Leon del Gaudio: “Fans can expect a KO or Sub”


Say Uncle Fight Night 2 takes place this Saturday with an excellent line up of amateur and professional match up’s, live from the Octagon centre in Sheffield. 

Making his return to the cage on the night is Leon del Gaudio, who competes on the UK vs. Gran Canaria pro main card against Daniel Requeijo. 

Since turning professional in 2010 Leon has put together a solid record on the professional circuit and is always exciting to watch, with 71% of his wins coming via submission or TKO/KO. 

Even though it has been over a year since he stepped into the cage, he has been working hard in the gym and kindly took some time out to speak with me ahead of the fight.

Thanks for your time Leon. I wanted to start by looking ahead to Say Uncle 2 and your involvement on the professional UK vs. Gran Canaria main card. How much are you looking forward to testing your skills against a European opponent?

“I’m really looking forward to fighting again against the GC guys. Its going to be fun”.

I hope I’m right in saying your last match up was in 2013. Do you feel any added nerves in returning after a while away from competing?

“I don’t feel any added nerves for my comeback fight as I’m always in the gym training and getting better”.

However you will have been still training with top level opponents. How much do you feel you have developed in the last year and what can fans expect from you on your return?

“I have been working hard on my BJJ and Boxing, so fans can expect a KO or Sub”.

On the night you take on Gran Canaria’s Daniel Requeijo. How much do you know about Daniel and any possible challenges he may pose?

“I don’t know much about him. I have seen a few of his wins on youtube and he likes to come forward, but ill be ready”.

From what I have tried to find off him, he is just 0-1, but its from Sherdog and we all know they get it wrong sometimes. Do you think your experience will prove a key factor in the match up?

“Well I have been told his record is 5-2 and I have watched some of his wins on youtube so he defo isnt 0-1”.

Where do you believe you will be stronger on the night and what makes this a good test for you on your return?

“I think ill be a stronger grappler on the night for sure”.

How much do you know about the Say Uncle show and how have they been to deal with etc?

“Say- Uncle is a great up and coming show and they have been great to deal with and ill be there first Lightweight Champ”.

Are you hoping to have some good support on the night and do you have a message for anyone coming to see you?

“Anybody coming to see me will see a great Rocky performance”.

Do you have any aims for the rest of 2014, or any other fights lined up after this one, or is it just all about focusing on getting a win on this one and then seeing what happens.

“Its all about business for this fight and then we will see what is next”.

And finally, all the best on the night, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I would like to thank my training partners and coaches at Gracie Barra, Liberty Gym and Nottingham MMA. Also like to give a shout out to my main sponsors Eight Limbz UK. They are a great fight brand”.



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