Augin Masoud: “I can say that this will be my tournament”


Contender Promotions returns on the 8th November, live from the Eston Sports Academy, and featuring on the night is a K1 world max 70kg, four man, tournament. 

Featuring in the tournament is Holland’s Augin Masoud who will travel over to the UK full of confidence and is ready to show the UK what he is all about. 

Augin has previous experience in one night tournaments and this gives him confidence knowing that he knows what it takes to get the job done and get all the way to the final. 

Ahead of the tournament, he kindly took some time out to offer his thoughts and look forward to a fantastic night of K1 action.

Thanks for your time. I wanted to start by looking ahead to Contender Promotions. How much do you know about the show and how much are you looking forward to competing on the night?

“Contender Promotions is an organization that continues to grow. Contender Promotions is also the organization that made many fighters big. Personally, I can’t wait to fight there”.

On the night you are in a four man tournament. Have you ever been involved in any tournaments before and if so, how much of an advantage do you feel this could give you?

“I have fought in two tournaments so far. I have made it in both tournament to the final match with a loss. These tournaments have made me stronger and learned to fight to the final”.

With the possibility of fighting twice in one night, does this impact your training at all?

“Like any other match, I fully train myself. The difference now is that I will be training with an A-class kick boxer who won all the tournaments he participated”.

You have three possible opponents for your first match up on the night. Have you had chance to see any footage of any of them and is there anyone who stands out in particular?

“I have been watching their movies online, but I won’t judge them based on these movies. I can say that this will be my tournament and will be fighting the each match the way I want”.

Obviously without knowing who you will be facing it could be hard to put a game plan together. Is that hard at all not knowing who will be stood across the ring from you?

“No, because I won’t adjust my fighting to the opponent but the opponent will have to do so”.

How much would it mean to you to win the tournament?

“This tournament is very important, because I want to compensate this with the previous tournaments I have participated”.

How good is it to get the opportunity to showcase your skills to a new fan base, in a new country?

“It is for every fighter important to show your capabilities and skills. Furthermore, this is important for my experience”.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you compete before, what can they expect from you?

“They can expect a tough fighter who will give the audience a great fight that is worth of what they pay for”.

Looking back on 2014 so far how much do you feel you have grown as a competitor?

“I have been improving since a year ago, meaning that I have become tough, sharp and clever in the ring”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“First, I would like to thank Gary Bell for giving me this chance. Furthermore, my family for their support. Atty Göl for his effort in preparing me for the tournament. Last but certainly not least, my trainer, Stephen Cooke, who trains me for the all my fights”.



One thought on “Augin Masoud: “I can say that this will be my tournament”

  1. Deze grote jongen durft wel iemand zonder reden in de rug aan te vallen en zn oog met blijvent letsen te laten zitten en dan verhaal verdraaien ik heb hun zien lopen op die avond mag dat zomaar

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