Tarik Khbabez: “I see this main event as a beginning to opportunities”


Contender Promotions returns on Saturday 8th November 2014 with an exciting night of K1 action and making his promotional debut is Vos Gym’s  Tarik Khbabez. 

Tarik will headline the evenings show opposite Daniel Sam in a super heavyweight championship fight which has all the makings of a fight of the year contest. 

Just recently Tarik won the SuperKombat GP and was spotted by Contender Promotions at their fightstar hunt in Holland, where he showed his natural talent and pedigree for the sport. 

Ahead of the main event Tarik kindly took some time out to answer my questions and look forward to his main event match up. 

Thank you for your time. I wanted to start by asking about your last fights which came in the SuperKombat GP and you came out as the winner. How much did it mean to you to become the champion and go undefeated on the night?

“This Superkombat was my comeback I’ve been out of the running for almost a year and a half. So to win this fights and go undefeated meant a lot to me. The moment you hear your name there are so many feelings you can’t describe them”.

SuperKombat are one of the best in the business. How did you find competing on their show?

“It felt good I was really excited and nervous, but it was a great event. It was an honor to compete at the Superkombat”.

UK fans will get to see you for the first time on November 8th, when you are involved in the main event. How exciting is it for you to be involved in the main event and how much are you looking forward to fighting on the Contender Promotions show?

“I can’t wait for this event to happen. It is a big opportunity for me and my career to be a part of this main event. I know for sure the UK fans will enjoy this fight”.

The main event is also for the super heavyweight championship. What would it mean to you to take home that belt?

“That would be great, it would mean a lot to me. For me to take the belt home feels like all of my hard work and daily training leads to something. I see this main event as a beginning to opportunities”.

Standing opposite you is Daniel Sam, who is very highly regarded in the sport of K1. How much have you seen of Daniel in action and what do you make to him as a competitor?

“I’ve seen a couple of his fights and yes he is a strong fighter, but like every fighter the main goal is to win. And that is my focus. Everyone who is in this sport of K1 has his own qualities”.

Where do you feel you will be stronger in the fight and how good of a fight is this for you?

“This fight would be good to me like I said before I see this as a beginning of opportunities. To be a part of this main event and show the UK fans what kind of fighter I am. I think I would be stronger in my punches and combinations. It is all about the strategy”.

You have had experience with Contender Promotions before, taking part in their fight star hunt at the VOS Gym. How did you find taking part in that and getting picked by the promotion?

“I really didn’t expect that to happen. It was a big surprise for me to be selected. But it felt good and honoured to be picked out of so many great fighters. It was a long and hard day but I have showed them my skills and it has paid off”.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you compete before, what can they expect from you on the night?

“They can expect an exciting evening with a good clean fight. There will be some good action to see there in the UK”.

Looking back on your time in the sport so far, who have been some of the bigger influences at the gym in helping you to become the fighter you are today.

“My great influence is Bartje he has been there from the beginning and has always supported me. Because of him I have started to compete in fights. Also my trainer Ivan Hippolyte who trains every day with me sometimes twice a day to get me in shape for fights”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I would like to thank all of my trainers at Vos Gym Amsterdam also my sponsor Realfighters. A big shout out to my Mom, who always have been there for me and supported me from the beginning. All what I’m doing now is for her so she can be proud of me. My family, my girlfriend and her family who are also big supporters. Last but not least, Karima she is my biggest fan! All around the world she is there with me the greatest supporter and the one I relay on. Also thank you for this interview!”



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