Cathal McDermott ahead of Yokkao 10: “Its a honour to fight on it”


Tomorrow see’s Yokkao present it’s tenth installment with a night of Muay Thai action, live from the Macron stadium in Bolton, and competing on the night is Cathal McDermott. 

Cathal trains out of Shinkick Muay Thai and is looking forward to getting into the ring and testing himself against opponent Ste Foy. 

Yokkao is a world class show, which features some of the world’s best Muay Thai specialists and it will be a great night of action for all involved. 

Ahead of the night, Cathal took some time out to answer my questions and look forward to his match up.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions. I wanted to start by asking about your next fight which takes place in Bolton on the Yokkako, on a line up which some very well known names. How much are you looking forward to competing on the same card as competitors like: Jordan Watson and Tim Thomas.

“I’m really excited about fighting on this great show and I can’t wait to fight to be honest”.

How much do you know about the show itself and the events they have run in the past?

“I know how big a show it is in this country and how good all the fighters that are on it are, so its a honour to fight on it”.

How much do you know about your opponent, Ste Foy, on the night and any challenges you can see them posing you?

“My opponent is technical and experienced and I always respect what they are capable of”.

Where do you feel you will be stronger and what makes this a good challenge for you?

“I feel strong and really motivated for this fight. I don’t look too much into him, but rather concentrate on my own game and advice from my team”.

I know some people dont like to make predicitions, but do you have any aims or thoughts on how you feel the bout will play out?

“I’m expecting a real tough fight, but I am ready and looking forward to it”.

Are you hoping to have some good support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“I always have the support of everyone at shinkick Muay Thai and that means everything”.

Looking back on your time in the world of the martial arts so far, how much would you say you have developed and who have been some of the key figures in your development?

“I’m always looking to develop as a fighter and since I’ve been at shinkick Muay Thai, and been trained by Jesse Saunders and the rest of the guys there, I’ve improved so much”.

Do you have any personal highlights from any of your fights so far which stand out?

“From a personal point of view fighting and winning in Thailand was a great time for me”.

And finally, is there anyone you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I want to give a big massive thank you to Jesse Saunders and everyone who trains at shinkick Muay Thai”.



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