Ian Longson: “It’s great being asked to fight on what will be a great show”


Caged Predators first show takes place this coming weekend, in Blackburn, and competing on the night is Ian Longson. 

While a few opponents for Ian have dropped out along the way, he has remained focused in his training and can’t wait to get inside the cage and test himself on the night. 

As a coach and competitor he really helps his students to develop and ahead of the match up this weekend I caught up with him to learn more about him.

Thanks for your time Ian. I wanted to start by asking about your Martial Arts development so far. What was it that first got you interesting in the sport and made you want to begin training?

“Getting bullied at school is the main reason as to why I took martial arts up”.

Looking back on your time training so far, was it always your intention to compete and what is it about the sport, in your opinion, that is so addictive?

“Yes I wanted to compete to face my fears head on I.e hitting someone back and knowing what it feels like getting hit and hitting them back”.

MMA is such an all round sport, that it takes so much dedication to develop at. Would you say you personally have to make any sacrifices to keep developing?

“The sacrifices I’ve made over the years are great,when I first started in martial arts amongst other things I left any job that didn’t fit in with my training times”. 

Also a lot of people work alongside training, especially if you want to be successful you have to put the hours in, unlike other sports where you can train once and turn up on the day. After a long day of working what is it that motivates you to head to the gym?

“What motivates me are that I want keep improving myself and I’ve done that over the 23 years I have been training”.

You train with a great team. Who have been some of the key players in really helping your development?

“I don’t train with a team I train with my students and there a big part in helping me develop my skills as you will see on the 27 September”.

Next up you head to Blackburn for the Caged Predators first ever show. How does it feel to be asked to compete on a shows first event and what are you expecting from the night?

“Yes it’s great being asked to fight on what will be a great show and as for what I’m expecting on the night is a lot of violence in the cage haha especially from me”.

When I was given the card you haven’t had an opponent announced, has that changed and is it harder training for a fight with no opponent in mind to begin with?

“I’ve had an opponent but they change and drop out, whether it’s because the nerves get to them I don’t know but nerves affect everybody different, it’s just how you deal with them and I train specifically for my opponent”.

Where do you feel you are strongest when you compete and what can everyone expect from you on the night?

“My strongest point is my stand up”.

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does it mean to you to have them cheering you on?

“Yes there will be a lot of support and them cheering me on will be fannnnnntastic”.

One part in the build up to events and on the night is the psychology and mental approach, which some people can disregard. How much do you believe in having a good mental approach to your match ups?

“The mental approach is very important with any competition, even tiddlywinks, and as I said earlier it’s how you deal with it that defines the fighter you are going to be in the night or how your going to play tiddlywinks”.

I hope I’m right in saying that you also coach as well. How long have you been coaching for and how good is it to help people achieve their goals and develop as competitors?

“I’ve been coaching for four years and helping people achieve there goals be it losing weight, toning up,or competing its great to see them achieve their goal”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Yeah the shout out goes to my sponsor bear fitness for all there support in my diet nutrition and obviously their sponsoring me and my other shout out goes to all my students for there help cheers”.


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