Chris Price: “Wherever the fight takes me I believe I will have the advantage”


MMA returns to Blackburn this coming weekend as Caged Predators hosts their first show, live from Audley Sports Centre, with a line up of MMA and caged boxing match up’s. 

Returning to the cage is Blackburn Predators Chris Price, who was injured early in 2013 at the REPS Retribution show but has worked his way back and is now more ready than ever to get into the cage to test himself against Aaron Fyfield. 

With the fight in mind I caught up with Chris to get his thoughts on his recovery and the match up this weekend.

Thanks for your time Chris. I wanted to start by going back to the last time I saw you compete, which was at REPS in 2013, when you hurt yourself pretty badly early on in the fight. Its good to see you are back and ready to compete again, but how long did it take you to recover from the injury and was there any nerves when you first went back to training?

“I never considered giving MMA up almost everyone around me suggested that I just do something else but I was certain seconds after it happened that I wanted to keep it up no matter what. It took me around six months to get back to full training”.

Nobody likes to be inactive in the sport, so just how frustrating was it to be on the sidelines, but how much motivation did it give you to get back to training?

“I was more excited than nervous during my recovery, I was very motivated and eager to return to training. My love for the sport is beyond words. Just the thought that the people around me are getting in the cage, winning belts, knocking dudes out, submitting guys and doing the gym proud whilst I’m recovering is beyond frustrating”.

Its been nearly 18 months since the REPS show, how much do you feel you have developed as a competitor since then?

“I feel like a completely different fighter since the last time I fought. I am a lot wiser and I have developed a wide range of new skills in the past year”.

The sport is growing everywhere and you train at a great facility in Blackburn, with some very talented athletes and coaches. What is it about Blackburn Predators that brings out the best in you?

“The people around me most importantly and the strong belief that Rob has in me”.

Like most teams, you all have a unique bond and I bet a lot of banter flies round during training. Who would you say are some of the jokers of the team, who like to keep everyone laughing?

“John James Young, Charlie Poole, Arran Cottam and ll the younger team members really, our gym is full of positive people and it always makes training alot more fun and enjoyable”.

Next up for you is your involvement in the Caged Predators first show, which is being run by your coach. How good is it to know that Blackburn is going to host MMA again?

“It means the world to me for Blackburn to host a Mixed Martial Arts event. Anything to help the sport grow and get more people educated about it”.

On the night you have been pitted against Aaron Fyfield. How much do you know about Aaron and the possible challenges he will pose you on the night?

“I know my opponent comes from a karate background and has some good stand up skills”.

Where do you feel you are strongest when you compete and what can everyone expect from you on the night?

“I believe I am a well rounded Mixed Martial Artist and wherever the fight takes me I believe I will have the advantage. I look up to fighters like Georges St Pierre a lot”.

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does it mean to you to have them cheering you on?

“Support is good but at the end of the day it’s just me and him in there”.

One part in the build up to events and on the night is the psychology and mental approach, which some people can disregard. How much do you believe in having a good mental approach to your match ups?

“I believe anyone can do anything as long as they put their mind to it”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Rob Freedman, Wayne Tierney, Shaun Litherland, Rian Mercer, my wrestling coach Baz, Ryan Casey for helping me discover my potential in and outside the cage, all my team mates especially John James Young, all my friends and family, my mum and dad who continually support me in my journey through the sport. Really there are way too many names to mention, if you are reading this and you know me, thank you”.


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