Rory Goodison: “The fans can expect a hearty performance”


Say Uncle present their second fight night instalment, live from the Octagon Sheffield, with a night of amateur and professional MMA action.

Competing on the night is Rory Goodison who is looking forward to stepping in and testing himself against a tough opponent, in the form of Josh Greenfield.

Confidence is high with Rory and he comes into this match up on the back of a well earned Muay Thai fight recently and he took some time out to speak with me about the upcoming match up and his development so far.

Thanks for your time Rory. I wanted to begin by asking about your recent Muay Thai fight in Leeds, which you came away victorious from. How good was it to get the victory and what did you take away from your performance on the night?

“It was fantastic to get a victory away from home and it gave me great confidence in my Thai”.

How good was it to also be able to just focus on the striking aspect, and see how that is coming along, compared to having to worry about takedowns and grappling, mixed in with the striking and stand up.

“It was great, never had a problem with my striking, and feels good to put it to practice”.

Looking back on your time in the world of martial arts so far, what have been some of the biggest lessons you have taken from competing and training?

“Respect is the biggest thing I’ve learnt, starting out you think it’s not so tough but when you start training hard and properly you realise you have to respect others and never judge a book by its cover “.

Has it always been your intention to compete and I know it may be hard, but what’s the feeling like of competing in front of a crowd and coming away with a victory?

“I never intended to compete, I was over weight and unhealthy and needed to get in shape. I’ve had to turn my life right round to achieve anything, so having won my recent Muay Thai match up is amazing and winning feels so good “.

Next up is the Say Uncle MMA show in Sheffield. They had a very successful show earlier this year and brought an MMA show back to the City. As you are a Sheffield local, how good is it to know that MMA is back in Sheffield?

“Its amazing to have it back in Sheffield and it’s an absolute honour to compete in my hometown were I was born and bred. If I got the ‘w’ on Saturday it would be the best feeling ever”.

How much are you looking forward to competing on the night and does fighting local make it easier in terms of preparation as you don’t have to worry about travelling?

“It’s obviously ideal as everyone would prefer to fight at home, so I’m really looking forward to this event”.

On the night you take on Josh Greenfield. Have you had the chance to find anything out about Josh and the possible challenges he could pose on the night?

“No I know nothing about his abilities as I’m confident enough with my own”.

With you have a solid striking arsenal, do you think he could want to take this floor to the mat?

“I think he’ll go with whatever he feels more comfortable. If he likes the feel of trading blows he’ll stand, if he doesn’t he’ll try for a takedown”.

Where do you personal feel you will be stronger and what can the fans expect from you on the night?

“I will feel most strongest mentally and the fans can expect a hearty performance”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Yes plenty. I’d like to start with Daniel Hudson, Mehdi Firoozi, Matthew Bolsover, Simon Gregg, John Goldson, Sam Boult, Brendan Tingle, Wayne Reed and just about everybody at bodyflo gym, everyone down there are all for one, a proper unit, and every person there has done nothing but support and encourage positive feedback on every aspect of training. I couldn’t ask for a better place to train.

Also a thank you to Dave Beevers my boss at Primark for giving me the time off to fight but most of all I want to thank Lauren Crownshaw, John Crownshaw, Sam Crownshaw and Nicki Crownshaw for welcoming me to there family. I couldn’t of got there without them solid family support through and through and also a big thank you for my family and friends who have supported me too; your words go a long way”.



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