Aiden Lee: “He won’t bring anything I’m not ready for”

Photo Credit: Fight UK MMA

Photo Credit: Fight UK MMA

This weekend BCMMA 8 takes place at Charter Hall, in Colchester, with a stacked line up of amateur and professional MMA action. 

Competing for the amateur featherweight championship is Fearless MMA’s Aiden Lee, who takes on Tsunami Gym Norfolk’s Marcin Pociecha, and from hearing from Aiden you can tell just how focused and ready he is for the championship clash. 

Training with some of the UK’s best at Fearless MMA means that Aiden is prepared for any opponent on any given night and he will put it on his opponent right from the first bell. 

With the card still two days away, I caught up with him to get his thoughts on the championship fight, but to also look back on his last fight at Fight UK in Leicester. 

Thanks for your time Aiden. I wanted to start by asking about your last match up which came at Fight UK and saw you defeat Darren Higgins via unanimous decision. Having had chance to reflect on the performance, how satisified where you with the victory and what did you take away from your performance?

“I think I performed well with the circumstances, I hurt my foot early in the fight and it got worse as the fight went on, so rather than using my strongest attribute which is my striking, I dominated with wrestling and using the clinch”.

Was there anything in the fight from your opponent that surprised or made you have to change up your game plan?

“Nothing in particular, he was a very tough opponent but I was well prepared for him, the only change in game plan was down to hurting my foot”.

How did you find competing on the Fight UK show and what makes them a good promotion to fight under?

“Fight UK is undoubtedly one of the best amateur promotions in the country, although they had a lot issues with the last show, they were very professional and still went ahead with a show”.

You return at BCMMA 8 and get the opportunity to fight for the Amateur Featherweight championship. Firstly how much would it mean for you to win that title?

“This will be my debut on BCMMA, again it’s another high level amateur promotion with some very good pro’s, and it would mean a lot to win the title”.

Does being in a title fight add any extra pressure or change the way you approach training for the fight?

“No, I could say I train harder but I always train as hard and as smart as possible for every fight, and no I’ve had title fights in MMA and K1 in the past and I’m used to the feeling, I treat it like any other fight”.

How much have you managed to find out about your opponent and what are you expecting from him on the night?

“He looks very strong, and like he has decent wrestling but I doubt he trains with the same caliber of wrestlers that I do, he won’t bring anything I’m not ready for”.

Obviously without giving too much away, where do you see yourself being the stronger competitor on the night?

“I see myself being stronger in every area. I think all he has is strength, I’ve only just turned 19 so I’m used to guys being physically stronger than me simply down to them being fully grown men but it causes me no problems”.

Are you hoping to have some support with you on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“It’s great to have support, as the fights so far away from my home town I won’t have much this time, but either way it doesn’t bother me, the supporters won’t be in the cage fighting, we will”.

You train with a fantastic team in Fearless MMA. Who have been some of the bigger influences on your development there?

“All of the coaches, in particular , Kaish Banger, Kamby Banger and Tom Breese”.

And finally, all the best on the night, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“All of my coaches and teammates at Fearless MMA and also Renegade BJJ. Also Blank MMA who will be kitting me out for this fight, any other sponsors please get in touch”.


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