Taz Jinamar: “Being given the chance to headline the main card is an honour for us”


This weekend Say Uncle present their second fight night with a night of amateur and professional mixed martial arts action, live from the octagon in Sheffield. 

The main professional card is a UK vs. Gran Canaria special as the warriors from Taz Jinamar travel over ready to test themselves and showcase their skills. 

Competing on the night from Taz Jinamar are: Ivan Raul, Eliot Hernandez, Daniel Requeijo, Omar Santana and Nayra Acosta. 

Taz Jinamar’s warriors are all managed by the excellent Bmma fighter management and with the help of Bmma’s leading figure John, I caught up with one of the Taz Jinamar’s coaches to get there thoughts ahead of the event to get the mood of the team, how much they are looking forward to heading over to the UK and to give fans a little more insight to the team. 

The Taz Jinamar team ready to fly to the UK (Credit: Julio Santana

The Taz Jinamar team ready to fly to the UK (Credit: Julio Santana

Thanks for your time guys, Say Uncle 2 takes place soon and you have a solid team of competitors heading over to compete on the show. How good has it been to be able to focus on the show with the group of fighters, with everyone working toward that one goal?

“Firstly, thanks for this interview guys! You do great work for the UK MMA scene, and have done some great interviews for our fighters in the past. And also thanks to Say Uncle for giving us this opportunity. Although we have worked specific things with each of our fighters as their opponents all have different styles it has been really good to all prepare for this event. We feel strong as a team”.

The show sees a full main card of Gran Canaria vs. The UK. What does it mean to the team to be given the opportunity to head over to the UK and showcase your skills as a team at the top of a card?

“We (Taz Jinamar) are quite a large gym and fight team in Gran Canaria but to fight in other countries is huge exposure for us. Being given the chance to headline the main card is an honour for us. We can not wait to arrive, get the weigh-ins out of the way and step into the cage on Saturday night and show what this means to us”.

How much is everyone looking forward to showcasing their skills over in the UK?

“Everyone is very excited to showcase their skills in the UK. We have worked hard as a team (as we always do when training and preparing for fights) and when you prepare well the preparation is the hardest bit, all the work is done in the gym. Fighting is the fun part and everyone is ready to have fun!”

Obviously many fans won’t have seen your competitors compete, what can they expect from them on the night?

“The full works!! Explosive striking, powerful takedowns and slick submissions”.

The sport is on the rise all around the world, how much do you feel the sport is growing over in Gran Canaria?

“We have a good fight culture in Gran Canaria. We live MMA intensely and this is our lives. There are a lot of mma gyms in gran canaria and a lot of fighters and the sport is growing fast like everywhere else”.

How has it been to work with the B-MMA fighter management and have them sort out these opportunities for you?

“We love working with B-MMA Fighter Management. We have an exceptional relationship with them and that is why they manage many of our fighters. They are not only able to find opportunities for us in the UK but also worldwide. And the main thing, they care about the fighters they represent!”

As you can tell the guys from Taz Jinamar are ready for the weekend and are excited to have the opportunity to compete on the Say Uncle card. It is going to be a cracking night of fights and here is the pro fight card, showing who they will be taking on:

UK vs Gran Canaria Pro Top Card

Sam Boult vs Ivan Raul

Kayvan Fallah vs Eliot Hernandez

Leon Del Gaudio vs Daniel Requeijo

Shaun Lomas vs Omar Santana

Helen Harper vs Nayra Acosta

SayUncle 2



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