Robert Gaine: “I just want to get in there and show them what I can do”

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Saturday 20th September 2014 see’s Shinobi MMA Fighting Championships host their third show with an exciting night of amateur MMA action, live from Deeside leisure centre. 

Making his amateur MMA debut on the night is HFFS competitor Robert Gaine, who takes on Tom Smith on the prelim section of the card. 

Robert has a very good background in boxing, where he was successful on numerous occasions and will be a danger to anyone who stands with him in the cage. 

He is looking forward to getting into the cage to showcase his skills and I caught up with him to get more of his thoughts and learn more about him. 

Thanks for your time Robert. I wanted to start by looking ahead to Shinobi War 3. How much do you know about the show and the opportunities they are providing to amateur competitors?

“First I heard of Shinboi was watching a few of my friends compete, I thought straight away I want some of this. The show, the atmosphere and everything about it I wanted part of it.

I said I’d fight on the second, it never happened, now third is here and Robbie Gaine is starting a new chapter and is ready”.

On the night I see that you are making your MMA debut. How much are you looking forward to getting the chance to make your debut but also the chance of a fine show like Shinobi.

“Looking forward to showing people what I can do, entertaining the crowd and enjoying my first cage fight”.

On the night you meet Tom Smith who is 0-2 so far. How much have you managed to find out about Tom and any challenges he may pose you?

“First I heard of this Tom smith, not found anything about this kid, I don’t wanna know; is the best way. I just want to get in there and show them what I can do”.

What do you see as your keys to victory on the night against Tom?

“I’ve learnt a lot of the years and these last few months with my coaches I feel I’ve come on 100% percent in my movement defence and fitness could not be better. 

My key to victory is not to give him a chance to think I’m gonna take him out”.

I see that you have experience as a boxer. Do you think that will play a big factor in the match up?

“Yeah after a bad start in the ams, I entered into the BBU ring where I became Welsh light heavyweight champion, best thing I ever did. I enjoyed my time and I’m still doing both. 

If I land on this lad with these small gloves it will be goodnight, I know what I can do with these fists and excited for this like its my first fight all over again, back in shotton abc keeping up my boxing and I’m ready for whatever is coming my way”.

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“I’ve always been backed by my friends and family for support since day one in the sport. I’m a home fighter, this is my town and I can’t let anyone down; not the fans my coaches and most of all myself”.

Do you have any aims for your MMA career?

“I’ll take each fight as it comes, never dodge an opponent and get in with whoever is lined up. I’m game, I come to fight and that’s the way I am”.

I see that you train out of HFFS, who have a lot of competitors on the card. How is it going through a training camp with them, knowing that you all have the same aim.

“HFFS have been brilliant over the last few months, can’t thank Ian for the opportunity enough, big Nick, Bobby, all the coaches, Matty the lot, and of course my corner man and kicking expert Chris Peroni. He has beasted me for last few months and I have got a good bond going with him; top, top, lad”.

Who have been some of the bigger influences to you at the gym?

“Everyone I’ve met in that gym has helped me out in there own little way. No big egos just a well run gym respect everyone and they respect you. Never left the place not satisfied with my lesson, and worth every second I’ve spent there top advice just gotta keep me head and win my bout now”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“And thanks to all really, hope ya enjoy the show and I can’t promise as anything happens in this game but I’m confident in what I can do, now join us and see it for ya self. No pain, No fucking Gaine”.


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