Ben Singleton: “I feel proud to fight in my own town”

Ben Singleton

Caged Predators inaugural show takes place this Saturday, live from Audley Sports Centre in Blackburn, and competing on the night is Blackburn Predators Ben Singleton. 

I have been lucky enough to see Ben compete a couple of times this year so far and its fair to say that he is a very adapt competitor who has the potential to continue moving through up through the ranks. 

On the night in Blackburn he will take on Adin Teenan in a fight which may just steal the show and Ben is prepared for anything that Adin may bring to the table on the night. 

With the clock counting down to an awesome looking night of MMA action, I caught up with Ben and he took some time out to offer his thoughts on the Caged Predators show and his last match up at ICE FC 3.

Thanks for your time Ben. I wanted to start by going back to your last match up, which was on the ICE FC 3 card against Jay Moogan. It was a very good fight, but also a really close one. Looking back on the fight, how did you rate your performance and was there anything you have looked to change since then?

“Thank you for having me. Yes it was a very exciting three round fight and ending in a split decision it was a very close fight, unfortunately I was on the wrong end of it. After watching the fight back I do think I could of done better and I have been working to improve my bad points from the fight”.

With it being such a close fight, did you feel like you had done enough to win the fight?

“I did think I was very much active enough to win but after falling into guillotine a number of times I did have a gut feeling I had lost”.

Was there anything that surprised you about Jay on the night?

“Jay didn’t really surprise me as I knew he was a good boxer, and I was very much aware that he was going to out strength me”.

How did you find competing on the ICE FC show and as you are competing more now, do you get less nervous when approaching your fights?

“Fighting on ICE FC for the first time was a fantastic experience. Tom Blackledge is a great guy and him and the guys from Blackledge MMA run a great show  and I hope to fight there again in the future.

After having a number of fights I do feel less nervous going into the cage which can make a massive difference on the night as I can concentrate more and start to enjoy my time in there”.

Next up for you is your involvement in the Caged Predators first show. How good is it to know that Blackburn is going to host MMA again?

“I feel proud to fight in my own town, on my own coaches show. Rob Freedman has done a fantastic job on organising the event, matching up a well stacked fight card and it will be a night to remember. Caged Predators is putting Blackburn on the map of ukmma”.

On the night you have been pitted against Adin Teenan. How much do you know about Adin and the possible challenges he will pose you on the night?

“I know absolutely nothing about Adin apart from he comes from a good gym and I am not going to underestimating his abilities. I’m just going to step into the cage and expect the worst from him”.

Where do you feel you are strongest when you compete and what can everyone expect from you on the night?

“Most of my fights have always ended up on the floor which I am confident with, although I don’t always get to show off my other skills and abilities. I have been working hard on a different aspect of my game, and I’m sure it will show on the night.

Expect a completely different fighter from previous shows I have competed on”.

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does it mean to you to have them cheering you on?

“With competing in my home town I am expecting more of a gathering from family and friends than what I would normally get when I have to travel to some shows. I appreciate support from anybody that is there to cheer me on”.

Heading into the fight, are you planning to go in there with a game plan, or as its MMA do you prefer to see what happens as the fight gets going?

“With not knowing anything about Adin I can’t really make up a suitable game plan, so I’m just going to expect he has good striking abilities and jiu jitsu”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Yes! I would like to give a big thank you to Rob Freedman and all the guys at Blackburn predators , my Dad Mark, all my family and friends and Kevin and Chong from KC Muay Thai”.


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