Jamie Richardson: “I’m ready for anything Shane can throw at me”


BCMMA 8 takes place this weekend in Colchester and the main event on the night features Jamie Richardson and Shane Gunfield who battle for the BCMMA professional welterweight championship.

Jamie Richardson has made a great start to his professional career and has been impressing in his development ever since he started as an amateur. 

With a solid team and coach behind him he s looking to have a strong end to 2014 and it all starts this weekend. 

I caught up with Jamie to get his thoughts ahead of the night.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions Jamie. I wanted to start by asking about your 2014 so far, which has seen you turn professional and go 2-0. Could you have asked for a better start?

“No I couldn’t of asked for a better start I’m very happy with my record so far and I’ve learnt a lot in this past year to help me learn and develop as a fighter”.

Both of those wins have come via TKO, and most recently you fought at Knuckleup MMA. That TKO came in the second round. Looking back on that fight, what did you take from it and how satisfying was it to get another finish?

“I took a lot of confidence coming off of that fight and going in to it and I was very happy to get another tko win”.

What made the time right to turn professional this year and was it an easy/hard decision?

“I think that I turned professional at the right time I had a strong amateur record of 6-1 and I think it was time to turn to more skilled fighters but I always let my trainer Darren Jones make these decisions for me because he only knows when I’m ready to step up in competition”.

Next up you make your way to Colchester to headline BCMMA 8, in a championship fight. Firstly how much would it mean to you to win their professional welterweight championship?

“It would mean a lot to win the belt at BCMMA because I think that it would give me more and better opportunities to fight better fighters”.

Has being in a championship fight changed your approach to training at all and how long has your training camp been for this fight?

“No it hasn’t changed my approach to training I take every fight seriously and I train 100% for every fight and I took this fight on a slight short notice about five weeks”.

Your opponent on the night is Shane Gunfield, who comes off the back of a split decision loss on Cage Warriors. Are you expecting to Shane to come out all guns blazing, looking to right the wrongs of his last defeat?

“Yeah I think Shane is going to come out to fight and to try finish me early”.

Are you expecting any other challenges from Shane and what type of fight are you expecting?

“I always like to expect the worse because it can’t be any worse than what I can imagine and I’m expecting the fight to go everywhere”.

As mentioned you are a very good in the stand up, but as an amateur I see you got quite a few wins via submission. Is it fair to say that you are well rounded and will be prepared for whatever Shane throws at you?

“Yes I believe I’m very we’ll rounded and I’m ready for anything Shane can throw at me”.

Do you have any other aims for 2014 in MMA or any other fights planned after this one?

“Yeah I’ve got a fight in two weeks and in November and I would hopefully like to show my face at cage warriors or bamma sometime early next year”.

And finally, all the best on the night, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Thank you – I would like to thank Darren Jones and everyone at team force that helped me prepare for this fight”.



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