Say Uncle Fight Night #2 – Review


Say Uncle presented their second fight night live from a packed Octagon centre in Sheffield, headlined by a, professional, UK vs. Gran Canaria main card.

The night saw a total of 15 amateur and professional mixed martial arts bouts take place, giving competitors the chance to showcase their skills on a fantastic stage.

Simon Cafferty was in attendance to see all the action unfold and here is what went down on the night. 

Amateur B Class

Richard Whitehead  vs. Martin Kay

Both fighters come to the cage well supported in this one and the noise has definitely turned up in the Octagon centre and this one should be quite the fight.

Round One

The referee in charge of the action for this one is Dean Weir who sets the competitors and it’s Kay who takes the centre and he lands first with a jab, before Whitehead goes for one of his own and both kick at the same time. Whitehead shoots in but Kay stops him and ties up the neck. Whitehead pushes him to the cage, but still has his neck trapped and lands some foot stomps. Kay throws in a nice right, then left knee to the body and Whitehead goes to the thigh with punches, but Kay takes them and throws his own. They turn out and Kay wobbles Whitehead a little with a right. Whitehead composes himself and goes for a jab, before shooting again but Kay taking the neck, before Whitehead gets it down, but he is on his knees and Kay tries to go to the back, and rolls Whitehead over and extends the arms and goes to his back. Whitehead survives, but he gets it again and Whitehead stands up but Kay is keeping hold. Whitehead tries some punches but ends up going to his back on the ground and Kay gets it on what seems tighter and is cranking. Whitehead gets his arm out and goes into the guard with the last ten sounded. He stays there for the final ten seconds and nothing is thrown and the round draws to a close.

Round Two

The second gets going with both in the centre and an overhand from Kay which grazes and they tie up. Whitehead gets him to the cage and both are landing punches. They transition before Whitehead gets the throw and lands in side control. He knees to the stomach and works way to half guard and begins with shots to the body. Whitehead punches to the body again but Kay turns it over and gets on top in the full, closed, guard of Whitehead. Whitehead looks like he may go for something, but gives it up and Kay stands up and over but Whitehead trips him down to his back, but Kay gets hold of the foot, looking for the Achilles sub, and both are led out. Kay is really cranking but Whitehead survives and stands. Kay stays on his knees and the ref stands him up. We start on the feet with an overhand from Whitehead which doesn’t connect and Kay throwing a shot, before Whitehead goes for another one, which Kay dodges and produces a beautiful throw. He gets in side control and then into full mount, but Whitehead ties him up and doesn’t give him chance to work and the end of the round is sounded.

Round Three

Off we go with a touch of gloves and Kay in the centre but Whitehead in with a side kick to the thigh and misses with another. Kay goes in and looks for the takedown and after some work completes. However Whitehead has on the guillotine and Kay is in half guard and manages to pop his head out and transitions smoothly into mount. Whitehead throws some small shots to the body but Kay is looking for control. Whitehead tries to turn it over but can’t and finally gets over to his stomach but turns round and gets on top himself. He is in the guard, postures, and goes to work with the rights to the body.  A big one starts first, followed by more, maybe four/five, before he waits and goes for another. Kay goes for an armbar, but Whitehead pushes up and stands. His corner urge him to go back in and he waits before going back down into half guard, led on top of his opponent and knees twice to the body. From the bottom Kay throws up a couple of rights and turns to his knees and gets the transition to full guard. He moves to side control with ten to go and seems to be working on an arm triangle choke and he has this in and Whitehead taps out.

His fans love that one.

Martin Kay gets the Submission (Arm triangle) at 2:58 of round three.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Martin)

Josh Greenfield vs. Rory Goodison

Both making their debuts in this one and Goodison has the support.

Round One

Off we go with Goodison having the height advantage but from the outside Greenfield snaps in a kick to the thigh and then to the leg. Goodison goes for a jab but Greenfield just throws him down. Up Goodison gets and Greenfield goes for a big over hand right but Goodison gets the clinch and lands knees to the body and is scoring well with three or four, before tripping Greenfield down and landing into mount. Greenfield is trying to tie him up but Goodison goes to the body with a frantic amount of rights, these are adding up but Greenfield survives and drags him down to tie him up and goes for the transition and nearly gets it. He has Goodison on his side, but Goodison survives and goes into side control and could be looking for an arm triangle. Greenfield tries to use the cage to push up and out, but can’t and then stands. On the feet Goodison opens up with the punches, which Greenfield fires back with one, but Goodison ties him up in the clinch, rains the knees and the punches and is opening up here. These are firing in and his fans turn up the atmosphere. He continues to score and the ref has seen enough and stops the fight.

