Daniel Grierson: “I feel my all round stand-up will be too much for him”


Caged Predators 1 takes place in Blackburn, at Audley Sports Centre, on Saturday 27th September 2014 with a night of MMA action (with some caged boxing thrown in the mix as well). 

Competing on the night is Daniel Grierson who is a very well rounded competitor who has a bright future ahead of him in the sport. 

With his stand up just as good as his ground game, Grierson is a tough fight for anybody and he is aiming to show the Lancashire crowd just how solid he is next week. 

The clock is ticking down to an electric first Caged Predators event and here are Daniel’s thoughts ahead of the night, as well as a little more information on his development so far. 

Thanks for your time Dan. I wanted to start by asking about your Martial Arts development so far. What was it that first got you interesting in training and led to you being at your gym?

“Five years ago some of my school friends came down to Hokushinko and went to an MMA class. They came back and told me how good it was, so I thought I’d try it out the next week. I got more and more into it and I’ve been there ever since”. 

Looking back on your time training so far, was it always your intention to compete and what is it about the sport, in your opinion, that is so addictive?

“Looking back, I think when I’d been to my first MMA show as a fan (a local show in Workington) and I had only been training a few months, that’s when I realised I’d like to compete. I started to take things more seriously and train more often. Had a few MMA fights and loved everything about it, from the feeling of walking out in front of the crowd to putting on a show and getting a win for all of the hard work”. 

I see that you have experience in boxing, where you have been successful. What would you say have been some of your highlights from boxing and what sort of lessons did you take from you match ups?

“I’ve had five boxing bouts with four wins and a draw. My last fight was a six round bout for a title in Newcastle. I faced an experienced all out boxer and got the win by third round TKO. The boxing has helped me improve and get comfortable with my hands as well as give me some more fight experience”. 

Does having a boxing background help you more with your MMA as you know that your hands are solid, so you can focus on the other aspects?

“Boxing has really helped me with MMA but I originally started with more of grappling based training sessions. I then started more boxing under Dave Straughton. It’s made me a more dimensional fighter and I’m confident of out-striking opponents. I still see myself as dangerous wherever the fight goes with a lot of my MMA wins being by submission”. 

Next up you head to Blackburn for the Caged Predators first ever show. How does it feel to be asked to compete on a shows first event and what are you expecting from the night?

“I’m grateful of being given the chance to compete on caged predators first ever show and hope to get it off to a flying start. I expect the night to be full of great fights. The card looking very exciting, with several top MMA fights and two cage boxing bouts. I also expect two dominant victories for hokushinko with a title for Carl Ward!”.

Your opponent for the night is Naheem Teni. How much have you managed to find out about Naheem and the challenges he could pose you?

“I haven’t really looked at Naheem. I don’t find it helpful to study your opponents too much as anything can be different on the night. I feel I improve a lot from one fight to another, the same can go for my opponents. I try to just focus on my training and I am confident against whoever I come up against on the night because I know they won’t outwork me”. 

Do you feel your boxing could prove too much for him on the night and where else do you feel you will be stronger?

“I feel my all round stand-up will be too much for him and I think he’ll try to take it to the ground. If he can take it to the ground, I’m happy there too as I’m confident catching him with submissions. Also my cardio and work rate I believe, will make the difference”. 

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does it mean to you to have them cheering you on?

“I hope to bring some support on the night which is always a brilliant boost for morale and confidence. With my opponent being a more local lad from Blackburn I expect the crowd to be against me, but I don’t mind as it can feel even better a win away from home. Hopefully I’ll gain a few fans with my performance for if I fight here again”. 

You train with a fantastic team. Who have been some of the bigger influences on your development there and whats it like learning off those guys each and every day?

“My team is one of the reasons I love doing the sport so much, we’re all close friends not just in the sport but outside too. This brings us together and helps push each other on and learn from each other.

My main influences have been Mark Hodgson who has been my first main coach and has a massive 30 plus years knowledge of martial arts. Dave Straughton who has helped me every day with boxing and MMA, and has been one of my best friends. Alex Cook who has had a huge impact on helping my MMA game with catch wrestling. Finally Jordan Holmes who has been my main training partner every day over my time doing the sport”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I’d like to thank all the above coaches, and my training partners for preparing me for this fight and my sponsor all-round fitness who has been a brilliant help and support”. 



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