, McDonald gets on the guillotine and pulls guard and sweeps round until he is in mount.  Douglas survives and McDonald ends up in half guard and works to the body with shots. He stands up and fires in some shots does McDonald before going back in with the shots from half guard. He tries to stand a little again but can’t, is in guard, so just fires in some shots. He has his arms tied up and breaks the right arm out and fires in, then postures up and fires in a few combos. The last ten is sounded and from his back Douglas is trying to look for the submission but can’t get anything on, and McDonald fires in some more punches and the end of the fight is sounded.

Both show a great deal of sportsmanship to each other and it was a really hard fought match up.

We go to the judges who render the decision, (29-27 McDonald, 29-27 Douglas and 28-28) as a split draw.


Chris Bungard vs. Scott Richards


Chris Bungard must have over half of the support in this one who turn the volume up when he is announced.

Round One

We begin with a Richards’s kick being caught and Bungard picking up his opponent and slamming him down. On the ground he is sat on top of his opponent in more of a half guard and gets off some shots and a devastating elbow. He then gets into mount, his opponent turns to his side and he fires in so many elbows. These are raining down, and are fast and furious. No one could get away from these and after a few seconds of devastating elbows the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

One hell of a fantastic and deadly performance from Chris Bungard, who grabs his Scottish flag and jumps on the cage to celebrate with his fans.

Chris Bungard gets the KO (Elbows)  victory at 48 seconds. 

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Chris)

Iain Feenan vs. Frankie Murray


Missed this one but was told that Feenan got the takedown, worked on the ground with shots, his opponent offered his back and he took it.

The official result was a first round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) victory for Iain Feenan.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Iain)

Main Event

Paul Craig vs. Dan Konecke


Round One

Craig takes the centre to begin with and Konecke starts with a left kick to the thigh. Craig lands to the body with a left kick and then an inside one and front kick twice. He thuds in a right kick but Konecke pushes through and takes the fight down. From his back, Craig lands a punch, and gets on a triangle, but Konecke picks him up and work his way out of it and they work round and are north south on their knees for a while, before Konecke gets back into top position and in a good half guard. He is looking for mount but can’t get it and ends up back in the guard of Craig, who is tying him up well and looking for a submission but can’t get anything. Konecke goes for a shot and is back in half guard  and again Craig is working for a submission, possibly a triangle  but Konecke stands up and out and goes back down into the butterfly guard of Craig, who is trying to sweep but just can’t it and throws up an elbow. He goes for the sub again and gets on the triangle choke and sits forward, turning Konecke onto his back, traps him, and starts to fire in the elbows. There is nothing Konecke can do and is pretty helpless as Craig keeps firing them in and eventually the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Paul Craig gets the TKO victory at 4:18 in the first round.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Paul)

SD MMA UK – Fight Night Awards

As always I like to offer my opinion on the fight, submission, KO and performance on the night and here are SD MMA UK’s choices, which are not related to the official FFC paid bonuses.

Submission of the night: Tommy Martin

KO of the night: Chris Bungard

Fight of the night: Charlotte Park vs. Sarah Louise Scott

Performance of the night: Kieron Conlin

FFC put together a cracking night of fights in Hamilton, with the match making and production of the show at such a top level, that they are definitely standing out as one of the main players of Scottish MMA.

They brought in high level competitors from teams in Scotland, England, Ireland and Northern Ireland, with it showing just how the pull is for competitors to come over and fight on the show.

The action was nonstop and none of the fights were disappointing, in particular the amateur competitors who showed that the future of the sport is going to be a good one in Europe, when they turn professional, but not disregarding the professionals on the night, with the victors all finishing their fights and keeping their unbeaten records unblemished.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank James for allowing me to head up and cover the show. I really enjoyed my time up North and can’t wait for the developments on the next show, which SD MMA UK will release when it is announced.

Obviously the review won’t be fully spot on as the action goes at such a high pace, but I hope I did it justice and look out for the videos on Sharefight within the next week.

(A final thank you must go to all the competitors who took the time out to speak with me afterwards).


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