Monica Nix: “I am feeling fairly confident both on my feet and on the ground”


This weekend see’s BCMMA host their eighth show, live from Charter Hall Colchester, with a night of amateur and professional mixed martial arts action. 

Competing on the amateur portion of the night is Monica Nix, who is involved in a match up with local BKK fighter Wendy Mckenna

The match up has the potential to be a fight of the night contender and hearing from Monica you can tell how ready she is for the match up and that she will be ready to set the place on fire with her Gasoline Thrill. 

Ahead of the match up, Monica kindly took some time out to answer my questions and look forward to the show.

Thanks so much for taking the time out to answer my questions Monica. I wanted to start by looking ahead to BCMMA 8. How much do you know about the BCMMA show and how good does it feel to have a match up sorted?

“To be fair, I only just heard of BCMMA after being asked to fight in it. Obviously after doing so, I did my research on it and found it to be a really good promotion, with great organisers who seem to actually care about their fighters, so I am very happy to have got a match and that it is with them”.

On the night you take on Wendy McKenna. All I know of Wendy is that she comes from a solid team in BKK and has had a boxing fight. Have you had chance to find anything out about Wendy and the threats she may pose you?

“I have heard the same as you, that she has some stand up experience, and that she trains with a good team. I would imagine she has been training on her ground as well since her boxing match, so I should guess I will have a well rounded fighter in front of me”.

In regards her boxing match up, do you think her stand up is something to watch closely when the fight gets going?


Obviously the main bulk of your preparation will be focused on your development and plans. Where are you hoping to be stronger in the match up?

“I have been training hard in every area of my game, so I am feeling fairly confident both on my feet and on the ground”.

I see that you have had experience in grappling tournaments. How good have those experiences been towards your MMA?

“I think it is good to have had them, specially just to not be new to competitions, and to know what to expect on the moment, how to deal with it. However, it is also different as with BJJ, some people work better on their guard or backs, whereas this wouldn’t work that well in MMA, where you don’t want to have your back on the floor really”.

For anyone who is attending on the night, is there anything in particular they should watch out for from you?

“Not really, just come say hi if you see me around!”

You train with one hell of a fantastic team. Whats it like working with those day in day out and is there anyone in particular who has helped take you to the level you are at now?

“Gosh there is so many people to name I would never finish if I start. It is an amazing team to train with, a really tight team at that as well, it is like a second family. There is so many outstanding fighters, both competitors (whether is in Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, you name it) and people who leave their heart on the mat every single day. I couldn’t ask for much more than that”.

How long have you been in training for this match up and are there any points of training camp you dislike?

“It’s been about two weeks, so not as long as I would’ve liked, but I was getting ready beforehand for a fight I didn’t get matched up for, so really, a bit longer, with a relaxed week in between. I love camp, I love training hard and leaving everything I’ve got at the gym. The only thing I don’t particularly enjoy, is watching what I eat. I have a very sweet tooth I’ve been having to ignore for a couple of weeks”.

I know this is off topic with MMA but I see you play in a band. I’ve gotta ask whats it like being on the stage in front of people and as you have performed in front of crowds with your music, does that make competing in front of people that bit easier?

“It is a feeling like no other. There’s that mix of confidence in the work you’ve put in, and fear of messing up, mixed together with excitement, and it all just disappears as soon as you start performing and then all you have in front of you is what’s happening here and now. I think it’s fair to say I’m not shy in front of crowds, I am used to be in front of large groups of people with their attention on what I’m doing, that will probably come in handy at the time of fighting”.

And finally, all the best on the night, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Definitely. Would have to thank my coach Jeremy for all the stick and hard work he’s put into us in the last couple of months, Luiz for all the support and backup, my fellowship girls who are my best friends on and off the mat, my coaches, training partners and family at LFF who have been super supportive, and friends and family on and off the mats. OSSS!!”



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