Rory Goodison gets the TKO victory at 2:34

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Rory)

Amateur A

Hayden Sheriff vs. Simon O’Kane

O’Kane comes to the cage with quite a walk out song in ‘I touch myself’ and he won’t hold back in touching his opponent with his fist when the fight gets going. He also has quite the support who are turning up the atmosphere.

Round One

We get going in this one with O’Kane charging forward and looking to open up on Sheriff, but surprisingly it’s Sheriff who looks for the takedown.  O’Kane defends well and gets it down himself and starts to land some shots to the head. Sheriff ties him up so he rains them to the body, maybe five-six hard shots. He is trapped in half guard, but postures up and lands a shot, before going back to half guard and unloading some more, but Sheriff is surviving, so O’Kane goes to side control.  Sheriff is looking to stand but O’Kane gets on the neck lands more shots and pushes him back down and settles in half guard and lands the knees to the body. He changes to punches and is picking them well to the body. Sheriff turns to his knees, so O’kane lands more.  Sheriff sits on the cage, but is then flattened out and O’Kane from side control works and gets on the von flue choke and the tap comes.

He loves that one and jumps on the cage to celebrate with his support.

Simon O’Kane gets the Submission (Von Flue Choke) at 2:04

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Simon)

Dave Wright vs. Warren Mason

(Unfortunately due to interviews, I missed the opening round of this fight)

Round Two

The atmosphere is good in this one and the second begins with Mason to the centre but Wright pushing in. He dodges a Mason kick and snaps in one of his own to the legs. Wright pushes in but Mason throws him down and lets him up right away. Mason eats a Wright kick but ducks under the punch which Wright throws. Mason then gets him on the cage and drags him down, landing in half guard. He looks to posture but works his way to side control, but is then in the guard. He gets through with four shots, left and rights landing, and stands. He then goes knees down and is in the closed guard. Wright is looking active from his back but is eating some good shots from Mason. Mason breaks the guard and passes beautiful over to side control, but Wright gets him back in the guard. So he goes to work with his ground and pound, before going back to side control. However Wright gets the sweep. Mason seems to go for a submission from his back right away, which Wright defends and stands up. He starts to kick his downed opponent in the legs, but after a few kicks it’s stood up. On the restart Wright is straight in with the shots, but Mason ties him up and gets the Thai clinch, landing knees to the body and head. Wright survives and pushes out to get Mason on the cage. Mason gets the clinch again and throws another knee to the body and head. The last ten is sounded and Mason gets the takedown, before Wright throws up a sub attempt, however he can’t get it as the end of the round is sounded.

Round Three

The final round begins with Wright pushing in with the combo but Mason blocking and connecting clean to the head with a kick and he follows it up with a nice takedown. He lands in the closed guard but works with his left and is scoring. He works to half guard and then gets to mount on Wright who turns slightly and gets in two big rights. Wright goes to his back and is tying Mason from posturing up. Mason traps the left arm of Wright with his knee and lands the shots, before Wright turns to get up but is on his knees and Mason jumps on the back and goes back to his back and has his body triangle locked. He lands some shots, then is round into mount and lands three quick shots in before being tied up. He then postures up and fires in more. Wright goes to his stomach and is flat, so more shots are landed by Mason. So Mason gets on the back again, locks up his body triangle and goes to his back and is more on his side. He is firing in the lefts and finally gets on the rear naked choke and is cranking it. This one looks tight and he goes to his back, but Wright looks comfortable with ten seconds sounded. He is holding on and Mason continues to keep it but the end of the fight is sounded.

We go to the judges for the first time tonight who render the unanimous decision in favour of your winner: Warren Mason.

(Click here for the post fight interview with Warren)

Attif Hacking vs. Adam Menzies

Hacking makes his MMA debut in this one, against the much taller and unbeaten Menzies, who is 2-0.

