Michael Younis: “Adam has never fought anyone like me before”

Photo Credit: D Roger Baker

Photo Credit: D Roger Baker

FCC 11 takes place live from the Macron Stadium, Bolton, in just nine days time and competing for the vacant amateur light heavyweight championship is Michael ‘2 guns’ Younis. 

Since starting his journey in the sport, Michael has excelled and once the time was right for him to compete he took to the cage and made it his own. So far he has gone 5-2 and picked up two championship already a long the way. 

Just from hearing from Michael you can sense his passion for the sport and his drive to be successful and come FCC 11 fans we be treated to ‘2 guns’ being locked and loaded on his opponent. 

Michael kindly took some time out to answer my questions about his time in the sport so far and his upcoming match up. 

Thanks for your time Michael, I wanted to start by asking about your MMA development so far. What is it that first attracted you to the sport and got you thinking about trying it out?

Thank you its an honour to be here giving this interview.

I actually started MMA simply to learn how to defend myself and to be honest I started quite late. I grew up in a tough neighbourhood and one day I decided to take up some form of self defence. I remember searching the net for hours and then came across a video of Vitor Belfort. I was in total awe and knew that this is what I needed to learn”. 

After starting training what is it that has made you continue on and want to learn more?

“I just had the hunger for more… I needed to know new techniques, perfect them and learn more techniques. My appetite for martial arts became insatiable”.

Was it always your intention to compete and what have been some of the biggest things you have taken from competing so far?

“I honestly had no intention of competing. I started at UTC in birmingham but eventually mived to K Star thai boxing academy where my MMA coach Gopi Madahar saw something in me and told me i’d be a champion one day. Thanks to Gopi making me believe in my self I have since won two amateur titles. Competing has given me a discipline and a drive that nothing else in this world could… The FCC title will be the third amateur title that I have won”. 

I see that you train with a really good gym, who have been some of the bigger influences on your development there?

“Once I got to a certain level Gopi told me that I had to leave K Star in order to improve… it was heart breaking, after all this was the man that believed in me before I believed in myself.During this time Dan Korbley was scouting me and persuaded me to follow him to develope my career. At the time he bought me to Pure MMA where I was in a gym full of animals… it was a meat grinder and I did some of the best training I’ve ever done with guys like Harry Marple, Eugene Fadiora, Paul Taylor, Brett Reeve and Paul Hill.

Taylor and Dan had something special down there but unfortunately nothing lasts forever and they eventually parted ways. I owe a lot to the guys I trained with and I owe a lot to Dan”. 

Next up you get the chance to fight on one of the biggest shows in the UK, in FCC. How much do you know about FCC and how much does it mean to compete on their show?

“FCC is without a doubt will be the biggest promotion ive fought for. I know Adam Teh has been watching my progress for a while now and I’m honoured to be part of such a prestigious show”. 

On the night you get a shot at the FCC light heavyweight championship. How much would it mean to you to take home that belt?

“I promised my uncle, who was like a father to me that i’d become the next champion… he passed away without getting to see me keep my promise. I’m a man of my word and words cannot describe how much this promise means to me”.

With the title being vacant and you getting the opportunity to compete for it, does that give you more confidence that they have chosen you and have noticed your development?

“Being able to fight for such a prestigious title is a testament to the hours of training and the sacrifices that i’ve made to reach here. The guys at FCC only select the best for the promotion and now I’m here fighting for the highest accolade in my weight class… a title thats been held by great fighters such as Brett Mcdermott, Shaun Hampton and of course Andy Clamp. My name will be on that list of great champions to hold the title”.

Your opponent on the night is Adam Wright. How much do you know about him?

“I know a fair bit about Adam. I’ve had my eye on him for a while”.

Do you see him causing you any real challenges and where do you feel you will be stronger on the night?

“I respect Adam… hes a warrior, but Adam has never fought anyone like me before. I’m a superior athelete and nothing like the opponents he has faced before. Hes got his work cut out for him on the night”. 

Are you heading into the match up with a game plan or as fans can quickly change with one takedown or punch, do you like to feel the flow of the fight as it gets going?

“I don’t do game plans anymore… it just doesn’t work for me”. 

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I’d like to thank Dan Korbley, Paul Hill and thd guys down WMMA and all the guys at UTC birmingham for helping me put it together day in and day out leading up to this fight… a special thank you goes out to Tom Blackledge and Andy Clamp for bringing me to that next level whilst I’ve trained with them and all the great athletes that have pushed me, Joe silk Cummins and Leon Edwards… it was painful but well worth it”. 

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