Veronica Macedo: “My strongest aspect in a fight is my ability to adapt”


Say Uncle Fight Night 2 takes place in Sheffield  on Saturday 11th October, live from the Octagon Centre, with a night of amateur and professional mixed martial arts action. 

Stepping into compete on the night is Spirit Dojo’s Veronica Macedo who takes on Chrissy Audin on the amateur section of the night. 

Veronica comes into the night on the back of a very impressive victory of the MMA Battle Arena: UK vs USA card at the end of September, where she got a second the second round TKO finish. 

She is now aiming to continue her development at Say Uncle and took some time out to offer me her thoughts.

Thanks so much for your time Veronica. I wanted to start by asking about your recent fight on the UK vs USA card. You won via second round TKO. Looking back on the fight, where did you feel you were stronger and how good was it to get the finish?

“No problem, thanks for having me! I felt strongest when the crowd starting cheering for me. It was so overwhelming and filled me up with the strength to finish the fight. Getting the finish was amazing, I think more so because of the crowd”.

Was there anything in the fight you wish you could have done differently/better and was there anything about your opponent which surprised you?

“There is always something that you take from every fight win or lose and I felt in the beginning of the fight I was not focused. I was more focused on the outcome instead of the fight”.

Next up for you is Say Uncle in Sheffield. How much do you know about the show?

“I know this is their second show, I have seen various fights from them that have a lot of techniques and excellent fighters. I am very grateful for them to give me the opportunity to fight”.

On the night you take on Chrissy Audin. Chrissy has only fought twice, going 1-1. I dont think her last fight is up yet, but how much have you managed to find out about her?

“I haven’t been able to find a lot of information about her, just that she won by knock out”.

Obviously its good to know some things about your opponent, but where do you feel you will be stronger on the night?

“When I am truly focused my strongest aspect in a fight is my ability to adapt to different fight situations. Like when I train I do not focus on one part of a fight (like only stand up) it is the same when I fight”.

Different people approach fights in different ways. Do you head into your match ups with a specific game plan and back up plans, or do you prefer to feel out your opponent and see what happens on the night?

“I usually do a mixture of the two, you have your basic plan and as the fight continues you feel out the next move. But the more moves you know the easier the fight”.

Are you hoping to have some good support from family and friends for this match up and how much does that support mean to you?

“Amazing, it is so important to have people that love and support you”.

With you fighting not long ago, does that help you heading into this next fight as you can keep in the fight camp mode and shape?

“There are some positives from a recent fight and also some negatives. Spirit wise it helps a lot to keep focused. But in the planification for a fight and training it makes it a bit more difficult”.

You train with some excellent competitors and coaches. Who have been some of the bigger influences on your development so far?

“Yes, training with Paul Daley is just incredible, such a nice guy and so knowledgeable. My training partners are so helpful and committed to training that I guess it just rubs off. Along with my strength coaches at Edwards Performance, and my amazing 10th Planet jujitsu instructor Ramone.

As for influence I would say both Paul and Ramone, Paul has such an amazing and admirable spirit that just makes you want to drive forward and Ramone has a great flow to him that makes you believe you can get out of any situation”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Thanks to all the coaches and trainers I have had, some I’ve been with for a long time and other s a shorter amount but they have all taught me very important things which I will be forever grateful”.


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