Josh Greenfield: “I class each fight both past and present as an educational lesson”


Say Uncle Fight Night 2 takes place in a weeks time, live from the Octagon Sheffield, with a night of amateur and professional MMA action. 

Competing on the night is Farsley Combat Centre’s Josh Greenfield, who is looking forward to continuing his education inside the cage and putting into practice the skills he picks up each day from his team. 

Speaking to Josh you can tell the passion he has for the sport and his own development and fans on the night can be sure to see a very skilled mixed martial artist enter the cage. 

Ahead of the night I caught up with Josh and he took some time out to offer his thoughts on his development and the upcoming fight.

Thanks for your time Josh. I wanted to start by asking about your MMA development so far. what is it that first attracted you to the sport and got you interested in wanting to train?

“No worries. Having always played rugby from the age of five, I have always been part of a team. When attending college and studying for my level 2 in exercise and fitness I met my friend Bradley Stanton who is a professional Muay Thai boxer who fights out of kaitphontip uk. I began training on a one to one basis with Brad and became hooked almost immediately and realised training in a sport individually instead of been part of a team was more rewarding and any mistakes made was on me making my further education on the sport both rewarding and aiding me to learn faster rather than relying on others.

Due to my rugby background and my core skills I was able to branch out to the MMA side to understand and learn other martial arts”.

After deciding to try out the sport, what is it that first got you hooked and wanting to learn more?

“As mentioned above it was the fact that I was able to work as an individual and able to access and develop my strengths and weaknesses on an individual basis”.

Was it always your intention to compete and how have you found competing so far?

“Been a highly competitive person I strive to achieve to the best of my ability. So competing to me was the only option. Competition so far has been both an experience and a learning curve to develop my skills”.

I see that just last weekend you competed at the GP UK show in Stoke, but unfortunately came unstuck against Gary Potts. Looking back on the fight, was there anything you took away from it which you can work on?

“Yes unfortunately left Stoke with a defeat due to arm triangle. Having looked back on the video and having spotted the mistakes made in more than one area I have now amended these and turned that defeat into a development process looking forward to taking on Rory Goodison at the SUFN #2”.

Was there anything about Gary which surprised you on the night?

“No because knowing nothing about the guy and his background for all I knew it could of been John Jones. Anything was possible”.

With that fight and your next one being so close together, how much easier does that make it for you to stay in fight mode?

“With the fights been so close together I am just carrying on the same process as before, but now I have actual cage experience and have negatives to now turn into positives in my training. Coming off the back of a defeat only last week my dedication and determination has increased tremendously and look to walk away from SUFN #2 with a win under my belt. I class each fight both past and present as an educational lesson either a win or a loss”.

On the night in Sheffield you take on Rory Goodison. How much have you managed to find out about Rory and the challenges he may pose.

“At this moment in time I have know understanding of what Rory does. All I know is where Mr Goodison fights from”.

I know Rory has recently had some Muay thai fights. Do you think he will be looking to keep the fight standing?

“I didn’t know this about Rory but either all is good. I’ll put his skills to the test in all departments”.

Where do you feel you will be stronger on the night and what can the Say Uncle crowd expect from you?

“I am going to look to show a wide variety of skills on the night. The say uncle crowd can expect a good fight between Rory and myself”.

You train out of a fantastic team. Who are some of the bigger influences on your development there?

“There are many strong fighters that fight from Farsley Combat centre including my fantastic coaches who carry both experience and an excellent skill set. In particular Steve Harrison, Daz Rads and Richard Deighton who all specialise in different martial arts bringing both their experience and knowledge to the cage making me strive and work to the best of my ability”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“First of all I would like to thank all my training partners down at Farsley Combat Centre who push me and develop my skills week in week out. I would also like to thank my coaches Steve Harrison, Daz Rads and Rich Deighton for all their hard work, dedication and time into making me become the best I can be.

Not to forget my amazing beautiful partner Karina Sheard for putting up with me through camp when I’m tired from training and grumpy from dieting whilst looking after our beautiful newborn daughter.



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