Jon Ferguson: “This fight will be one for the fans who enjoy technical fighting”


Say Uncle return to host their second installment this coming weekend with a night of amateur and professional MMA, live from the Octagon Centre Sheffield. 

Competing on the professional section of the night is Blackdog MMA’s Jon Ferguson, who makes the drop down to middleweight and takes on Marcin Prostko. 

Originally he was due to fight Danny Tombs but unfortunately Danny had to withdraw but Marcin has stepped in to keep the match up alive and Jon is looking forward to testing himself against Marcin and showcase his whole arsenal of skills. 

With the countdown still on to the show, Jon kindly took some time out to offer his thoughts on the match up and look back at his last match up which came at FCC 10 in June.

Thanks again for taking the time out to speak with me Jon. I wanted to start by looking back on your last fight which took place at FCC 10 when you took on Paul Craig. Looking back on that fight what did you make to your performance and how the fight played out?

“Pleasure to speak with you as always. Well it was simple the plan was to stay standing and throw my hands which I started with but then I fell into an old habit of going for the takedown. Things happened on the ground which I know shouldn’t have and got caught out it happens. I accepted it and moved on from it”. 

Was there anything in particular that surprised you with Paul and how did you find competing on the FCC card?

“Nothing surprised me with Paul, a lot of research was done on him so we knew everything I spoke with him before the bout and have spoken with him on facebook too since. It’s just work nothing personal. As for FCC it was fantastic, only flaw was sadly they didn’t play my walk out tune”.

Since then you have decided to drop down to 185. How have you been finding the weight cut so far and were there any particular reasons for the switch?

“The plan before the Paul fight was to go down to 185 anyway, I walked around no more than 210 so decided it made sense to get my walking weight down a little and compete at 185. The cut has been easy I won’t lie, I used the Dolce Diet and some of my personal experiences from training and cutting. So 185 will be easy no hard cut”. 

Your first fight at 185 comes on the pro main card of Say Uncle, opposite Marcin Prostko. How much do you know about Marcin and the possible threats he could pose?

“Marcin is a threat like anyone who steps in the cage but I have my style and gameplan I will be using in the bout”.

Obviously no one can really predict what will happen in MMA, as one punch is all it takes. So without giving too much away, how do you feel this fight will go and how good of a match up is it for you?

“I see every bout as a place to learn and develop. This fight will be one for the fans who enjoy technical fighting. I will fight standing or on the ground it doesn’t bother me”.

How much do you know about the Say Uncle promotion and how much are you looking forward to showcasing your skills on their show?

“All I know is that it is in Sheffield it is the second show and am fighting on the card. That is all I need to know.

One thing with MMA which many people outside the sport don’t realise is the amount of work which goes into just one fight. You can’t just turn up on a Sunday, like in football, and hope to perform. With that work in mind what is it that keeps you focused and motivated to hit the gym and keep improving?

“Proving people wrong simple. For all the people who waste their lives sat behind a desk doing 9-5 hating the job they are in which is everyone because no teenager grew up wanting to look at a computer screen eight hours a day kissing arse. I was doing that and just walked away to chase a dream. Too many people are scared and like to play it safe”.

Your team in the Isle of Man is starting to grow and are getting more and more opportunities. How good is that for the team and how much is the sport growing over there?

“Yes, I got four of the lads to compete on the recent BCMMA card thanks to all the contacts I have made. I believe these lads needed to fight and made it happen, it wasn’t about winning or losing it was about getting them competing and sharing the experiences I have. The team is no bigger than when I last fought but in 2015 there are big plans for MMA on the Island. I want to grow but want the guys I train with to grow too so am happy to get them fights and train them all at whatever hour is it to help prepare them for the MMA scene”.

And finally, all the best on the night, is there anyone you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

 “I would like to thank B-MMA Fighter Management as always, proud to be part of the family. My corner team for this upcoming fight Mike and Nairn I know am in safe hands with them. Krystian for helping my striking and footwork in ways that wouldn’t have happened without him. Ben for the craziest conditioning sessions known to man. My sponsors PSM great massages, Peri Peri Chicken always fueling me with great food”.  



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