Ian Robinson ahead of Contender Promotions: “I am hungry to fight!”


Contender Promotions returns on Saturday 8th November 2014, with their best looking card to date, and one of the main draws of the evening is the four man K1 tournament. 

Featuring in the tournament is Ian Robinson, who is aiming to end the year on a high after seeing many opponents unfortunately have to drop out of fights with him. 

Speaking with Ian you can tell his passion for the sport and just how much he is looking forward to the tournament. In particularly his willingness to take on anyone and work to have his hand raised twice on the night. 

Ahead of the tournament Ian took some time out to offer his thoughts and look ahead to what will be a great night in the North East of England. 

Thanks for your time. I wanted to start by looking ahead to Contender Promotions. How much do you know about the show and how much are you looking forward to competing on the night?

“I am very excited to fight on contender promotions as always, as Garry Bell and his team are very ambitious and the shows continue to get better and better. I have known Garry a long time now, hes a top guy and lets face it they are world renowned now”.

On the night you are in a four man tournament. Have you ever been involved in any tournaments before?

“I have never had the chance to compete in a tournament hence why I jumped at the chance. I’m very familiar with them and know what to expect.

I’ll fight once, twice or five times in one night, it really doesn’t matter to me, anything can happen on the night. Because I haven’t fought in a tournament doesn’t mean I cant win”.

With the possibility of fighting twice in one night, does this impact your training at all?

“I don’t think so, I’m sure everyone will be ready, you train for hours to fight 3x3s or 5x3s, so it wont be to much of a shock to your body fighting possibly 20 mins etc…”.

You have three possible opponents for your first match up on the night. Have you had chance to see any footage of any of them and is there anyone who stands out in particular?

“Yes I’ve seen bits of the guys and they all bring different skills. You often don’t fight the same each fight as your opponents change each fight. Adapt and overcome”.

Obviously without knowing who you will be facing it could be hard to put a game plan together. Is that hard at all not knowing who will be stood across the ring from you?

“I believe if you enter the ring with an opened mind, ready for anyone, it wont affect your thoughts”.

How much would it mean to you to win the tournament?

“I can not put into words what it means to win the whole tournament, I’ve had my ups and downs with fighting but this is what I have worked for, for years”.

I see that you are local to the event, so will you have a lot of support on the night and how much does that support mean to you?

“haha I’ll have my fair share of crazy fans cheering for me and the whole event, its extra motivation to leave it all in the ring for them”.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you compete before, what can they expect from you?

“Good skills, a big heart and an iron will…plus a bit of power not to forget”.

Looking back on 2014 so far how much do you feel you have grown as a competitor?

“To be honest it has been a very frustrating year with fights being cancelled. I must of had five or more fighters pull out due to genuine injury, but that’s the game and this is why I am hungry to fight!”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Garry bell, everyone who helped me train, my girlfriend and kids, all the people who support me and as always you guys for the interview…thank you”.

contender promotions 8th


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