Round One

We get going with Hacking going for the takedown right away, but Menzies stuffs it, lands a punch and gets it to the cage. He then scoops up Hacking and slams him down, landing in side control. Hocking has the neck tied, but Menzies lands a powerful knee to the body and gets his neck free. He is on his knees in side control, goes for mount, and Hacking nearly turns over and up but Menzies goes back into side control, postures up and rains down the hammerfists. These look like they hurt and the ref takes a look, but it keeps going and Menzies goes with both lefts and rights. Hacking gets out but Menzies is right into mount, where he fires in more combinations on his opponent who is just covering up and the ref jumps in and stops the fight.

Adam Menzies gets the TKO victory at 1:37

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Adam).

Matt Cooke vs. Ali Khan

After making a successful debut a few weeks ago at Combat Challenge, Matt Cooke looks to remain unbeaten against debutant Ali Khan, who has so much support in the room and aren’t shy in chanting “Ali, Ali, Ali”

Round One

Ref Neil Hall sets them going and both exchange kicks to the thighs before Khan pushes in looking for the takedown and gets Cooke on the cage. He finally gets it down after some work and Cooke quickly is sat up but Khan is still on his opponent in guard. Cooke works to his feet but Khan is right back on him and gets a takedown, landing in side control. There he is flattened out and then scoots up to his knees and then transitions into full mount. He postures up for a shot or two and then Cooke sits up and gets the sweep, landing in the guard of Khan. He works up to his feet momentarily, but then goes back to his knees. Khan is tying him up well and maybe is going for the arm triangle, but Cooke frees his head and goes for the shots. Khan gets his guard closed and as Cooke postures he goes up with him, so Cooke slams him down. It seems as if Khan is going for a submission, but Cooke gets up, out, and in with a shot, before Khan gets on a triangle from the side and works to get up and is stood over his opponent, kicks him, and the round draws to a close.

Round Two

The second begins with an inside kick and combo from Cooke. Khan fires a kick to the body, before Cooke gets an uppercut in and then kicks to the body himself. Khan goes for a kick and then works to get it down. Cooke is right back up though, but Khan has him round the waist at the back and drives him to the cage. It goes down but Khan is quick and jumps on the crouched up Cooke’s back and looks to get his hooks in. He has the arm under and is cranking. Cooke gives the thumbs up he is fine, so Khan goes to his back and is looking to tighten it up. He does get it tight and the tap comes.

The crowd loves that one and Khan makes a successful debut.

Ali Khan gets the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:29 of round two.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Ali)

Chrissy Audin vs. Veronica Macedo

As always Chrissy Audin is fantastically supported, who raise the noise as she looks to hand Macedo her first loss.

Round One

Off we go with both in the centre and both feeling each other out. Macedo is taking the centre more and pushes forward to land a kick to the leg and throws out a combo. Audin looks to respond with one of her own, before Macedo goes to the body with a kick, lands a jab, and then snaps a left one up high, which is so quick and powerful and you hear the smack as it connects with Audin’s chin. Audin is out before she hits the floor and Macedo has the knockout of the night most definitely with that.

Only word to describe it is: Wow.

Audin is down for a while but is seen to by the medics, as fighter’s safety is always paramount, and she is carefully helped to her feet and out of the cage to a round of applause.

Veronica Macedo gets the KO victory at 24 seconds.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Veronica)


Brad Conway vs. Dan Konecke

Konecke has the support here, as he and Conway open the UK pro section.

Round One

We get going with both looking to jab and Konecke taking the centre. Conway shoots in, but its stuffed Konecke. Conway is on his knees, so Konecke jumps on the back, rolls to his back and tightens up the choke, in and the tap comes.

Dan Konecke gets the Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 23 seconds.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Dan).

Jordan Thompson vs. James Parker

Round One

Referee Dean Weir sets them going and Parker is straight to the centre and completes the takedown. Thompson sits up and ties him up right away, but Parker scoots up to full mount briefly and then half guard. There sits up and starts left punching to the face of his opponent, landing four, maybe five. Thompson is sat up against the cage and shuffles right, but Parker pushes up and fires in a couple more shots, before flattening himself out and firing in the rights, from half guard, on Thompson who is covered up, and keeps them going in, until referee Dean Weir calls a stop to the fight.

Thompson looks annoyed with the stoppage but Dean Weir, as always, has it spot on.

