Conor Riordan: “I think Calum is a seriously talented and well rounded opponent”

Photo Credit: Full Contact Contender

Photo Credit: Full Contact Contender

Full Contact Contender returns to the Macron stadium on Saturday 11th October as they present their 11th installment, with a stacked card of amateur and professional match up’s. 

One of the highly anticipated match up’s on the amateur section of the card features Team Monkey’s Conor Riordan who takes on ASW’s Calum Morris in a welterweight contest. 

Conor has been involved in the sport for a few years now and has impressed each time he steps into the cage, putting together a 2-1 record. 

With a tight knit and talented team around him, the sky is the limit for him and ahead of the match up at FCC he kindly took some time out to offer his thoughts on his last FCC performance and his upcoming bout. 

Thanks for your time Conor. I wanted to start by going back to your last fight on FCC, on FCC 9, when you defeated Paul Bentley, via a beautiful second round armbar. Looking back on that fight, how do you feel you performed and how good was it to get the finish?

“Yeah in my last fight against Paul I thought the fight went well. Obviously I didn’t feel I was winning the fight but I knew as soon as I was on my back I could feel the finish was there”.

In the first round you showed great takedown defence and then strong wrestling to get it down and control your opponent. Would you say your wrestling is one of your stronger points?

“Not particularly, I feel my all round game is very strong and I don’t have any weak areas. I’m fortunate enough to train with the best sambo coach in the UK Gerogi Georgiev and Andreas Tricomtios, so we drill wrestling on a daily basis”.

You have now competed on the FCC show a good few times, what is it about their show that makes it awesome to compete on?

“FCC is the best show out there to be honest and I believe it has the best competitors and I’m willing to fight the best”.

At FCC 11 you take on ASW’s Calum Morris. Have you had chance to see much footage of Calum and what are you expecting from him on the night?

“I have and I think Calum is a seriously talented and well rounded opponent. Even though he hasn’t had a chance to showcase his striking am sure coming from such a good gym I’m not gonna underestimate his skills”.

He comes from a very strong team in ASW, and with the ‘Submission Wrestling ‘ in the name, do you think he will be looking to utilise the wrestling and get the fight to the floor?

“Yes and no. I’m not gonna deny that the gym hes from is probably the best submission wrestling gym in the UK,  but I wouldn’t be surprised if this one stays on the feet”.

Where do you feel you will be stronger than him on the night and do you head into your fights with a game plan or do you wait to see what happens on the night?

“I believe I’m well versed in all areas of the game. I am taller than Calum, so I believe I have a reach advantage and game plan wise I do have one until I get punched in the face”.

Are you hoping to have a lot of support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“Yeah I’ll have a few but I don’t tend too like having that many at this point in my career as it just feels like added pressure to be honest but there are a few from our gym fighting, so we share the support”.

You train with a fantastic team, who are some of the bigger influences on your development there?

“Absolutely, the team I train with is amazing and I’m blessed to have them around every day but I consider everyone I train with in or outside the gym a team mate of mine”.

How long have you been involved in training in the sport and are there any parts of training camp which you aren’t that fond of?

“I’ve been training for bout three years now roughly and cutting weight is a big thing for me and honestly it does prevent me from fighting more often. I occasionally weigh around 92kg when I’m not in fight training and cutting down to 77 is murder”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Big shout out to everyone on the team plus monkey nutrition helping me and the fighters out with everything plus Barry Allen and Oliver Queen for keeping me entertained all these years”.


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