Jordan Barton: “I don’t see the fight going all the way”


Photo Credit: Shinobi War

Shinobi War present their third installment this coming weekend and competing on the night is HFFS competitor Jordan Barton who steps in to take on the very experienced James Reece. 

Jordan was involved in the first Shinobi War show, where he made his debut against Bobby Pallett in a fight of the night performance. Even though he didn’t get the ‘W’ he came away with some much experience. 

He is confident ahead of this weekend’s match up and here are his thoughts. 

Thanks for your time Jordan. I wanted to start by looking ahead to Shinobi War 3. How much do you know about the show and the opportunities they are providing to amateur competitors?

“I was lucky to fight my debut on Shinobi war 1 where I saw the quality of the show and the competition on it!”.

For your fight on the show you have agreed to step in and compete against James Reece. How much do you know about James?

“Paul Jackson a team mate of mine was meant to be fighting James and unfortunately got injured so I took the fight feeling it was a good opportunity for me. I’ve watched his fights and feel as prepared as I can be”.

James is a very active competitor as an amateur who has had 12 fights so far. Is it daunting at all stepping in there with someone who has a lot more experience than yourself?

“It isn’t daunting but I am very aware of his experience!”

But this is MMA and anything can happen on the night. What do you see as your keys to victory on the night against James?

“I feel very confident in my game whether that’s on the feet or it goes to the ground I believe I can win the fight”.

What was it that interested you in taking the match up with James and what type of fight are you expecting?

“I think James is a good opponent for me, he seems confident to stand and off his back. I don’t see the fight going all the way”.

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“Yes, I have good support from friends and family which I really appreciate”.

I see that you are currently 0-1. Looking back on your debut, how was it to finally get in there and compete and did you take anything away from that match up?

“It’s good to get in there for initial nerves and to get that feeling out the way, I learnt allot from that fight which I’ve worked and improved on”.

You train out of HFFS, who have a lot of competitors on the card. How is it going through a training camp with them, knowing that you all have the same aim.

“It’s good to be around like minded people who are all training hard and confident of the win!”

Who have been some of the bigger influences to you at the gym?

“Everyone helps each other out, we’re all there to improve each other. Chris Peroni has had a big influence on me though as I’ve had a lot of time training with him”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I’d like to thank Ian Munzberger, Tom Blackledge, everyone that has helped me train at HFFS and everyone that is coming to support me!”


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