James Parker gets the TKO victory at 1:15.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with James)

Jon Ferguson vs. Marcin Prostko

Round One

Off we go with a front kick to the body from Prostko, and Ferguson goes for the takedown but eats a left. He completes it and Prostko goes to stand but Ferguson is on his back, but Prostko gets to his feet and takes Ferguson down, but Ferguson scoots to his knees and looks to work his way around to the back of Prostko who is still holding on, but Ferguson gets the back and then goes round to his back and has Prostko tied up but Prostko survives, and hammers in some huge rights. Ferguson works to his knees and is turtled up and Prostko is picking his shots and Prostko goes to north south on his knees and is still getting in the shots. He goes to flatten Ferguson out, but Ferguson works to nearly gets Prostko’s back, but Prostko flattens him out to his back and gets in half guard. Ferguson is tying him up well but Prostko is looking to posture, lands a left to the body and goes to the head with a few rights which score. Prostko gets round to guard and then stands.

The ref stands Ferguson up and we begin with Ferguson ducking under a Prostko high kick and going for the takedown. Prostko sprawls, and then stands, so Ferguson goes again, but Prostko sprawls and Ferguson is turtled up and Prostko is firing in the shots. He is connecting, the ref warns him for shots to the back of the head.

He restarts them and Prostko gets the shots in but Ferguson goes to his back and Prostko ends in the guard. Ferguson closes his guard, but Prostko postures up and lands some shots, before Ferguson throws up a triangle, and Prostko works to gets out of it and Ferguson ends up turtled up and Prostko goes in with two, maybe three knees to the body. He goes back with the punches, and the ref warns Ferguson, that he might stop it, and the last ten is sounded, so Prostko  keeps up the ground and pound and Ferguson turns to his back. Prostko now opens up and fires in more, and the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Marcin Prostko gets the TKO victory at 4:56

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Marcin)

UK vs. Gran Canaria main card

Nayra Acosta vs. Helen Harper

Someone’s ‘0’ has to go in this one as Nayra Acosta and Helen Harper, both 2-0, open up the main card of the evening.

Round One

We get going with Acosta in and jabbing and both opening up with Acosta swinging wildly and Harper trying to tie her up and landing. They break and she snaps in a front kick and Acosta misses with a jab. Acosta goes with the combo, before Harper lands a left and another front kick. Acosta throws a good combo again, but Harper gets in a good shot and front kick. Acosta eats a Harper body kick but fires back with a right. Both kick, before Harper pushes to the centre and is looking to pick her shots. Acosta misses with a combo but eats a Harper jab. A nice left lands for Harper clean but Acosta pushes in to take the centre and misses with a shot. Harper lands again with her combos and pushes back forward. Both are in the centre and Harper slaps in two kicks to the thigh. Harper lands a front kick to the leg, but eats an inside kick. Both land punches before Harper jabs well and lands a good right. She then pushes in, gets the trip takedown and lands in half guard, with her left leg tied up. She is so close to mount but Acosta is defending well, so Harper gets in a little left. She gets her leg out and is in mount. She postures up and starts to rain down the ground and pound. These shots are coming in fast, and she is picking them well. Acosta is blocking some, but many are getting through. Harper composes herself and pounds in more shots. Acosta tries to buck her off, but Harper isn’t moving. Harper is now hand fighting and then landing the rights, then lefts, with a big right in particular scoring beautifully. She goes higher on the mount to trap the arms, so Acosta can only block, and continues to pound in the shots. Acosta turns to her side, then front and Harper is in cruise control and landing well. Acosta is back on her back and Harper ontinues to fire in the shots, and after a few more land flush, the ref calls a halt to the action.

Harper and her support love that.

Helen Harper gets the TKO victory at 4:37.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Helen)

Omar Santana vs. Shaun Lomas

Round One

Due to interviews I missed the start of the action, but after a Santana takedown I joined this one up with Santana on top and firing in the punches. He lands them well but Lomas turns it over and is tied up to begin with, possibly Santana has the arm, but he survives. Santana is looking for the triangle but Lomas survives and settles in the guard. Lomas lands a shot but Santana is active and looking for the triangle again, and is reaching for the arm, but focuses on the triangle, which is looking tight. Lomas turns round to near north south, and is holding on, but Santana is cranking this. Lomas is in side control, and then goes to north south, but is still in the triangle. Lomas is looking to get up, but Santana has him down, and changes for the arm, and turns to his stomach, and has Lomas on his knees and extends. Santana goes to his back, but then top and Lomas gets to his knees and Santana looks for a D’Arce and Lomas goes to get up and pushes Santana to his back. Santana closes his guard and still has the D’ Arce choke on and throws some shots and the tap comes.

