Brandon Worrall: “Train with the best to be the best”


Photo Credit: REPS Retribution

Caged Predators present their very first installment on Saturday 27th September 2014 and competing in just his second MMA match up is REPS MMA’s Brandon Worrall. 

Since getting into the sport Brandon has taken to it like a duck to water and with a solid team behind him at REPS, it’s easy to say that he has a bright future ahead of him. 

In just his first ever MMA match up, earlier this year, he got the first round submission and showed no nerves at all inside the cage. He will be looking to continue this form in his next match up and I caught up with him to get his thoughts.

Thanks for your time Brandon. I wanted to start by asking about your first MMA fight which took place earlier this year on the reps show. How good was it to finally get in there and compete but to also finish your opponent?

“It was great to finally get in there and to represent the gym and to finish my opponent in the first round was a big bonus knowing all the hard work had paid off”.

Looking back on the night, how did you find making your debut and did you find you were more nervous than you thought?

“Making my debut was a lot better than I imagined and i’d been waiting for what felt like forever to get in there and to finally make my debut with a victory was amazing.

Leading up to the fight I was slightly nervous but as soon as I got to the venue and saw the cage set up and saw my opponent, I couldn’t wait to get in there”. 

As its been a few months since that match up, how much do you feel you have developed?

“I feel like I’m getting better everyday and have a great team behind me to make sure I improve in every session”.

You have now been matched on the Caged Predators first show against Charlie Poole. How much do you know about Charlie and the challenges he could pose you?

“I don’t really know much about him but I know he trains out of a good gym and with this being his debut I don’t know any of his strengths or weaknesses”. 

Where do you feel you will be stronger on the night?

“With this being an amateur C fight I cant see it staying standing but if it does I am prepared to stand or take it to the ground and have trained hard in both aspects”.

In Amateur C you can’t strike to the head on the feet or on the ground. Does this make preparation a little bit easier?

“It does help me focus on other parts such as the ground side of the fight but preparing for a fight is never easy and the lads at the gym make sure I’m ready for any outcome”. 

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does it mean to you to have them cheering you on?

” I know my family will be watching and my brother is coming down from Southampton so knowing he’s coming all this way does mean a lot (no pressure) haha. And a few of the reps supports will be there to cheer on which is always good”. 

What is it that first got you interested in the sport and was it always your intention to compete?

“My big brother first told me about MMA when I was younger and the way he went on about it made me want to try it out, then I remember watching one of Jordan Chesters fights on youtube and the skill he showed was just pure class, so I found out where reps was based and went for my first training session and I knew straight away this was for me and within a few months I had packed in football and started to compete in grappling comps getting a gold in my first competition”.

You train with a fantastic team. Who have been some of the bigger influences on your development there?

“Ste Nightingale our head coach has had a huge influence on my development he has done loads for the lads at reps and pushes every one of us to get better in every training session. He has made a very successful gym and has turned lads into very successful fighters such as Jordan Chester who recently competed for the UK amateur team in Las Vegas and Connor Hitchens who is still undefeated with an impressive record, so training along side lads like this will have a huge influence on my development. Train with the best to be the best”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Id like to thank my coach ste nightingale and team mates Jordan Chester, Connor Hitchens, Martin Chester and Ray Kenny for pushing me in every session! And all the other lads at the gym.

Id also like to thank my sister who sorts out all my food and diets with me for support with out her i’d be fatter than I already am haha”. 



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