Thor Palsson: “I am a Viking, I like to bring things home with me”


Shinobi War 3 takes place this weekend with an exciting night of amateur MMA action and heading over to Deeside are the Vikings, of Mjolnir Gym (Iceland), and competing in the main event is: Thor Palsson. 

Palsson takes on Anthony O’Connor for the vacant Shinobi lightweight championship in a mouth watering clash between two excellent competitors in European mixed martial arts. 

So far in his career Palsson has gone 4-1 and with each fight he has grown and development to come back even more fierce than his last match up. 

Ahead of the action this coming weekend, I caught up with Palsson to get to know more about his development within the sport but also to get his thoughts on the up coming match up. 

Thanks for your time Thor. I wanted to start by asking about your development in the sport. What is it that first attracted you to begin training in MMA?

“They where inviting free classes one summer and I had nothing better to do and went to one class and been training ever since 🙂 “.

Your development comes at one of Europe’s top gyms. Who have endless amounts of talented competitors and coaches. Through your time with them so far, who have been some of the bigger influences on helping you to progress?

“Hmm there are so many 🙂 but Árni Ísaksson helpt me a lot my first two years he trained with me a lot and always believed in me that  I would be something at this sport.

Fabio and Unnar they helped me a lot with my boxing and got me boxing fights for experience.

John Kavanagh always helped me a lot, let me stay at his home when ever I wanted to come and train in Ireland and always ready to answer questions about MMA and life.

Jón Viðar helped me with my kicks and gave me a chance to work in Mjölni and just supported me a lot, and then Halli Nelson he is like a father figure to me and helped me with things I cant handle my self in the sport. 

All the people in Mjölni we help, I wouldn’t get better if I wouldn’t have them to kick my ass every day”. 

Which of your fights would you say you have tested you the most and what are some of the bigger lessons you have taken from competing?

“My two fights with Crhis Boujard, they have taught me the most. Both were really tough fights, one which I lost and one which I won, but every fight you take will change you and make you stronger if you honestly look at what went wrong and what went well. I know now which mindset I need to have to succeed in competition”. 

Next up is Shinobi War 3 in Deeside. How much do you know about the show and how have they been to deal with so far?

“Every thing I seen and witness about the show is really good, it is a professional show with amateur fights :), awesome hotel and serves I’m getting fighting for them. I would like to see them take pro fights in some day, so I could fight much more for them”. 

You get the chance to compete for their Lightweight championship. How much would it mean to you to become the champion?

“It would be nice. I am a Viking, I like to bring things home with me, haha”.

How much are you looking forward to showcasing your skills to the UK MMA fanbase?

“I cant wait to go out there and perform and hopefully impress the UK fans”.

Standing in your ways is the unbeaten Anthony O’Connor, who is 7-0. Besides his record what else do you know of Anthony and the challenges he may pose you on the night?

“He looks strong and not afraid coming forward and has good kicks and well rounded and he is a thinking fighter. He is a good opponent”. 

Would you say this could be your toughest match up to date?

“I’ll answer that after the fight 😉 “. 

Where do you see yourself being the stronger on the night and for anyone who hasn’t seen you compete before what can they expect from you on the night?

“I have many weapons to win the fight and the fans can look to see a good, entertaining fight”. 

A couple of your team mates are also competing. Does it make training that little bit easier knowing you are all focusing on the same date, so you will all peak around the same time?

“Yes its always fun to be on the same card and go out to battle together. It makes are team moral so much better, we are a band of brothers”. 

I see that you also coach at your gym, as well as training there. What is it that attracted you to coaching and does it help your development, having to break down the techniques for others?

“The best way for me to get to train much is to coach, so then I don’t have to be somwhere else working and spending my energy. It has helped me a lot when I’m teaching, as I’m always teaching my self and it has make me see mistakes that people make and that helps me correct my own”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Yes I want to thank my club Mjölnir, Óðinsbúð,Gló resturant,Gullöldinn sportbar, Einar carl Nuddari, Vegamot, Jaco Iceland and family and friends”.



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