Omar Santana gets the Submission (D’Arce Choke) in the first round.

Daniel Requeijo vs. Leon Del Gaudio

Round One

Off we go with a nice left from Del Gaudio but Requeijo fires back and comes in and drops his opponent with a nice shot, and goes in with the ground and pound. Del Gaudio turns to his knees, and is turtled, so Requeijo continues with the shots. Requeijo is warned for shots to the back of the head, and then continues, before jumping on the back, but Del Gaudio gets up and works, before going to his knees and Requeijo fires in more shots and is landing. Del Gaudio gets up but is taken right back down, and turns before Daniel gets on his back and looks for the choke, and moves to the side and cranks the choke, and the tap comes.

Daniel Requeijo gets the Submission (rear naked choke) at 1:37

Main Event

Eliot Hernandez vs. Sam Boult

Boult has the support in this one and it is one hell of an atmosphere when he is announced, with the whole place is rocking.

Round One

We begin with an inside left kick from Hernandez and Boult responding to the leg and body with two of his own. Hernandez gets in a good punch which pushes Boult back, but as he powers in, Boult secures a takedown and lands on top. He seems to be in a sub, but survives and works to full mount. There he is throwing in the lefts and scoring. He then changes to some right elbows, and starts to fire in the left punches. He waits, then again goes with the right elbows and lefts, but he isn’t fully postured. Hernandez offers his back, turtles up, and Boult is on it. He is firing in some shots, and is scoring. Hernandez tries to get up but Boult keeps him there and pounds in the rights. He changes to the lefts, and all Hernandez can do is block, but many are scoring. Hernandez goes up to his knees, Boult punches, then rolls back and gets his arm under for the rear naked choke. He gives it up and rolls Hernandez to his front and gets on the back with the ground and pound. Again Hernandez sits back, but Boult turns, gets to mount, but then nearly gets kicked up and Hernandez offers his back. As he eats shots, Hernandez stands up, but Boult has him round the waist from the back and fires in two rights, and then gets the takedown, but Hernandez goes for the kimura. Boult is on his knees in side control and Hernandez uses the kimura to flip Boult over and to the feet they both go. Both open up with shots but the ref calls a halt, as it seems Hernandez has accidentally been poked in the eye.

We restart and Boult lands with a nice punch and jab, and Hernandez pushes forward but can’t land. Boult takes the centre, lands a jab and an inside kick. He goes with a big right, which misses and a jab. Hernandez opens up, catches a Boult kick but Boult comes back with a nice jab and body kick. Hernandez is taking the centre and gets a left-right combination in to the body, but Boult waits and charges in for the double leg and gets it down. Hernandez goes onto his side, on the arm of Boult, who is in half guard. Hernandez goes to move but Boult flattens him out, goes for an arm triangle, but gives it up and the end of the round is sounded.

Round Two

The second begins with a left blocked by Boult, and both connect with shots before Boult gets the takedown and lands on top. After some work he goes to his back and has on the triangle, his own variation and is really tightening it up. He lets it go, re adjusts to the traditional and tightens this one up and the tap comes.

The crowd goes insane for their man.

Sam Boult gets the Submission (Triangle Choke) at 50 seconds of round two.

(Click here to watch the post fight interview with Sam)

SD MMA UK Fight Night Awards

Knockout of the night: Veronica Macedo

Submission of the night: Omar Santana and Simon O’Kane

Fight of the night: Dave Wright vs. Warren Mason

Performance of the night: Martin Kay

In May Say Uncle brought MMA back to Sheffield very successfully, in what was a fantastic night and a very professional set up. However tonight they topped that with a cracking night from start to finish.

Putting on any kind of show can be testing, especially a follow up one, but the team at Say Uncle have worked hard to give Sheffield an MMA show which is smoothly run and putting on some top amateur and professional competitors.

The fans in attendance were treated to some great submissions and finishes tonight, in particular the knockout from Veronica Macedo which will be shown for quite a while and is one of the best knockouts I have seen all year.

Say Uncle continue to mainly show how good a promotion can be and the future is bright for the Sheffield outfit, with the third show taking place in March 2015 and I for one will be there.

(I would like to finish by thanking John and Lisa for allowing me to head down to the Octagon centre and put together this review and do some post fight interviews).



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