Introducing LSMAA (Liam Stones Martial Arts Academy)


“Impossible is nothing”

The sport of MMA and all individual martial arts has never been stronger and the more exposure the sport is getting, the more people are taking it upon themselves to learn some new skills and get into shape. While others want to go the whole way and train to compete, but starting out in a new sport, at a new place, can really pose more questions and one which has plagued me whenever I’ve started anything new: “What I’m not very good?’ 

Children's training at LSMAA

Children’s training at LSMAA

Well up in Doncaster there is a new Academy, which isn’t about ego’s or people becoming stars from day one: it’s all about development and enjoying yourself, while acquiring new skills and having fun.

The place in question is: LSMAA (Liam Stones Martial Arts Academy).

LSMAA has been set up by Liam Stones, who specialises in fitness and is qualified to teach Martial Arts, and is run in conjunction with one of Doncaster’s finest facilities: Charles Martin Martial Arts. 

Photo Credit: CMMA

Photo Credit: CMMA

Charles Martin is a black belt in jiu jitsu and he and Liam are working together as a team to make sure everybody achieves there full potential in training and in competitions. What makes there relationship even more unique is that Liam competes out of Charles Martin Martial Arts and has seen himself grow into one hell of a competitor under the tutelage of Mr.Martin. 

The club is primarily run from Woodlands Scout Hut, Doncaster, but some classes are out of the Charles Martin gym as well. 

Currently LSMAA club is run on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday where they offer Boxing, Muay Thai, Martial Arts, Women’s only circuit, and kids kickboxing. 

While on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you can head over to Charles Martin to do: MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

The club time table

The club time table

Adult training at LSMAA (Credit: LSMAA)

Adult training at LSMAA (Credit: LSMAA)

The sessions are at an affordable price, with the aim of the club to get more children and adults into the sport. They aren’t looking to rip anyone off and have already created a really good vibe at the club. 

At the moment children can train for £3.00 a session or £8.00 for the week, and that is for all children from the ages of four upwards, while for adults it is £4.00 per session, £7.00 for two sessions on the same night, or £18.00 for the week, which includes the sessions down at Charles Martin for no extra cost. 

It was just announced that the club will be going into partnership with Carcroft Primary School to provide an after school club in martial arts, which is showing just how good the standard is and how much they truly want to help children get into the sport and have some safe fun. 

That partnership isn’t the only positive feedback the club has been receiving, as people have taken to Facebook to offer their thoughts and here are a few of them:


MMA training at CMMA (Credit: LSMAA)

MMA training at CMMA (Credit: LSMAA)

While I haven’t been able to personally visit the Liam Stones Martial Arts Academy myself, I have been lucky enough to see and speak with Liam a few times. I have seen him victorious at the CSFC and British Fight League events in K1 match up’s. 

When you see Liam fight he has such good technique, never back’s down and puts everything into his match up’s. You can tell that no matter what happens on the night, he will come away knowing that he gave it his all and his passion for the art comes through with each punch and kick he throws. 

And I can be sure that is the way he will coach. From speaking to him about the academy and his aims for it over the last week or so Its so easy to feel his passion and desire to help more people develop and give them a platform to have fun, learn some pretty awesome skills and be coached by someone who’s work rate wont be matched by many others. 

LSMAA is going by the Muhammad Ali quote: ‘Impossible is nothing’ and with one of the UK’s finest coaches in Charles Martin stood in one corner ready to help you and the rising star, and coach, Liam Stones in the other, heck you are going to have so much fun and definitely realise that impossible is nothing when you train with them. 

The man behind it all: Liam Stones  (Photo Credit: dn4 photography - Jamie Lee Smith

The man behind it all: Liam Stones (Photo Credit: dn4 photography – Jamie Lee Smith)

If you would like to find out more information about LSMAA, give them a like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter at:

Or if you would like to head down and visit the club you can at:

Woodlands Scout Hut, Doncaster, DN6 7AN

You can find out more about Charles Martin Martial Arts as well by going to:

(For more awesome pictures from Jamie Lee Smith, head to:



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