Rob Barber: “Fighting for the title means your hard work is going noticed”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Maynard photography

Photo Credit: Ricardo Maynard photography

BCMMA returns with their eighth installment next week, with a bumper night of MMA action, live from Charter Hall Colchester, and aiming for the belt is Rob Barber. 

Rob gets the opportunity to fight for the BCMMA Amateur welterweight championship and is confident of bringing the belt back to Southend with him. 

After an impressive showing at BCMMA 7, when he defeated Dean Glencross via unanimous decision, Rob has remained active and is always developing, whether it be in training or impressing inside the cage. 

Ahead of the title fight with Darius Sulga, Rob kindly took some time out to answer my questions. 

Thanks for your time Rob. I wanted to begin by looking back on your last match up at BCMMA, which saw you defeat Dean Glencross via unanimous decision. Having had chance to reflect on the performance, how satisified where you with the victory and what did you take away from your performance?

“Hi Simon, I was very pleased with the win, I feel that the last round of the fight was my strongest. I felt like I could of preformed better in the other rounds but I learnt from the experience, I found a few flaws in my game and have been working on them in the gym”. 

I was luckily enough to see that fight take place and you showed some very impressive stand up, but also were very active from your back which really pressured your opponent. Was there anything in the fight from your opponent that surprised or made you have to change up your game plan?

“I felt a bit slow at the beginning of the fight and got a bit sloppy, Dean was stronger than I expected and he took me to the ground I defended so he didn’t improve position but I should of been a lot more active and after the round ended I thought I’m not letting that happen again, so I stepped up my game for the other rounds.

Since that fight I have changed and worked on a lot of things and I feel that I am a much better fighter now”. 

How did you find competing on the BCMMA show and what makes them a good promotion to fight under?

“BCMMA is a great show, the event is organised very well and the decisions are fair unlike some shows I’ve been on recently. The match ups seen to all be fair which is a big thing in this sport. I’m from Southend so its not that far for me to travel which is always a bonus”. 

You return at BCMMA 8 and get the opportunity to fight for the Amateur Welterweight championship. Firstly how much would it mean for you to win that title?

“To win the title would mean a lot to me and i`m really excited about this fight. Fighting for the title means your hard work is going noticed and you’re fighting the best opponents around, so the victory will always feel well earned”. 

Does being in a title fight add any extra pressure or change the way you approach training for the fight?

“It does add a bit more pressure but I was hoping for a shot at the title so i`m more than ready for it. I train really hard for every fight and being the title gives me that bit more motivation to finish the fight”.

Your opponent on the night is BKK fighter Darius Sulga, who also won at BCMMA 7. How much have you managed to find out about Darius and what are you expecting from him on the night?

“I have watched his fights and he looks impressive but I hope hes ready to have a real fight on his hands. I think this is going to be a really good fight for me”. 

Both you and him are very good standing, are you preparing for a battle mainly on the feet?

“I think your gonna get to see a good battle of all aspects of MMA”.

Obviously without giving too much away, where do you see yourself being the stronger competitor on the night?

“Its gonna be tough but I see myself controlling the whole fight but I think his stand up game will be his strongest”. 

How long have you been in training ahead of this fight and what makes training at Ministry of Martial Arts the best place for your development?

“I’m always in training. I had a fight a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped from that camp so I’m fighting fit and ready to go. In my eyes ministry is the best place to train great stand up, wrestling and jujitsu and I train with some really good guys, Dacian is also fighting for a title the same night so hopefully we will bring back two belts”. 

And finally, all the best on the night, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Thanks. Yes I would like to say thank you to my coaches at ministry of martial arts, Horia and Lee Catling for all the training and help, and to my sponsors s.o.crossfit and back 2 best sports therapy for all the support and preparation to my fights”. 


Main Photo: Ricardo Maynard Photography (Visit at:


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