Martin Kay: “I can’t wait to fight in front of a Sheffield crowd full of family and friends”.


Say Uncle Fight Night 2 takes place in nine days time, live from the Octagon Centre Sheffield, and competing on the night is Martin Kay.

Martin will be making his MMA debut on the night and is looking forward to the experience and the chance to test his skills.

On the night he faces Richard Whitehead, who recently competed at Combat Challenge in an amateur B contest, and is ready to stick to his game plan and come away with the victory. 

Martin kindly took some time out to speak with me ahead of the fight and give his thoughts on the match up and on his development in the sport so far. 

Thanks for your time Martin, I wanted to begin by asking about your MMA development so far. What is it that first attracted you to the sport and got you thinking about trying it out?

“I started watching the ufc around 10 years ago and then attended a few of the UK based events and I loved watching it. Then around three years ago was invited to go to a Muay Thai class with a few friends, a week later we went to an MMA class at the same gym which was taken by Wayne Murrie. A few months later I wanted to do more so move gyms and started training at bodyflo mainly attending Sheffield shoot fighters classes coached by the Richard “pep” Pepper”.

Looking back on your first few sessions, what was it that made you really connect with it and want to continue developing?

“I really enjoyed the earlier sessions I attended at the combat academy Wombwell but it was to far to travel so switched to a more local gym bodyflo. The Tuesday night shoot classes were/are like nothing I’d ever done before, Pep is a great coach and the top class training partners help make every session a challenge which helps improve every member of the bodyflo family”.

Has it always been your intention to compete or has it been more of a natural progression?

“It was never really my intention to fight initially but after entering grappling comps and bjj comps for the last year and a half and winning several gold medals it felt like the next step up”.

Your first match up comes on the Say Uncle show. How much are you looking forward to making your debut on a great show like Say Uncle.

“Ever since John Goldson mentioned it might be a possibility that say uncle2 could happen and that I could be involved I’ve been excited. I can’t wait to fight in front of a Sheffield crowd full of family and friends”.

You train with a very experienced gym. What sort of advice have the rest of the guys been offering in helping you ahead of that first fight?

“The gym is full of many great fighters Daniel Hudson, Sam Boult, Lloyd rage gellatly, Matt Bolsover, Mehdi Firoozi and Josh Blackshaw etc all have offered advice from training, eating tips, the weight cutand  even resting tips. It also helps having been around/involved in previous fight camps for these guys when they have fought”.

On the night you take on Richard Whitehead, who had an amateur B match up a few weeks ago. Unfortunately he lost, so are you possibly expecting him to want to come out quick to get a win and that’s when the mistakes will happen and you can capitalise?

“Any mistakes that Richard makes I will capitalise on but I won’t be waiting for the mistakes, I will fight my fight and stick to my game plan”.

Have you managed to find anything else out about him and the challenges he may pose?

“I’ve watched the video of his first fight which doesn’t show much really”.

Obviously its MMA and anything can happen. Going into the fight are you aiming to have a game plan or wait to see what happens on the night?

“There’s a game plan but I’m prepared to fight anywhere I’m very comfortable wherever the fight goes”.

Are you hoping to have some good support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“If there one thing I’m sure of it’s the support I’m going to get and I hope your ready for the noise.

I’m so happy that lots of friends and family have spent their hard earned money to come and support me it means a hell of a lot!!”

And finally, all the best on the night. is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Thanks, there’s loads of people I’d like to thank so here goes:

All the great coaches at bodyflo- Pep, Daniel Hudson,Steve Worsley and Wayne Reed.

All the training partners of which there’s too many to mention-Ash Roberts, Josh Blackshaw, Lloyd rage Gellatly, Daniel Tabrizy. Ali Khan and Jamie Wingrove to name but a few.

Chairman of the Martin Kay fan club, and head cheerleader, Matthew Robinson.

And finally a massive thank you to a very supportive fiancée Danielle and two beautiful daughters Millie and Mimi, Daddy loves you xxx”. 



2 thoughts on “Martin Kay: “I can’t wait to fight in front of a Sheffield crowd full of family and friends”.

  1. I’ve seen this guy train,
    He’s got the wrestling of Cormier, the striking of Anderson, and the ground game of a young Maia.
    I wouldn’t want to be his opponent!

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